Best of Kelly & Ryan – The Office US

Best of Kelly & Ryan – The Office US

“If I get to stay and Ryan is laid off, I will kill myself. Like Romeo and Juliet. The Claire Danes one.”

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71 Responses

  1. Hailstorm Sports says:

    It’s the Radon that made them this way

  2. Nifty Noldog says:

    Greatest love story since Ryan and Michael

  3. Varun Saxena says:

    “Ryan used me as an object”

  4. B Feng says:

    I’d rather she be alone than with some one

    Is that LOVE?

    Excuse me can i get at least 0 subs

  5. Mysterious Narwhal says:


  6. The Lonely Arrow says:

    β€œRyan used me as an object” lmao

  7. Hunter W says:

    Kelly is the 27 year old version of those girls who chased boys at summer camp and constantly tried to get piggyback rides

  8. Potato salad says:

    This relationship is bananas. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

  9. Basia Witkowska says:

    “Number one: How dare you?”

  10. Darius St Paul says:

    Kelly:I’m so cold
    Ryan:because you didn’t bring a jacket

  11. Ree T says:

    That headshake right after she says she’s pregnant tho…

  12. Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? says:

    When you say ‘Oh’ ‘Wow’ ‘Great’ 50 times and they’re still talking

  13. bae ana says:

    i know it’s supposed to be comedic, but i really hate how kelly ended up with ryan. she should have stayed with ravi

  14. Clickbait King says:

    Oh my gosh The Office, what took you so long to make best of Ryan and Kelly?!

  15. Zach Sutton says:

    “He pointed at my latte and said that’s gonna be the color of our children”. LOL WTF

  16. Lester Holt says:

    β€œI am so cold”
    β€œIt’s cause you didn’t bring a jacket”
    Ryan is such a gentleman

  17. Naomi Miranda says:

    Toby when Kelly tells Ryan she’s pregnant always makes me laugh

  18. Melanin Queen says:

    He finally mastered commitment after abandoning his son.

  19. Toby Flenderson says:

    It’s really inappropriate to be publicizing this

  20. AFGuidesHD says:

    “can’t wait to have babies”
    *camera zooms to ryan*

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