Ben Simmons does something on defense vs LeBron James that we almost never see | SportsCenter | ESPN

Ben Simmons does something on defense vs LeBron James that we almost never see | SportsCenter | ESPN

ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler joins SportsCenter after the Philadelphia 76ers’ 108-97 win at the Cleveland Cavaliers, breaking down the things Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid bring, including a defensive play against LeBron James that we almost never see.

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96 Responses

  1. Psychtosis says:

    Damn Sixers will be scary asf in the years to come.

  2. Neighborhood Crackhead says:

    Ben Simmons and LeBron were going at it tonight. LeBron should go to Philly to mentor Simmons. Plus this Cavs team is terrible and ain’t winning no title

    • Bestlifestyle 101 says:

      Make Humanity Great Again you realise he has already mentored Ben Simmons right? Back before Ben went to LSU, when he was still in high school he was invited to a basketball camp LeBron was holding. LeBron took more time to work with him than any of the other players there. That’s why they play so similarly, LeBron spent a lot of time coaching him and LeBron is Ben’s favorite player.

    • Vincent Beltran says:

      Neighborhood Crackhead it will benefit simmons but not lebron

    • Rocky 2028 says:

      it’s terrible ..but who put together the team ? Does he really make his teammates better ?

    • Haizeus_Goose says:

      Make Humanity Great Again 💯💯💯💯💯💯

    • BuilderPvPz OG says:

      Make Humanity Great Again jordan is 1-9 in the playoffs without pippen

  3. Danang Dwiatma says:

    Lebron played 40 minutes and still lost to Philly. Lebron knew he cant win the title with this cavs team. He will leave Cleveland this summer

    • Only 禁禁Cash Moves says:

      Top5DeadorAlive your the goat for that comment 😂

    • RyRy123ism says:

      Kobe>Lebron I’m waiting…

    • OfficialKR says:

      Reese B its bron n love w straight role players , theres not too many kinks to work out lmao they just not that good

    • Fez Mamba says:

      Fox Gaming that’s what everyone was saying last year then they damn near swept the East LOL

    • Ryan Hill says:

      Danang Dwiatma he needs all stars to win jordan playe with 6 allstars and won 6 rings 6 finals mvps. no game 7.lebron has played with 12 allstars and is 3 for 5 in rings and jordan did it when every body including lebron flop around like fush if you touch him at 6 ft 8.

  4. creates100 says:

    Le Old

  5. Paul says:

    Terrible pass, lebrons not sprinting 😂

    • Ghettollama Fire says:

      KyleTheNord Getting a chase down block doesn’t make you a great defender

    • KyleTheNord says:

      Ghettollama Fire didn’t say it made him a great defender. Just that he’s not a lazy defender

    • Vitor Hara says:

      Paul Lebron hasn’t played defense in the regular season since like 2014 😂😂😂😂 lebron playing defense like jahlil okafor

    • WasRuthless says:

      Paul yet if LeBron did this, «OMG LEBRONS THE GOAT!! HE’S THE GOAT» smh. keep making excuses.

    • Kyle Waterhouse says:

      THANK YOU!!! I also just posted a comment on this. But to respond to all those responding to this post: LeBron wasnt being lazy, he was yelling at korver for throwing a stupid LAZY pass. Then at about half court decides to actually run and almost catches Simmons who had already been in full stride for 35 feet. Simmons is awesome but we need to quit trying to put him at LeBrons level… not even close.

  6. Ace Dy says:

    what happened to fultz?

  7. Keyboard Warrior says:

    Tim Legler a beast with the smart board technology

  8. mpcali says:

    What the hell is this. When did ESPN become a sports network.

  9. Ravens, 76ers, Penn State fan #JustABlackAtheist says:

    Ben Simmons should make all defensive 2nd team this season. #trusttheprocess

    • Get Skraight to it says:

      Luckymag 2016 why did you quote rookie?🤨

    • Matt Norris says:

      4th Highest Defensive Box +/- in the LEAGUE, 3rd most Defensive Win Shares, 7th in Total Steals, 8th in Steals Per Game at 1.8 and 0.9 Blocks Per Game. He’s DEFINITELY in the discussion and deservingly so. Bare in mind as well that all of those stats are across the whole league, not just Rookies.

    • SG JR says:

      2299mikey no he isn’t drunk, Simmons is and has been an elite defender all season long. His defensive rating is even better than Mitchell’s.

    • SG JR says:

      Matt Norris THANK YOU for finding those numbers. I remember seeing these and said, “yeah if he isn’t ROTY, there’s some sort of conspiracy going on.”

    • Kevin Johnson says:

      Ravens, 76ers, Penn State fan #JustABlackAtheist ben is a BEAST defensively man. He has a chance

  10. Shawn John says:

    Lebron was like, “who’s man was that?!?!? My bad….”

  11. Suti~Tooti says:

    Legler is such a good analyst. Always feel like I learn a ton from watching him

  12. Brandon Christopher says:

    LeBron to Philly.

    • Atiba Gaskin says:

      Brandon Christopher LeBron staying in Cleveland

    • Atiba Gaskin says:

      You’ll crazy who ever said keep LeBron away from Philly. WHAT??? Think about it dummies…. LeBron James Ben Simmons Joel embiid & you kno they going to have shooters like a Kyle Korver or even Klay Thompson not to mention Kawhi Leonard offer is on the table. WHAT!!!! That squad would b crazy! They automatically running the East!

    • Jesse Rumsey says:

      Dilly dilly

    • Bball215NP says:

      Money Banks!
      Foh Philly as an urban city, and as an sports city, is better that big ass suburb that is called LA. LA is not a real city like Philly. LA is a glorified suburb with great weather

    • Matt s says:

      Brandon Christopher
      Utah fan boys be like “but, but, but Mitchell can shoot 3 pts more than Simmons” 🤣🤣🤣
      Dumb asses. Go compare Ben’s stat line to Magic’s

  13. Br4nd0n94 says:

    Simmons 6’10” dribbling the ball like that and running the floor..special

  14. tyrel143 says:

    Ben is basically a mini lebron

    • TimDaGoof says:

      Steph Curry the 2x FRAUD lol how is his potential not as high if he’s about to beat Magic johnson’s triple double record for a rookie since 1979 🤔 which is more than Michael Jordan, Lebron and Westbrook in their rookie seasons

    • Tyreese Pryor says:


    • cyber6sapien says:

      Ben is actually a lot more skilled than Lebron was at the same age. He is a better dribbler, passer and better finisher at the rim than a 21 year old Lebron was. What Simmons lacks is Lebron’s explosive athleticism. The gap between Lebron and Simmons’ athleticism is like the gap between Jordan and Kobe’s athleticism.

    • Vitor Hara says:

      cyber6sapien id say their passing is about the same. Simmons is the better dribbler though

    • TimDaGoof says:

      cyber6sapien lol which isn’t that much

  15. If it isn’t Chicago says:

    Lebron has terrible defense

    • Nyc gonnie says:

      If it isn’t Chicago no he does not superstars that been in the league 4 a while do this alot but once playoffs come they start giving it 100 % when u been in the league 4 15 years and 8 finals the regular season could get boring

    • Murda SheWrote says:

      Nyc gonnie where was his defense in the playoffs when KD was killing him iso over and over again

    • If it isn’t Chicago says:

      Yea I’m sure those tendencies are going to rub off in the playoffs.#no defense

  16. JayThePlug says:

    They exposed the cavs tonight

    • Nyc gonnie says:

      JayThePlug the cavs been losing the whole season and now is that they getting exposed?

    • Shaunte Jackson says:

      JayThePlug yea without love or swish with 4 new players that only played 6 games under their system and playing every other day *rollz eyes* the stupidity of haters is real…. Hell if we lose saturday to the nuggets its gonna b “Bron to Denver Confirmed” smdh get a life and watch us work in the playoffs and more importantly in JUNE! #TEAMCAVS #FuckTheHaters #ClevelandAgainstThaWorld

    • triggered ass niggas says:

      Shaunte Jackson it’s good. 216 vs the world but they exposed us tonight. We’ll just wait until we’re healthy and get it solved. The playoffs gonna be the largest backtracking from both fans and analysts in NBA history, I swear. All these bad takes gone come back and bite them in the ass. Mark my words. Screenshot this and come back in June…

    • Shaunte Jackson says:

      triggered ass niggas #TeamCavs 😘✊

  17. Bud Mon says:

    Another reason why Simmons is the ROY and not Donovan Mitchell….

    • SG JR says:

      Bud Mon trust me, any real basketball fan that understands the rules knows who the ROTY is.

    • Anujan Nakkeeran says:

      Ante SeKe if Utah is in playoff contention, Mitchell would deserve it for sure. Carrying a team in the West as a rookie is insane

    • SG JR says:

      Anujan Nakkeeran Mitchell isn’t carrying that team. What don’t you guys understand? He leads the team in points but is he the defensive anchor??? NO!!! Without Gobert and Favors this Utah team is a bottom feeder. Basketball is played outside of just scoring. Utah going to the playoffs does NOT signify Mitchell being the better player. Stop getting hung up on just the two being a rookie. That award goes to the best player and Simmons is the better player. Period.

    • Yo bitch blow me like soupひ says:

      SG JR without Mitchell the team would be complete ass & no chance of making playoffs with Hayward & hood being gone Mitchell is the most important tbh only one who can create his shot & it’s his 1st year

    • SG JR says:

      Yo bitch blow me like soupひ I agree, they would be bottom feeders. However, he’s not the anchor of the defense. He’s the most important offensively because of what you said, he can create his own shot. This doesn’t make him a better player than Ben Simmons. Simmons can get his own shot as well and he can’t even shoot the ball! Point is, the numbers tell you specifically, that Simmons is the better player, thus being the better rookie. Mitchell is a monster but Simmons is better than he is in every stat category outside of scoring. That includes defensively as well. Simmons is an elite defender already. If Simmons was on any other team outside of the Sixers, this wouldn’t be up for debate as his usage rate would be even higher. But because he’s with Embiid this is a problem? Mitchell is good but Simmons was an all-star this year and was snubbed.

  18. lolking_ 1 says:

    The king coming to philly , I love philly

  19. Alan KS says:

    Sixers can just be good forget about LeBron James for a sec. It’s an international team!

  20. AMAX says:

    I watched this game last night, LeBron did his thing, he makes basketball look so easy, but this 76ers team can ball, very impressive win.

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