Bill Hader Reveals What Made Him Break on SNL

Bill Hader Reveals What Made Him Break on SNL

Bill Hader talks about bringing Stefon back to SNL, breaking during a particularly funny sketch with Cecily Strong and what SNL game show sketch had the best opening line.
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Bill Hader Reveals What Made Him Break on SNL- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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57 Responses

  1. Jakobe says:

    Bill Hader would steal the show in any skit on SNL. Absolute legend!

  2. kevinljm says:

    He did an awesome show on Saturday

  3. Ashmita Nandy says:

    He made his own corned beef. What a legend!

  4. Neferi Waenre says:

    Stefon appeared in SNL again? OMG!! Wait BILL HOSTED??!! i don’t watch SNL ever since Seth left so i have no idea! Bill breaking has always been my favorite part of SNL!!
    The sketch they were talking abt, Maya was running around and Wiig was in the cart. God, that was such a funny skit!!

    • Jasmine Houston-Burns says:

      What sketch is the one with Maya and Wiig?

    • Gabriela Piechowicz says:

      Jasmine Houston-Burns Super Showcase?

    • Allie Schwarz says:

      + Jasmine Houston-Burns It’s “Super Showcase Spokesmodels – SNL” It is 4 minutes, 50 seconds long and currently has 2.2M views. The thumbnail shows Wiig and Rudolph wearing identical bright pink, skin-tight one-shoulder “bandage-style” mini-dresses. Right now, Youtube has it third in the list of my suggested “up next” videos.

    • YouTubeName says:

      Neferi Waenre the skit is uploaded to YouTube you HAVE to watch!!! I busted a gut laughing!!! ???

    • elizabeth carroll says:

      Luggage Cabaggage!

  5. Stacie Grene says:


  6. Alex Shine says:

    Woah…I just parked to check my phone for a second and I start watching this video…in the parking lot of a Yoshinoya. WEIRD COINCIDENCE.

  7. Sutapa Bhattacharya says:

    Please do a “Seth and Stefon clear the air” segment.

  8. Mel F says:

    That skit was hilarious…but Bill talking about was just as hilarious…he has the most infectious laugh!! ?

    • Mark Foster says:

      But it’s good to know what he thought: Oh, there’s Addie, I must be carrying the whole table!” (I paraphrase)…

    • Woodshadow says:

      Like I don’t particularly think he is funny but something about how he interacts with everyone and everything is hilarious. It doesn’t make sense

  9. cas. s. says:

    Watching Bill Hader hysterically laughing is all the joy in need in life.

  10. .AccessoryAddict. says:

    There is no way on earth I could work with Bill Harder and not be rushed to the hospital with convulsive laughter!!

  11. Bree S. says:

    His laugh is so contagious!

  12. amal zuhair says:

    I only heard “my girlfriend” so glad to finally find out

    • Kent Galloway says:

      I don’t get it, why is my girlfriend funny?

    • Rei 89 says:

      DanielFriedman Malone all ways adds stuff to the sketch to make Bill/Stefon laugh on screen and break character.

      He just whispered one last joke to make him laugh.

      Malones married in real life but the fictional lawyer(that Malone was playing) mentioned his girlfriend on tv to throw him off.

    • Kent Galloway says:

      Sorry I was being obtuse. My bad, I’m a bit lonely right now. I love my girlfriend, but I feel these deep feelings of loneliness sometimes. Maybe it’s just the human condition, but when they happen I tend to post comments on the internet.

    • amal zuhair says:

      Kent Galloway am I evil for laughing at this comment

    • Kent Galloway says:

      @amal Not at all. Laughing at existential angst is a life saver in the sea of rampant suicide.

  13. btgreenday says:


    • Tamanna Sharma says:

      btgreenday what’s exactly funny here? Didn’t get it

    • Haakon Hirt says:

      I think it’s just the ridiculousness of the statement – Bill was expecting to hear something involving the word “midget” vs. “little people” in the context of the skit, but then John just mentions something completely unrelated and weirdly specific.

    • ZipplyZane says:

      I took it as a name that sorta sounds like the ones made up for the Stefan skits.

  14. Pixel_Geist says:

    love both of you guys your writing is the best SNL had had in a long time

  15. jessicaaaturbox3 says:

    i was watching snl live from the gym, and when this sketch came on, i legitimately had to step off the elliptical bc my legs were weak from laughing

  16. PhillyFrank1 says:

    Bill Hader’s laugh is right up there with Tiffany Haddish’s for sheer delight.

    I’m glad he let on what John Mulaney (Shy) said in his ear — I heard “My girlfriend…” and of course wondered what silliness came after.

  17. Vianney says:

    Bill Hader…a legend.

  18. Little Big Men Productions says:

    Anybody have a link to the last sketch that they were talking about?

  19. Luke Fairhurst says:

    I love that Bill always credits the writers for each sketch – he turned me on to John Mulaney a few years ago by mentioning him this way. I wish SNL credited the writers somewhere because I’m always curious as to who wrote what.

  20. Miranda Miller says:

    He got Melissa AND Cecily to break ?. He’s just that good.

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