BEN ASKREN IMMEDIATE REACTION TO KNOCKOUT LOSS TO JAKE PAUL: “THAT WAS NOT FUN” is on hand at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia where cruiserweight Jake Paul faces off with former UFC star Ben Askren. You don’t want to miss what sent down immediately after the fights. Check it out!

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58 Responses

  1. Dr. Hannah Straight says:

    I have never seen a boxing match end with “written and directed by-” haha I think i just got ripped off for $50

  2. Bxrry says:

    “he built like a bag of milk”

  3. Jose Mendez says:

    Ben “That was not fun but they cut a check” Askren

    • Royal Tee says:


    • Jay Theboss says:

      Such a bum 😂 dude got KO’ED Quicker then a basketball player, Ben should be embarrassed 😂😂

    • Rashaud Olson says:

      @Jay Theboss For 500k? Embarrassed? Olympic wrestling… MMA champion… has 4 wrestling academies… career over anyway. and he should be embarrassed?

    • DopeOnRope says:

      @Jay Theboss well he is retired and just had both his hips replaced. So yeah Jake beat up a old man with a cracked jaw and Jake was crying in the middle of ring like he had just got a belt . I feel more embarrassed for Jake.

    • Cloud18 Visions says:

      Ben “I’m going to go coach my wrestling academy” Askren

  4. MonkeyHunter Vids says:

    I feel like Ben literally gave 0 fks about this fight. He just wanted a little retirement check 💰 💰 💰

    • Celathian Aaron says:

      I want to see Freddie Roach talk

    • Ray Finkle says:

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    • Blvddy says:

      @Ray Finkle oh okay, thanks man. So it’s kinda like stock investments?

    • 1Titan says:

      @Lopez-X47 Slow and steady wins the race. ADA is like Polkadot, its not a small coin.

    • Beretta L says:

      He’s a bum boycott his school 💯✅💯 not a warrior shouldn’t teach combat in any way

  5. Nigel Caines says:

    If Apollo Creed had the ref for his fight against Ivan Drago he would still be here RIP Apollo

    • You Must Be Perfect says:

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    • You Must Be Perfect says:


    • You Must Be Perfect says:

      Type the Letters Below in YouTube search bar or Google search bar to watch

    • You Must Be Perfect says:

      v c 9 c f b f z a n s

    • Mark phph says:

      @BrokenGod Ent. nah. This is boxing. Always after a knockdown, the boxer needs to pay attention to the ref as he is being assessed if he is still coherent. In the replay you can clearly see the ref giving ben simple instruction to walk towards him, but ben started putting his gloves up at cicrling around jake. Ben was clearly incoherent at that point. Its either hes incoherent or stupid to not follow the refs instruction and basic boxing rules. either way he is unfit to box.

  6. Fresh N says:

    This boxing match felt like I was watching some middle school play class acting

    • nyles johns says:

      @Du hust this is the dumbest comment i ever read lol u say ben has no skill and assessed that…but when nate robinson got knocked down and took longer to get up than ben they still continued the fight😂 and nate kept getting knocked down after that lol the ref never stopped until he got KO’d, thats what boxing is. It’s not the refs job to assume the skill level of a fighter based on his perception and stop the fight bc of it. Yall jake paul fans are goofy

    • Brett Littrell says:

      @Nasty business. if you think that was someone getting fucked up just wait till your boy jake fights an actual boxer some day forever from now

    • SiNiSTeR MiNDS says:

      @Nasty business. stop sucking jake off this fight was staged Ben was in it for the money he stayed in a minute so he can take his money and dip

    • Kyle Garcia says:

      @Wonder Of U Many boxers are getting robbed especially Pacman. That counts as rigged match right?

    • Wonder Of U says:

      @Kyle Garcia for sure. Box9ng has a long history of dirty matches. Crime groups like the Mafia have had their hands in the sport for decades

  7. Feed Him To The Pigs says:

    Hes the sort of guy that would bet on himself to lose and cash out. I cant believe that was a genuine knock out

    • The Boi Who Kraves Krave says:

      He got up off the floor and told the ref he was fine seconds after being knocked down not out

    • Froddobaggins WasmyMilkman says:

      @The Boi Who Kraves Krave Finnally!👏 someone speaking the truth lol

    • ghh nnn says:

      @The Boi Who Kraves Krave But the problem is he was still a little dizzy from the KD you could tell
      And Jake was going to go all in a put unnecessary damage to Ben
      Especially for an event like this

  8. NateBruh says:

    Dude got paid 1 mil too let a guy in his 20s serve him a few punches then proceeds to laugh and hug his wife and say he’s gonna lay back and coach wrestling. Honestly respect this guy so much 😂💀💀

    • Oreomanscookies milk says:

      @Pmni You’re such a salty little kid jesus, you would do the same thing he did if you had the choice either that or you’re the biggest moron on the planet, 1 mil to get hit a couple times LMFAO thats easy money. And btw the world revolves around money idk if you knew that.

    • Pmni says:

      @Lucas Kane how is „he didn’t even take is seriously“ „he stated it was a fun fight“ „he just did it for the money“ „he didn’t even prepare“ not making excuses? Lmao

    • Lucas Kane says:

      @Pmni just because he did it for fun doesn’t make it an excuse, if he didn’t take it seriously then that’s his own fault and he paid the price for it, simple as that. The rest of the “excuses” aren’t excuses at all just merely facts as to why he did bad. No one is excusing he lost but I find it more embarrassing that Jake couldn’t finish a man who is 39 years old with bad hips and so out of his depth it’s actually amusing, couldn’t even KO him properly and I’m embarrassed that Jake didn’t do it in the first 10seconds. A boxing amateur would’ve put Ben unconscious in 10 seconds dude and Jake the self proclaimed “pro boxer” couldn’t even get it done quick enough. Ref was paid off too lol Askren couldve kept fighting, not that it would’ve changed the result

    • Free Gedanken zur Baukunst says:


    • Nom nom says:

      @Pmni let’s be honest you try to act all high and mighty with your dumb morals and values but you actually don’t know what you would have done in his place bc you actually don’t know what it’s like being faced with that much money.

  9. Lucas King says:

    He takes absolute bombs from Robbie Lawler in 4oz gloves but collapses at the first punch Jake Paul throws, then the ref mysteriously waves it off for no reason? Smells fishy to me.

  10. King KeNNy Slay says:

    For everybody discrediting Askren. Remember he fought at 170. This boxing match is 190 and he is also retired. Good job on Jake now it’s time to fight an actual boxer.

    • Tørø says:

      @DrainGang AS96 if he fought ryan garcia jake would hit the floor before he realized that the the match had started

    • Darren Griffin says:

      @Dark _FOX your opinion 😅😅😅
      Ah stop kid please

    • Darren Griffin says:

      @Siddharth Chilluvuri I see all you keep mentioning Ryan Garcia like your experts. The only reason is YouTube.

    • Peter Bilt says:

      Well what kind of contract did they have Askren didn’t look like he was in no kind of shape to do nothing he just looked like a stay at home dad no offense to anyone if I would of just ran into this dude somewhere i wouldn’t have a clue who he would be I’m a casual i just know some of the big names in mma sorry

    • Beretta L says:

      He’s a bum boycott his school nobody should go to his school or be trained by a non warrior 💯✅💯✅💯✅💯

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