Bill Cosby Sentenced To 3-10 Years | The View

Bill Cosby Sentenced To 3-10 Years | The View

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  1. RemiBeauty87 says:

    Abby: “Whoopie, what do you think this does to the show?”
    Whoopie: “What Show”
    Abby, um just please, not talk. Asking stoooopid questions! UGH!!!

  2. Leonaza7 says:

    When will Donald Trump be sentenced?

    • Nick Rose says:

      +Scott William,
      Who told you THAT, CNN?

      🇺🇸MAGA 45 20/20🇺🇸
      Perfect Vision for AMERICA

    • Nick Rose says:

      President Trump will be charged when you get your lying gapped tooth fixed and a decent wig.
      Sooooooo NEVER!😆🎤⬇️

    • Michael RObinson says:

      O SNOOPY SNOOP COLEMAN pls stop and reconsider killing yourself. reading your replies makes me lose brain cells

  3. Dionne Miller says:

    It does nothing to the Cosby Show Abby.

  4. nylotus says:

    I’m confused.. why can we not compare Cosby to Kavanagh? Both allegations are from decades ago. Both are from women. Both are from cases with no evidence. Why is this any different? Because he’s white? Because he’s a judge? Because he’s Republican​? Those are the only differences. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. aprilwearsgucci❤💋 says:

    Let’s hope the same effort is put into prosecuting Weinstein.

  6. Shakena Mincey says:

    When will the dad from 7th heaven be put away from molesting children and he admitted to it on tape. Lets not make a difference in sexual abuse against humans no matter the age or gender. Its worse as a child and you have no say. I understand that being violated sexually as a child myself. They should drop statue of limitations in every state. You can’t put a time on when a victim will speak out. It took me to the age of 29 to speak out to someone and i was 8 when it happened. Limitations need to be dropped in every state.

    • Kevin Kelly says:

      What?? Steven Collins admitted to molesting a little girl. Oh so by your logic a bunch of females have to accuse a man first for him to be convicted?? Are you crazy??

    • 007 Lanski says:

      What about Charlie Sheen. Not telling women he had HIV or Aids. He was sleeping with. He admitted that he knew he was sick while he was sleeping with them.

    • Nick Rose says:

      +Kelly Robinson ,
      After Ferguson we all know the REAL racists are TODAY in America.
      Pot, kettle and YOU!😆

    • Nick Rose says:

      +Sithenus Frierson ,
      “At least black people always have a reason for their violence”.
      Blue rag red rag. Crips and bloods.
      GOTCHA 🤔👍

    • Nick Rose says:

      +DEKMAN99 ,
      Freeing the slaves was evil? 🤔

  7. Jeremy Fritz says:

    Abby: “What do you think this does to pudding?”

  8. Melecia McDougall says:

    I can understand this and I know the significance of this sentencing….Bravo. However, is he going to be a mortar for the cause? Now, tell me this: the leader of the Free World admitted to sexual assault, there are viral videos of Weinstein, Kavanaugh (the Virgin) is accused of horrifying a teenager and is now projected to hold one of the highest judiciary positions in the US? Ahhhmm, am I missing something? WHEN exactly will justice be served for the other victims?

  9. Mario Lopez says:

    Just like Weinstein the rumors of sexual misconduct were there, and nothing was done until agressive fact checking and reporting was publicised. To which these predators were finally brought up on charges (Cosby), tried and convicted. Now what about Kavanaugh? There were rumors about him also, yet the republicans still went ahead with Kavanaugh’s nomination.

    • Inventing Joy says:

      Question has been asked why do women take so long to come forward when sexual crimes have been committed against them? Feminists, including Whoopi strongly suggest that women should go public to change the systemic culture of victimization in women . however one may want to consider the personal cost . who was Martha Mitchell? Who cares? Martha Mitchell was the wife of the Attorney General John Mitchell during the Watergate era. Martha Mitchell attempted to expose the corruption of the American government, later known as Watergate, but Martha Mitchell was a woman therefore not believed. Before Bob Woodward exposed Watergate Martha Mitchell was locked up and injected with drugs to be certain the details of the greatest Scandal of American history history would be locked out out of the minds of the American public. This was before Bob Woodward exposed government corruption that became the infamous story of Watergate .her husband attorney general did nothing to defend her. the media published stories describing her as crazy.In all of history Bob Woodward is given credit for exposing Watergate Martha Mitchell exposed it before Bob Woodward however history will either forget her and she’s written out of History if they remember her at all it will be as a crazy lady. I ask all women how “how far are you willing to go to save your sister’s?

    • Inventing Joy says:

      Pls excuse the grammer and punctuation. Google and I have some disagreements on it. But I gave up and gave in to Google LOL

    • ANGUS 4277 says:

      Ok so let’s destroy a man’s whole life because there are unproven accusations against him. The women MUST be believed because they are women? is that not the definition of sexism? If this country is going to change it’s standards to All women tell the truth and all men lie then I guess we do not need lawyers or judges anymore. Hooray lets just lock up all men in jail cells and turn America into the new land of the Amazons! What happened to a person is innocent until they are proven to be guilty?

  10. Queen Mahasa says:

    I agree, Sexual assault shouldn’t have a time limit.. it is a life you work through and you should be able to have your day when your able…
    Because it’s not just physical assault it mental one also… Some women shut down… After… And it takes a break through to tell…

    And all women should have a safe place to be able to tell… Feel comfortable etc… Allot of times that matter…

  11. Susan B says:

    can the view not find a middle class republican woman instead of daddy’s little girl, please. these cardboard cutouts are not representative

  12. Deliah Gray says:

    You can feel both ways, I do.
    I think he deserves to go to jail, but I grew up with I Spy, Fat Albert, and The Cosby Show. I admired Bill Cosby. I am sad that he is so drastically different from who we thought he was.

    • Tijan says:

      Don’t forget about A Different world which portrayed life at a Historically Black College

    • Michael Sonn says:

      Separate art from the artist. They are not the same. Most people have some piece of art in their home that was done by a crook or bad person. Doesn’t effect how the art makes you feel. That’s what’s important.

    • U N V Me says:

      Deliah Gray But doesn’t that always seem to be the case with these celebrities though. You think they are one way because of their TV characters and you meet them is real life and they are totally different

    • Deliah Gray says:

      +TheAes86- excellent points!

    • Meninism 101 says:

      +Deliah Gray going to the Brave Women who came forward against Emmett Till . The claim were never believed is an example of Women lying again

  13. e 27 says:

    Every time Abby speaks, I have to just skip her because her commentary is so useless & so bland.

    • rioron411 says:

      ᎶʍѴMusic  “Meghan was way more likeable and charismatic…” Um… what? You are talking about Meghan McCain, right? The spoiled brat who was on the show last season? Just checking…

    • ᎶʍѴMusic says:

      rioron411  Yeah, I know what I said. She used to get on my nerves at times for sure, but nowhere near as contantly and tiressly as this Abby chick. I was even ON The View in June among the audience and off-cammera Meghan was really gentle and polite, she interacted with a couple who asked about her dad’s health at the time and was truly sweet.

    • rioron411 says:

      ᎶʍѴMusic  Everyone has their own opinion, but Meghan made the show unwatchable to me. I would literally stop the video when she started throwing her temper tantrums. I know this season is just starting, but I have yet to see Abby throw a tantrum. Abby makes her views known, a lot of which I don’t agree with, but she has a right to voice them.

      I think that a lot of people are giving Meghan a pass now because of the passing of her father (and before when he was battling cancer). Like you said, she was sweet when interacting with the couple asking about her father. But let the same couple challenge gun rights or whether or not women should have the right to abortions. I think then you would have seen the bratty, rude “classic Meghan”.

    • deo volente says:

      +Myballsitchsomethingfierce Is that you Abby?

    • Wonderwall says:

      e 27 thought I was the only one that thought that

  14. Sarah Lockwood says:

    Abby. Just stop talking. You’re unbearable.

  15. stephanie tyson says:

    I really love Whoopi but it seems like she is just not getting it when you tell the shame you feel is too much. I told my family a year after it happened and my mom told me that I shouldn’t have put myself into that situation. My guy friends said well I must not have been that bad because I didn’t report it. I told a private chat room and every single guy told me that I must have wanted it even though I had said no several times even though it was so traumatic I got Bell’s palsy from the stress.

    • Natasha Hiko says:

      I’m so sorry you had to go through that Stephanie. My heart breaks for you. I’ve been in a similar situation…I totally get it. Thoughts are with you.

    • caca says:

      My mom didn’t believe me she blamed us for taken away the guy who was paying her rent.

    • Kim’s Life says:

      stephanie tyson i was in similar situation i told an online forum half the ppl were incredibly supportive but half said i wanted it. No one wants to get raped but there is a cultural problem with ppl blaming victims still whoopi. This is why victims dont come forward n its not just victims responsibility its police n institutions n judges taking allegations more serious.

    • Scorpio Moon says:

      @ stephanie tyson. Sorry this happened to you. I hope you’ve done the healing work. (I strongly recommend the book “Courage to Heal” it has healing methods and great info on the healing process) My heart goes out to you. I agree, Whoopi doesn’t get it.

    • King In My Own Mind says:

      I hate that this happened to you. I would hope my daughters know to come to me or go right to the police to get a police report and a hospital visit to just secure that they will not have to have their story alone examined…it is tough to make requirements of the victim to expose and embarrass themselves while the abusers and rapist get to live normal lives…the sooner reported the better, but again it is hard to point a finger at someone in pain

  16. Joy Heintz says:

    Bill Cosby admitted to giving quaaludes to women in his deposition. That’s most of the reason he was found guilty.

    • our hair defies gravity so can we says:

      She admitted to taking them too

    • nomibe2911 says:

      Giving Quaaludes to a woman back in the 70’s and 80’s doesn’t mean you were drugging them. That was a drug of choice back then and not a drug that knocked you out.

    • adrian sears says:

      I’ve given weed to a girl I wanted to sleep with, she got high, I don’t smoke, we did the nasty. If I leave out the part where she initiates sex after getting high, does that mean I raped her? Somebody with some sense, answer me.

    • woodswal says:

      He didn’t slip anything in their drinks

    • King In My Own Mind says:

      He also said it was never without their consent…even in the Constand case she said he offered the pills, she asked what they were, he told her and she still took them…nevermind continuing a relationship with the married man 40+ years older than her and paying for her education and providing favors…a joke. He is a deviant, but sexually violent predator…with the only “legit” case being CONstand??

      I’m not seeing the justice served.

  17. Catrina Warner says:

    This is why the whole “fan” mindset of celebrities and how admired they are is a big problem. You shouldn’t feel saddened that a rapist is now in jail. Celebrities are complete strangers to us, no matter how nice they seem on camera

    • Brandon Robinson says:

      I see what your saying, I think people just don’t understand how this could be apart of him with all the charities, advice, mentoring, and shows of diversity he created. To some he was the dad they always wanted and that’s being snatched from them, it wasn’t just TV he would show in the community, and give a hand.

    • Blvdjewel says:

      You can feel sad about someone you loved or admired is in jail. That doesn’t mean you condone what they have done. You can love someone yet hate what they have done. Bill Cosby is like millions of other people who did not have the self control, self awareness or humility to face and address issues with their lower self. You are sad because of what they did others, themselves and how it affected your relationship with them.

    • Catrina Warner says:

      +Becky Barckhoff I totally understand that. And we definitely should be sad that they turned out to be that way. But I just feel weird knowing there are ppl put there who are conflicted about his conviction simply bc they dont want to believe he did what he did. Those are the ppl that need to reevaluate the way they view their idols or heros

    • Catrina Warner says:

      +Brandon Robinson understandable, but giving to charity does not necessarily mean you are a good person. There was no way of knowing he did these atrocious acts until these women came out with their stories. But my point is that apparently (I haven’t looked into this yet) women came out about being assaulted by him decades ago, but nothing was done. So there were tons of ppl who had heard about these allegations, but still idolized him the same. I’m not saying we should immediately believe accusations like they are evidence, but we should not take accusations lightly.

    • Catrina Warner says:

      +Blvdjewel that is true, and I agree with that completely. My point was geared more towards people who are conflicted with his conviction simply bc they dont want to believe he did it bc they dont want to ruin the image they had of a person they looked up to. We shouldn’t be putting anybody we dont know on such a high pedestal like that, bc it contributes to the problem

  18. Lisa Merdy says:

    Abby I don’t care the white men accused should pay the same price

  19. Jonathan Collins says:

    The real test won’t be until some of these White men start going to jail. If non of them do, and that includes Charlie Sheen for knowing he had HIV, then this means nothing.

  20. Ask Me says:

    They just gave a slap on the wrist to a white man, non famous, who strangled a woman and sexually assaulted her in Alaska. He got probation and time served which was house arrest. To say there is bias in the system is an understatement.

    • Ask Me says:

      +black sparrow did you watch or study the case???

      The “DNA proof” had the chemical in it that could only be present if the blood was a sample from the lab. It was planted at the scene. This is way off topic but please go study the case file and look into nicole’s drug use and drug ties to cartels. No concrete evidence points to OJ. I don’t even like OJ, he’s a sellout but he didn’t do it.

    • Ask Me says:

      To all the slow people

      Pointing out the FACT that white people and black people get sentenced very differently for the same crime since the inception of this country IS NOT the same thing as defending Cosby. Please learn how to have a nuanced conversation.

      This country has a horrible record with black people and the judicial system so all this “you’ll see what happens with harvey weinstein….” talk, I won’t hold my breath when you have polanski, charlie sheen, woody allen, brock turner, justin schneider etc combined didn’t do the 3 years Cosby has to do before possibly getting parole. Let’s stop acting like this system wasn’t built on racism.

    • Gigi D says:

      ok whatever, do us all a favor and watch the movie White Boy Rick and we can talk later about white/black crime than you can shut your stupid mouth. That movie was a true story, about a true kid who got life he was white.

    • itchydiscoman says:

      +L.D. LeDay i assume so. One of them admitted, the other had DNA evidence

    • Alan Frias says:

      You’re a retard

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