Biden Praises Bernie Sanders: “Who’s Doing a Hell Of A Job”

Biden Praises Bernie Sanders: “Who’s Doing a Hell Of A Job”

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20 Responses

  1. Greencoast says:

    +Justin K Democratic Socialist. The best countries to live in in the world
    are democratic socialist societies.

  2. freshair3451 says:

    +Trevor Leon Socialism!!! we’re doomed. lol

  3. Trevor Leon says:

    +Justin K Oh no! Socialism!!!11

  4. Brutalicore Omnicron says:

    Mr. Trump looks forward to debating Mr. Sanders in the general.
    Let’s hurry up and get Clinton behind bars already.

    • freshair3451 says:

      +Brutalicore Omnicron Sanders will crush Trump.

    • chickendinner2012 says:

      +Brutalicore Omnicron There are a lot of supporters from other candidates
      that are vicious, I don’t tend to see much from Bernie supporters
      especially in person. It is just people are mad at how we have been screwed
      over for so many years and we see our chance to finally fix it and some
      people get really emotional. I like that Trump is saying that money needs
      to get out of politics such as lobbyists and corruption as well as his
      approval of Universal healthcare, however I am for Bernie because he has
      all his plans ready and has many years of experience in fighting against
      these injustices.

    • Tim Arthur says:

      +Brutalicore Omnicron Trump literally wakes up at 4 in the morning to
      attack people he dislikes on Twitter, but Sanders people are vicious.

    • Brutalicore Omnicron says:

      You Sanders people are so vicious. Shame Bernie’s integrity doesn’t carry
      over to his “fans” as you guys dismissively refer to.
      Make America Great Again! Trump2016!

      Jeb is weak, he’s low energy, he’s for Common Core, you can’t vote for this

      Bernie is the 2nd best candidate running for president.

    • Tim Arthur says:

      +Gregory Nazar You underestimate Trump’s following. Trump doesn’t have to
      argue points. Trump gains popularity by insulting people and saying “he’ll
      be great” at things, even when it makes no sense to say it. “I’m going to
      be great at the military.” “I’ll be great at ISIS.” “I’m gonna do so good
      at women’s rights.” “I’m gonna be great at the border.” He talks about
      politics like he’s playing Call of Duty, but his followers love him for it.
      “Yeah, what a leader! So strong!” Plans, vision, details? This guy
      supposedly had the best plan for defeating ISIS, but he can’t even tell the
      difference between them and Al-Nusra. His fans don’t care.

  5. RF Music says:

    don’t worry, you aren’t competition. 🙂 #feelthebern

  6. ZingoWill says:

    Why is this in the “popular” section with only 1000 views? Jk we all know
    the answer to that.

  7. randomflashbacks says:

    A socialist is our best candidate. Goes to show how fucked we are.

    • theshonen8899 says:

      +Reshad Alavera Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan all have much better
      healthcare and social services than the US.

    • randomflashbacks says:

      +SPACEMONKEY288 Don’t worry I’m still voting for him.

    • Jack Clooney (Novex MC UK Servers) says:

      Nonono, because idiots like you much prefer a narcissist republican who
      wants to help out their buddies at the oil companies and banks in return
      for campaign funds and a new yacht.

    • Reshad Alavera says:

      Yeah. Sanders says he wants us to become like Scandinavia, a set of
      countries that don’t innovate anything, while I want us to become more like
      Hong Kong, Singapore or Japan. Sanders is still the best choice, though.

    • Vandal says:

      +SPACEMONKEY288 The irony in your comment is too much. Please learn a
      little bit about economics and then maybe you can teach Sanders some.

  8. White Power Ranger says:

    With Jews, you loose.