Big sister reflexes

Big sister reflexes

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48 Responses

  1. James S says:

    Get this girl a playstation 4 she could be the next professional gamer with reactions like that.

  2. jigglymabob says:

    is it me or is she shaking the toy to 21st century fox intro music?

  3. Carl Marks says:

    Like lightning! Well done that girl!

  4. David Ramos says:

    That baby is me drunk on a Saturday night. The big sister is my bartender.

  5. Jack Remmington says:

    I’m not trying to say anything bad but, I have a few nephews I babysit a lot. Every time I put them on the floor I would have multiple soft blankets. So if they would tip over like that it’ll be too soft for them to get hurt, good reaction though, you reacted quick.

  6. maximus78028 says:

    Awesome and as it should be. Get use to it Big Sis.

  7. R E T R 0 W A V E says:

    Teach your baby how to fall… Make $$$

  8. KevinX says:

    i bet she would also have the reaction and manners to record horizontally.

  9. The Pretentious V.D. says:

    Was that the 20th century fox theme?

  10. hevenz says:

    lmao nicely done. 😀

  11. Jackson Morley says:

    Why is this trending

  12. Jeritt Cervantes says:


  13. Steve Hernandez says:

    Should have let her taste the rug

  14. Mary Moon says:

    I’ll test how good her reflexes really are.

  15. Bayezid Talukdar says:

    This one is epic

  16. Thatboii cc says:

    Go sucribe to my channell

  17. t.c.a.w Exposed says:

    That’s a massive age gap

  18. Matt Osnap says:

    Nice catch

  19. you says:


  20. Home is where the heart is. says:

    The baby really must have not liked her original performance

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