Biden and Sanders’s first one-on-one debate in 3 minutes

Biden and Sanders’s first one-on-one debate in 3 minutes

Former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) debated each other for the first time on March 15. Here’s what you missed. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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78 Responses

  1. Jeff P says:

    Hey everybody this is my third time running for president …my son marries his brother widow then cheats on her and has a stripper baby , that’s ok because I want a woman vp.trump is a bad orange man … have a good day you dog face pony soldiers I feel sleepy now.

  2. SBONFYE says:

    Mentioning choosing a “women” as a running mate was such a cowardly cheap move it’s not even funny 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • William Carr says:

      frances simmonds

      That’s Berner Speak.

      You’re presuming a White Guy would always be more qualified?

      Biden has decided to balance the ticket.

      Previously that meant picking a VP based on their State, to entice voter support.

      Now it means weighting that toward women as well.

    • William Carr says:


      She’s a Conservative who opposes Democratic policy.

      Hawaii is unlikely to re-elect her.

    • Pat Fitz says:

      @Mike B , I got a poll asking if I’ll vote for Biden if he picked Michelle Obama.

    • Grey Alien says:

      @GoldenArrow stfu

    • Thisis Fun says:

      If they do, they’re pandering. If they don’t, they’re racist. You can’t win with liberals.

  3. ThuggyMacho says:

    Biden is tricking the American people and sadly they’re falling for it 😩

    • Abdullah AboMuhammad says:

      they are not. its called Election Fraud. do you think more ppl voted for this guy than Bernie?

  4. ThuggyMacho says:

    Joe Biden: You want me to list your SuperPacs?
    Bernie Sanders: Yeah you go ahead and list em.
    Joe Biden: cmon, give me a break
    😂😂😂 What a joke.

    • Maria Garcia-Eggly says:

      @gtepp031387 Your “point” is an assumption. There is NO credible evidence those SEPARATE organizations, that have their OWN AGENDAS, they are pushing. It’s obvious one candidate can NOT do it alone. This is why these organizations exist, to push forward change. Bernie has said it over and over, WE MUST BE THE CHANGE. Pick an issue and support it.

    • Maria Garcia-Eggly says:

      @Michael Barde Not a fact. Show us your proof Sanders takes cash.

    • gtepp031387 says:

      @Maria Garcia-Eggly Your right because of the rules of the Elections you need donors, it’s a simple as that. I dont really give 2 craps about who gives you money. Bloomberg is offering 100s of millions to the winner, his money isn’t evil your going to need it to beat Trump, these are the rules of the game as it is, you take that money period. The thing Bernie doesnt get, and hasn’t throughout his career, is you need others to get things done. He is so rigid and idealistic that he had to be an Independent. Hes a great political revolutionary but a god awful politician. Look hes done a great deal of good, hes changed a lot of minds on Policy. Biden is espousing just about everything he wanted in 2016 from 15 dollar min, to free tuition for those families under the 150k mark, to medical coverage to all Americans (a bit different way to go about it as he want to continue and massively expand Obamacare) ect. But Bernie doesnt get along with anyone, he has no political support even with the Dems. Hes getting most of his Revolutionary ideas accomplished, now he needs to stand aside and let someone who can actually gets the votes to get them into bills.

    • Virginia Ryno says:

      @Renaldo V another latino fool looking for free healthcare.😄

    • djyocoolpee says:

      @Virginia Ryno that’s a little racist there bud

  5. Jaymie Harris says:

    I wanted to see Joe Biden sniff on Bernie’s hair.

  6. Andrew Newton says:

    Biden: “Did you get rid of the 9 Super PAC’s you have?”
    Sanders: “I don’t have 9, I don’t have any.”
    Biden: “Want me to list em?”
    Sanders: “Yeah, go ahead and list them.
    Biden: “Oh, come on. I’m too sleepy for that.”

  7. Charles Ortiz says:

    I’m going Bernie he just stood there like ” real Joe it on video ” … it’s like getting caught in a lie 🤣🤣Joe was mad about it

  8. TheVoidLord says:

    “You have nine super PACs want me to name them”


    *Biden.exe has stopped working*

    • gtepp031387 says:

      @Matti There is a fine line between a pac and a super pac. They say they dont recieve donations from corporations, but with undisclosed donors it’s a murky road. Warren also accused him of this because I believe our revolution had some (accusation) of questionable donors. The point is he is taking large sums of money from undisclosed donors.

    • gtepp031387 says:

      @keyblader2k6 Becaues Biden is a politician, and knows he will have to work with Sanders after this is over.

    • Ronnie Shenk says:


    • I OFFER YOU THIS says:

      TheVoidLord bc he knows bernies PACs are mostly non-profits and advocacy groups. If he did list them he’d be doing Bernie a favor.

    • Matti says:

      @gtepp031387 On the other hand he is not taking large sums from undisclosed donors. Some of the PACs accept undisclosed donations, but their received donations have been very modest. Sunrise movement for example is still a very small time institution financially, and to be honest I’m ok with corporations donating to the fight against climate change. Either way the PAC money is tiny compared to what Bernie is receiving in individual donations, so the true share holder of Bernie are the people.

  9. TheDooDooBerry says:

    Joe: Single payer doesn’t work.
    Joe: You don’t have to pay for corona virus treatment.

    So like single payer but only for corona virus?

    • Barry McCockiner says:

      Not paying and being covered under a single payer system already are two different things. Italy happens to be a single payer system, ask them how well the SSN is handing this crisis right now. I promise its not all the grandeur that these politicians are making it out to be. They cant handle this whatsoever and other large countries on this system will fall victim as well, just give it time to catch up.

    • Luis Garcia says:

      @Barry McCockiner the problem with Italy was not the health system but the way people reacted to the pandemic, ignoring WHO orders and spreading it like wild fire people from the most affected region went on holidays when the region sent everyone into quarantine. It wasn’t a matter of healthcare, it was a matter of stupidity

    • Hayato says:

      TheDooDooBerry I like single player games

    • New Jack says:

      You think the rich will pay for your health care, but the truth is, everybody will pay.

    • Jin Nin says:

      @New Jack Yes. And everyone will benefit. That’s the point. Right now the rich doesn’t pay at all, how is that better?

  10. maverick official says:

    “i don’t wanna join u why dont u join me?” 😂

  11. Eddie Haskell says:

    We got more done with no audience!

    • Susan Coulson says:

      Maybe because groups of people causes added exertion on mental coping and focusing in a person with onset dimentia.

    • PlayboyGenius says:

      Agreed, something I’ve noticed from the highlights is that it looked like a proper debate with only 2 candidates talking about the key issues, being fair to each other sharing their differences. No pointless arguing, attacking bringing up something unrelated someone said 50 years ago that doesn’t make any difference and won’t change any lives. It was a nice change to see this in politics

    • Jz Eat says:

      PlayboyGenius go watch the full debate on YouTube! 😁

    • unstoppableExodia says:

      Yeah they lost nothing by not having a live studio audience

    • Israel Runsawayfromya says:

      They should always do debates like this.
      No more farming cheers from the crowd with buzz-words or other nonsense like:
      “I am a woman” Audience: “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *30 seconds passes*”

  12. quickbasher says:

    Cut out all Bernie’s best lines. TRASH COVERAGE.

    • K. voo says:

      Joe is 77 yrs old and Bernie is 78 , too old . even tho the two have great points. Trump will over rule.

    • Joe Diaz says:

      @Kenny Hill says a lot about your understanding of math when you think millionaires are comparable to billionaires.

    • Christian Dixon says:

      William Carr ah I see you don’t understand wealth

    • M Rahat Kibria says:

      @William Carr Bernie never lose

      Only Biden will lose

    • Kenny Hill says:

      @Joe Diaz Most big corporations are democrats..Zuckerberg, Bezos and Bill Gates and their companies..also Youtube, Netflix, Google, Krispy Creme, Starbucks, NBA, NFL Hollywood, Disney and all its networks they how they all jumped on the Trump train since he likes rich people 🙄

  13. The Summerland says:

    Bernie hands down best candidate and strongest to beat Trump, trump would slaughter Biden on his serial lies, abysmal record

  14. dan meme says:

    They conveniently didn’t put Bernie’s best responses in. Slimeballs. They all want Biden in over Bernie because they love their money more then their country.

  15. Maral Fathalian says:

    I love how WP edited bidens ramblings out.

  16. griff says:

    This actually made me like Sanders more and Biden less.

  17. Matthew McRae says:

    Biden is just gonna lie the WHOLE time??

  18. Dreckiger Dan aka Lennart says:

    Biden: “You have 9 super PACs. Want me to list them?”
    Sanders: “Yes”
    Biden: “Give me a break”

    How can people even consider to vote for Biden.

  19. Otso says:

    Good news: Biden can actually talk in full sentences!
    Bad new: he lied a lot

  20. Dir ty says:

    Biden: “I’ll appoint a woman as VP”
    9999 Missed Calls – Caller ID: Hillary Clinton

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