[Big Hitㅣ2020 GLOBAL AUDITION] – #BTS (English & Japanese version)

[Big Hitㅣ2020 GLOBAL AUDITION] – #BTS (English & Japanese version)

※ For more information : please visit https://www.bighitaudition.com/


Your potential is limitless.
Your passion knows no bounds.

The world is changing
Show them who you are

The World is your stage.
Get ready to change everything.

This is your moment.

[Big Hitㅣ2020 グローバルオーディションのご案内]




This is your moment.

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67 Responses

  1. Celine Theresa says:

    “Only male born in or after 2003” – jin
    “I’m a girl who was born in 2003 :)” – Me

  2. Saniya Blaise says:

    Me: actually having talent in dancing and singing
    Also me: Not born a male😭

  3. ๑JK’s๑ says:

    Yo: Mi momento a llegado
    BTS: Solo chicos
    Yo: Puta vida :’(

  4. •Dulce Rodriguez •ツ says:

    Yo me voy a hacer vato, ya dije.

  5. fenzoxw _ says:

    Мне кажется или они все в тёмном оттенке волос ?!😅💘💘💘


    No one:
    Not even taehyungs hips:
    J-Hope in the beginning: YAYHAAAAA

  7. Amigas cool AD says:

    Yo : al fin mi momento a llegado
    BTS:solo hombres
    Yo: ya valió má**es
    Aaaaaaa como pudo pasar esto 😔😭😭😭

  8. yeontan is my bias says:

    Jin: any male born in 2003 can apply
    My feminist ass : *wAe*

  9. D. Park says:

    ES TU MOMENTO !!!!
    Yo : Toda inútil , mayor de edad , viviendo con mis padres , soltera , con un empleo de medio tiempo y enamorada de 7 coreanos que ni me conocen 🙁💔🙃

  10. Mahina Crowley says:

    bighit: your potential is limitless

    me: **cries in girl**

  11. Park Jimin says:

    Solo unas palabras
    Hermosos divinos perfectos dioses de la tierra
    *BTS tus patrones* 😎✌️❤️😍😍😍
    Edit: no se que digan pero los amo :v
    Aunque no vayan a leer este comentario :””’C

  12. AmnaW says:

    The only reason they are not doing girls for audition for bighit is because when they did they threatened bighit and ect…

  13. Dulcediary says:

    I totally wasn’t planning on auditioning who am I kidding I was but men’s only and I was born in 2007 Soo yeah I still have time to practice and loose weight and if they never allow girl I will audition for jyp or stone music idk plus big hit have talented people and am pretty sure there looking for talented people

    • PinkGalaxy says:

      Yeah me too, but people say JYP and STONE Entertainment are the best choices for girls, I might go there one day, good luck to you!

  14. requiem_of_sinners says:

    Jin: “Any male born in or after 2003”
    Me: Female and born in 1998

    well ok

  15. katya cisneros says:

    “Only men”
    me who watched Mulan 2 mil times: it’s time to shine✨

  16. Gaby Cruz says:

    Guys, understand that the “only males rule” is mainly for the safety of BTS from crazy fangirls/ dating rumors/ other problems like with GLAM (the female group of 2012). Of course everyone knows that some girls who want to audition are genuine and do not think of messing with BTS, but the world right know is a mess, and an online submission does not show one’s true colors, so it’s better to take precautions.

    In summary: girls, audition to other agencies xD (not sm pliz)

    • grace chiem says:

      hehe im kinda dumb but not sm because they dont treat their trainees properly?… or idk that’s something i heard

    • Anna ⟭⟬ says:

      Even so, I think it’s unfair not to trust girls with potential in general, just because of BTS fangirls :/

      (Sorry bad English)

  17. Noah blossom says:

    *BIG HIT* : Is YoUr TiMe
    *Me* : being a fanboy but born in 2002 and i just know to dance.. 🥱💀

  18. big-minion-joong says:

    Jin- “Only male born in or after 2003”
    Me-welp time to go Mulan then

  19. ParkJiminLiesALot says:

    *This video should be named as “Seven Deadly Sins, 2020 version”*

  20. Anastasia Kim says:

    Русские: Мы что, для вас какая-то шутка?!

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