Best Friends For Life ?? What Happened To Sarah Stern ? Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian

Best Friends For Life ?? What Happened To Sarah Stern ? Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian

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Hi my friends, hope you are having a great day today! Oh, I missed you so. Thank you so much for the 5 million subscribers, THAT … IS…INSANE!! I never in a million years thought I would be here, and I just want to say thank you!!! Thank you for subscribing, watching, liking, disliking, just being here. It truly means more than you know! I love and appreciate you so much!! Now let’s stop rambling here and get into today’s story.
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, a let me know who you want me to talk about next week. Hope to be seeing you very soon, xo
Bailey Sarian

00:00 Intro & Theme Song
02:52 Disclaimer & Today’s Story
08:16 Timeline of the Day
12:16 Searchin’
16:00 Fighting Possible Demons
16:38 The Beginning Of The End
31:40 The Trial
38:05 Meows & Goodbyes

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44 Responses

  1. Mari Arzate says:

    That’s horrible, all I could think of is that saying “with friends like that who needs enemies”. I don’t understand how a “best friend” could do that.

    • Angelika Beck says:

      Sounds to me like a proper psychopath. Or sociopath? I can never distinguish the two but the lack of empathy, remorse and ability to form meaningful human connections…yeah…

    • Lilly Cookies says:

      @Roxanne Demers my guess : she didn’t want to sleep with him …

    • Rebecca Seaden says:

      @Stuart Griffiths same though

    • Clawtooth says:

      That’s RACIST against English people who like to watch football then have a bath after. You imagine doing the washing up them you see RACIST posts like this using the English language to oppress the British community. How dare you. Your a liar. And a RACIST. I have reported you for hate crimes against the British people who just want to go to Brazil for a break and play football on the beach. Imagine if you asked the band to play but didn’t pay them. RACISTS

  2. Bailey Sarian says:

    hi friends happy Monday! Thank you for subscribing and being here, it really means more than you know. I cant say thank you enough <3 hope we get to meet some day soon

  3. Holli Mostella says:

    Me: “Bailey’s voice is so soothing. I’m gonna close my eyes for a cat nap.”
    Also Bailey: *screams in one billion decibels mid sentence.*

    • Shiny Hoban says:

      I was pulling out of my driveway to go to work! 🤣

    • Fluffy -Fluffy says:

      @Destiny Moore them and Judge Judy.
      Even when she yells “ridiculous!!!!” which she does…. Often lol.

    • Brieanna Harper says:

      The best part of this is the time stamp for that part of the video says “Fighting Possible Demons” 😂😂😂

    • Sara Gustson says:

      So funny, I had to go back 3 times cuz I missed it everytime 😂 I heard it tho but I wanted to know why she screamed like that and now I can’t stop laughing 😂😂

  4. That classy Indian says:

    Again and again after knowing more stories like this, having absolutely no friends doesn’t seems too bad to me.

  5. totty babyy says:

    the fact that the community couldn’t grasp that some people just are like this. no matter if they lived “comfortably” it’s human nature to be greedy and to want/strive for more. obviously they were motivated by money by the numerous times they complained about the amount they actually received versus the amount they thought they were going to get. infuriating.

    • Jessi D says:

      Bc our community is full of money and things like this do not ever happen here. The fact that people went to this extreme for a measly $10k is a shell shock and just hard to fathom and downright sad.

  6. JanineBean says:

    Wouldn’t he NOT want her body to be found if he strangled her? She couldn’t have strangled herself!

    • Nadila says:

      I thought the same thing. He was clearly not as smart as he thought he was.

    • Bianca Gonzalez says:

      Yeah he actually could’ve gotten away with it if he just didn’t act suspicious or share any details at all. I certainly wouldn’t suspect someone’s bffl would be behind this just for money

    • Tatiana Polanco says:

      Exactly! Investigators would’ve immediately known it was homicide from the marks that would’ve appeared. Plus other signs of strangling. He didn’t think it through like he thought he did.

    • Kimiko Chambers-Carnell says:

      My thoughts exactly

    • thotwice says:

      There’s also the fact that if they had found her body, during the autopsy they would’ve found no water in her lungs which would’ve signaled foul play.

  7. Christopher Toohey says:

    That poor woman outlived her daughter and granddaughter. Shouldn’t have happened.

  8. IBI Lumos says:

    My lesson from this story: move in silence. Don’t tell ANYONE what your doing depending on the situation. It can be family or friends

    • Cristina Brentan says:

      Absolutely 💯 agree with this! I live beneath my means and don’t let people know anything about my finances, ever. It’s scary but one never knows someone and their intentions.

    • Over the Nonsense says:

      I don’t let anyone know anything, not even my kiddos. No one knows my finances or movements. Seems to be safest!

    • IBI Lumos says:

      @Over the Nonsense yep, my mom taught us to respond “IDK ask my mom” whenever someone asked about her personal life or our family business. It was usually family members who asked. Kids are so innocent and don’t understand that giving the smallest info to anyone could possibly cause damage to their well being or their parents well being.

  9. Mommy milkers says:

    The creepiest part is that he planned it for 6 months, imagine hanging out with your “best friend” having fun, while all they think about is getting rid of you

  10. Tehreem Raza says:

    The fact that of he was only caught because he trusted his friend the same way Sarah trusted him. *IRONIC*

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