Belle & Sebastian – “Perfect Couples (Extended Version)”

Belle & Sebastian – “Perfect Couples (Extended Version)”

From the album Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, out now on Matador Records:

Directed by Oscar Sansom (video credits below)
Taken from the live tour visuals…

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Video credits:
Director: Oscar Sansom
Producer: Beth Allan
DoP: David Liddell
Choreographer: Sarah Swire
Make-Up Designer: Nicole Stafford
Costume Designer: Denise Coombes
Cast: Jessica Arnold, Anya Clarke, Jacob Connor, Melissa Davie, Joseph Edy,
Zoe Halliday, Laura Harrison, Danny Holmes, Lorne McFadyen, Kirsty McLaren,
Jess Nahikian, Cathy Sell, Jamie Shields, Euan Taylor, Catriona Trainer.
Produced by The Forest of Black

Perfect Couples

I know some friends of mine
Think about them all the time
Why can’t my life be like that?
I’ve seen them in the park
Restauranting after dark
Working out on their yoga mats
Stars of the dancehall crowd
Married young, took their vows
Comfort in their boldness and their flair

Dab hands for all to see
Stroke of brush and poetry
His cut of cloth, the contours of her hair

Thank you for the invite tonight
Perfect snacklets, perfect drinks
I’m getting ideas from your interiors
Perfect apartment, perfect kids

Perfect couples are breaking up
What have they done?
Those perfect couples are breaking up
What have they done?
Don’t make me feel so good
Expect that stuff in Hollywood,
Not in my current milieu

Sexual tension at the fridge
He makes for the organic figs
Belmondo lips, dangling a cig

And she, just back from her hike
And to the gallery she might glide by
With a basket on a bike

They’ve got issues too
But what can you do?
Bad times, they’ll always see them through

(It always lurked in her mind)
Perfect couples are breaking up
What have they done? (In the back of her mind)
Perfect couples, they keep breaking up
What have I done? (It always lurked in his mind)
Those perfect couples are now breaking up
What have they done? (In the back of their minds)
Perfect couples, they keep breaking up
What have I done?

Never happy with my girl
Jealous of a different world
Suddenly the years slip away

What am I waiting for? (I see those perfect couples and I)
What makes me close the door?
I see those perfect couples (Why can’t I be like them?)
I admire the most
Finding fault with my heart (Its always been the same and then)
And always back to the start
What makes me get in the fray
then just throw it away
Yeah, I throw it away
Yes I throw it away (only to find)
Yes I throw it away (only to find)

Perfect couples are breaking up…

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17 Responses

  1. Randy Cox says:


  2. Lola Falangi says:

    Follow @AtTheCopacabana for funny tweets!

  3. ilikeditbetterbefore says:

    I like the song
    but the video’s hipsterness angered me and I couldn’t make myself watch the
    whole thing.

  4. Gabriel Azevedo says:

    Tango – short movie

  5. Angel Sams says:

    I can’t believe I just watched all 8 minutes of this…. I didn’t even hear
    the song I was too busy watching the people.

  6. Kareem Ragbir says:

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    win a free iPhone 6 unlocked . If I reach 5000 by the end of this week the
    last person to shout me out gets a free phone . Follow me at @*iamkimgreemy*

  7. luis sandoval says:

    most hispert hispertism

  8. Jose SW says:

    First watched this video on one of their shows live in Melbourne. Blew my
    mind the different loops and the coordination in them. Awesome!

  9. Eduardo Martin Girio Gonzales says:

    Belle & Sebastian – “Perfect Couples (Extended Version)”

  10. Domix Green says:

    Green day redundant music video! is too similar!

  11. TheKillerMasterPain says:

    Green Day- Redundant

  12. TheLuckVideo says:

    Brilliant video! x

  13. Gabriel Maza says:


  14. snayderxdrz says:

    Is not bad ….but I found it too much monotone

  15. Oscar Perez says:

    Patterns and repetitions, can you follow?

  16. Fean says:

    This is one of my favorite songs from the album, and the video
    I love it :)

  17. Ben Grabham says:

    Oh that’s just gorgeous.
    It’s a great song – but a big up to all the dancers – fabulous and well
    done for giving them full credit on here!