Bill Belichick destroyed Tim Tebow’s hopes and dreams

Bill Belichick destroyed Tim Tebow’s hopes and dreams

Former NFL first-round draft pick turned pro baseball prospect Tim Tebow is a devout Christian.

“Fox & Friends” is a Fox News program that caters to conservatives, like some devout Christians.

Bill Belichick was once described as the awful reptile in charge of the evil New England Patriots.

So, it is with all this in mind that we approach Monday’s interview with Tebow on “Fox & Friends.” The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner discussed his new book, “Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life’s Storms,” which begins with a “stomach punch” from Belichick in a chapter titled “Cut.”

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8 Responses

  1. Sebastiancanes says:

    The Herpes of Sports

  2. Noodlum Naes says:

    Representing God does not mean you will make it in the NFL…fuck yourself
    T-bow. Stop whining.

  3. Ben Gibson says:

    lol his hair.

  4. Super Smash bros. says:

    This Tebow is fucking delusional, just like a lot of other millennials…..

  5. Masta Blasta says:

    Terrible Title for this Video

  6. Ernesto Figueroa says:

    I guess maybe the Heisman trophy it’s overrated now. how many Heisman
    trophy winners have we seen in the past years that haven’t produce anything
    In the nfl. some are true losers. little fame gets to their heads and loose
    sight of bigger opportunities and that’s just fine with me. but I guess if
    he didn’t produce for focusing on his religion that doesn’t justify for
    Bill to have been such an ass. people need to stop demanding more from
    people who have already achieved something. what Tebow is saying with this
    book is fuck all u haters I got God on my side. and that’s also fine with

  7. SmiffyChannel says:

    tebows a good guy

  8. Agent Michael Scarn says:

    An insufferable boastful charlatan. The antithesis of Jesus Christ.