Bernie Sanders | The Young Turks Interview (FULL)

Bernie Sanders | The Young Turks Interview (FULL)

Cenk Uygur interviews Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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20 Responses

  1. Kyle Smith says:

    Only one feeling the burn is him. Lol. He’s still getting his ass kicked in
    the primaries, the lunatic.

  2. Only the Best :P says:

    Like or I’ll vote for Donald Trump

  3. Paul Cogswell says:


  4. orangecrush455 says:

    what!! that’s crazy!!!

  5. jack hoeglund says:

    It is so strange to here neither Bernie nor Cenk yelling. Usually Bernie
    has to shout over other candidates or moderators interrupting him, and Cenk
    doesn’t. And usually Cenk is angry and yelling about how hopeless our
    system is, but put them together and they’re peas in a pod. I love it

  6. Michael Baker says:

    Democucks are going crazy lol. Vote Republican you idiots. No matter if
    it’s Trump or someone else, vote Republican. Our country is a complete mess
    & this channel is filled with stupid libtards

  7. Buggy The Clown says:

    I haven’t watched it yet but I saw the thumbnail and video title, I know
    who’s going to be creaming his pants this vid.

    Edit: LOL

    we gotta get sanders in office. Can’t let another republican destroy the
    country any further, they already ruined kansas.

  8. IXM360 says:

    Here you see a lot calmer, more succinct Bernie Sanders, I like it.

  9. brian coley says:

    congrats tyt great interview From MANHATTAN B

  10. Olivier Meyers says:

    bernie sanders for president!

  11. Eduardo Chi Verde says:

    Bernie <3

  12. Javier Virgen says:

    He is Yoda!

    He laughs off the hate.

  13. Weltall8000 says:

    Cool actually seeing Sanders on TYT in person.

    Also, I love that last little comment he slipped in…

    Sanders/Warren 2016!

  14. lopezryan11 says:

    really starting to side with sanders i just hope he keeps his word on all
    those changes

  15. nate ivey says:

    i hate tyt for their biased views towards christians and terrorist

  16. Savannah Dyer says:


  17. camrnjurena says:

    Sanders and Warren together in the White House would be like a dream come

  18. Ali Almiskeen says:

    Cenk looks like a kid listening to a veteran’s war stories.

  19. conman413 says:

    what was it two days after that hissy fit Cenk threw Bernie comes on? lol

    Thanks Bernie I think its time to take off those kiddie gloves. You keep it
    clean but there are some gut punches your holding back on that should be
    loosed. Considering Hillary could be indicted over her email bs i hope you
    stay in the race up until she is cleared or win it when she is not.
    Something to consider.

  20. Sand Man says:

    TYT, make sure you pass on the message to independents in NY and Wyoming to
    register. Independents and Republicans will not be able to vote for Sanders
    unless they register as democrats. New York and Wyoming are closed
    caucuses. Tomorrow is the last day to register. Make sure the news gets
    disseminated to people in NY and WY.