Bernie Sanders Tries To Say Something Nice About Trump

Bernie Sanders Tries To Say Something Nice About Trump

Hey, you can’t blame the Vermont Senator for trying.

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20 Responses

  1. Zatch H says:

    Haha it’s funny because you don’t like Trump and you find it hard took say something nice about him haha

  2. Anthony Tosh says:

    Then focus on immigration reform And the American people who worry about it..Also Bernie might have a good heart ,but he’s a economic idiot.

  3. VincentWeir says:

    Trump and Bernie were the best candidates during the election, hands down.

  4. Lizzy DeVine says:

    Amazing man, would of been an amazing president!

  5. International Jews & Bankers Control You says:

    Bernie will never win, he’ll die before he’s able to. They’d kill him before they let an independent man like Bernie come in. Last time that happened was with JFK and they fixed that problem

  6. Jackeroose98 says:

    Every waking hour I ask myself, ‘Why isn’t this kind old man president, and not that midget handed, hay haired loony Donald Dump?’

  7. jesse guy says:

    I like how Steve started with saying, ‘your friend Bernie…’

    So presumptuous Colbert

  8. Don Rounds says:

    oops say the media is bad, your time is up. Colbert = Tool.

  9. Abraham Mast says:

    So glad this communist inst president

  10. Aku Soku Zan says:

    This is the retard who a few years ago praised Venezuela’s socialist program….not a smart man

  11. John Whirling says:

    Hillary was hated by too many people. Bernie would have won, and she’s a complete degenerate in denial if she blames anyone but HERSELF for losing. She derided and demeaned Berners (along with her flying monkey supporters) and then wanted our votes. She’s a foolish woman and I’m glad she lost.

  12. SirGarforth says:

    Bernie is an idiot. He thinks socialism is actually a good think that will help the country. Colbert should have someone like Ben Shapiro on who actually knows what he’s talking about. But we all know how leftists feel about having their opinions challenged.

  13. Gauldron Sage says:

    Why is this fool always trending

  14. Missilanious says:

    If only Steven did not shill for Hillary I would give him more respect… perhaps could of changed some voters minds and we would have Bernie as president. Fuck you Steve and main stream media. Glad you got him for ratings now.

  15. Sea Urchin says:

    Liberal pieces of crap. Crazy Bernie should be saying that Donald Trump is better than he’ll ever be.

  16. Tyler Roach says:

    It’s a service not a right

  17. YoloMcSwagton says:

    god i hope that socialist moron runs, guarantee trump another victory and im okay with that.

  18. Kylo Targaryen says:

    Can he give an interview where he actually explains how to make this shit he’s talking about a reality without pandering to dipshit millennials or bankrupting America any further??? Can he say something where I’m not mouthing the words to msyself as he says them??? He says the exact same shit everytime he talks damn near in order! How can people still have multiple orgasms when they hear his entitlement rants and not ask any serious questions??? The Bernie people just go with it because they like the idea of free shit no matter who is paying for it or how it gets done! At this rate that Trump motherfucker is going to get re-elected because of how braindead these progressives are!

  19. Chris Kaufman says:

    “He still has all his teeth…or someone’s teeth…” Keep talking Slimy Steve, keep showing us how out of touch these media celebrities actually are….Thank God Trump won #MAGA

  20. urpupskye says:

    I’ll say something nice about Bernie

    He still has all of his hair??
    -Although it’s as white as a snowflake. He’s representing his snowflake followers.-

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