Bill & Melinda Gates Talk Taxing The Wealthy

Bill & Melinda Gates Talk Taxing The Wealthy

On the day of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual letter, Bill and Melinda Gates give their (admittedly biased) view on the proposed 70% marginal tax rate.

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88 Responses

  1. Ev3ryDay1sL3gDay says:

    Philanthropy would not be necessary if everyone paid their fair share

    • inr63 says:

      Ev3ryDay1sL3gDay – hit the nail right on the head. Love your comment

    • Lindalee Law says:

      Philanthropy will always be around. The Art of Giving . Philanthropy , Charities serve a larger purpose. To help encourage others to give , even in small ways. Giving, serving…. yes, Millenia etal, how dare we say Serving Others.
      Try it

    • DoubleCheckTheSpelling says:

      Taxes wouldn’t be necessary if there were more philanthropists.

    • bladerj says:

      Stupid Idea ALL famous inventors,painters Had a patron

    • Dragon_12dk says:

      The government is quite terrible at doing most things… A philanthropist is much more effective on the dollar than a government, so no…

  2. Peter Lustig says:

    I hate it when rich people get celebrated as philanthropists for donating several million dollars a year while making more than a million dollars every hour

    • Ryan Neal says:

      You would hate it, lmao

    • nnamdi usifoh says:

      Not millions, billions. If nothing else, they’ve done a lot to improve healthcare in Africa

    • OH Yeh! says:

      Peter Lustig booo hooo – your just jealous – they employ thousands of people that earn income to take care of themselves and family – products they make help the world – your just pissed you can’t be a billionaire because being a couch potato is something you can’t get payed for

    • RockBandRS says:

      Have you heard about the giving pledge? These 2 are giving most of their fortune to charity when they die. Bill has said multiple times his children are each getting $10 million, and the rest is going to charity. On top of the fact they’ve already spent over $30 billion on their charity, Bill and Malinda Gates deserve to be celebrated.

    • daxon says:

      Peter Lustig Bill and Melinda donate billions, your statement doesn’t apply to them, do you research things before speaking or just blurt things out?

  3. Brett Gallard says:

    I like these guys.
    They’re not perfect, but compared to many people in their position, they’re saints.

    • F0rtysxity says:

      I agree. The bar is very low.

    • Real says:

      +DomDiggity Apple stole from Xerox. What’s your point? You told someone else they “don’t know as much as they think” and then you did the same. Shame, hypocrisy doesn’t look good on you.

      But let’s be for real. No one STOLE anything. In the early times of a thought, it’s the one who gets it done first who is credited with it. Not with who thought of the idea first. Ideas are cheap. Everyone has ideas. You need a product.

      But anyways, thanks for the fodder. Go back to history class.

    • note importa says:

      Saints?lets talk about bill and melinda gate’s depopulation through vaccination mission over in africa where children are dying of AIDS from vaccines. Lets talk about how AIDs was never a crisis in africa until they went their with their vaccines. Lets talk about how he’s a greedy pig an wants to control every single human as a slave with all the other elite rich pigs of the world.

    • Allyson Wonderland ASMR says:

      +Denam I’ve always heard that they have a lot of plans to donate when they pass away as well. Their kids actually aren’t too happy about it. I don’t know how true this still is, I just remember my mom and I talking about it when I was younger.

    • Y0UNG GVTS says:

      Bill said hes giving 99.96% of his wealth to foundations and charitys wtff! Ive never heard of a billionaire doin that wow

  4. MrMcCawber says:

    I wonder how much in taxes could be extracted from obscenely rich people before they even NOTICED?

    • Otis Chugach says:

      The rich get rich through their sheer obsession with wealth. They would notice if a penny is misplaced. A recent study found that people who make a million dollars or more “worry more about their financial security” than people who make less than $40,000/year. Their wealth is all they think and talk about.

    • Otis Chugach says:

      +themplar No one is saying to “punish” success. Wealth does not equal success. Your mindset will always keep you poor and unsuccessful.

    • LordMeowMeow says:

      “how much can I steal from these rich people before I start feeling guilty for stealing”

    • Whoknows ? says:

      andromidius rich ppl are lazy? You fool u become a billionaire by working hard. Some might even consider poor ppl lazy

    • AttitudeEra2002 says:

      +Otis Chugach Yea you are. Why should the state take your hard earned money away at gunpoint? Taxation is Theft

  5. Wei4Green says:

    I’m actually happy they aren’t running. Their goal is to eliminate poverty around the world, not to just solve issues in the US. Besides, running for public office and dealing with politics would be time-consuming, so it’s best of them to continue their philanthropist career.

  6. New Message says:

    ? “I see you’re trying to fix a broken system, would you like help with that?”

    • jmarks881 says:

      thank you for not running bill I didn’t really want to see America turn into the blue screen of death

    • Dorothy Page says:

      +Soletestament Clearly you don’t remember the Robber Barons & Monopolies from the good old days of capitalism.

    • * * says:

      Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Gates…. your intentions are laudable, but it isn’t the solution. ITS TIME TO TAX THE 1%. Society does not benefit from having billionaires. No one does billions of dollars worth of work. There are always hundreds- thousands of employees who deserve a bigger piece, not to mention the millions of consumers who believed in and support your product. See Rutger Bregmen’s comments and the fascinating pushback here:

    • carli max says:

      HA, all you bots that have diverted this thread to your weird discussion of the non-relevant terms “neoliberalism” and “capitalism” need to delete your comments and go away. Besides the “good old days of capitalism” are here and now and it is called Trumplikkklanism thanks to the dirty tricks of turtle neck McConnell and his sweet little friend Lindsey Lohan oops I mean Graham…. Yes I have heard of McConnell and his pool boy….. Not that there is anything wrong with that…… unless you are are Repiglikkklan  lololololol

    • AC L says:

      Please wait..

      Do not turn off your computer.

  7. Amelia Hess says:

    Okay. So, they’re not as awful as other billionaires/millionaires…but I’m still for (highly) raising the taxes on the rich. These guys are the exception to the rule of greed. Too many people are lacking. too many are hurting without access to healthcare and starving without access to food. :/

    • White Raven says:

      He may appear nicer, but Gates is nowhere near the exception to greed. He’s already made his fortune, and so he gets to appear as the ‘kind’ philanthropist now.

    • Hazukichan X says:

      And also not that much of an exception. They kept Sunset Overdrive shackled to the crappy X-bone console for *five years* and then released it on Steam as “Windows 10 only”, when it runs (with a few issues) on Win7. SMH.

    • Ethan McRoy says:

      I am definitely more for taxing the individually wealthy, holding these mega corporations accountable for their taxes (Companies like Yahoo! and Google get away every year without paying ANY taxes through shady loopholes), and giving tax breaks to charitable work and donations.

    • Sprices Exist says:

      The good and bad thing about globalization is people can move themselves or their business anywhere in the world. If taxes are increased, most of the stuff that can be is moved abroad. Almost all of the net worth of some rich ppl is just stock. Large corporations aren’t owned by one person so to preserve investors’ interest profit is reinvested into the business for expansion which creates jobs. Increasing taxes on business leads to a worse economy. Income taxpayers generally aren’t the richest ppl. This is a dilemma in the sense that we want rich ppl to pay their share but we also want a booming economy. If tax decreases don’t lead to a corresponding increase in the economy so tax revenue remains about the same, the deficit grows. So, taxing what rich ppl might buy such as estate taxation seems to be the way to go, which is what Bill Gates supports. The problem is, Dems want higher income taxes(not much money involved, rly high income ppl can just move), Republicans want lower taxes on business(deficit); none would work well in the long term.

    • Clayton says:

      Fair enough, but the “not as awful as other” billionaires would have less to put into other employees and donations. And, the best donors are the rich, which is funny how everyone says they are selfish. In fact, the most selfish are the poor because they don’t have money, so they take whatever they can get. – I am less selfish now that I have more income, just sayin’

  8. Coolio ajp says:

    They are definitely bias ,but even they will admit that the super wealthy should be taxed A LOT MORE. Philanthropy is good and all , but it should not be what society depends on for things that are crucial to quality of living standards like education and healthcare to be taken care of.

    • Regina Fela Adu says:

      THIS right here is the difference between US and Western Europe. I would rather pay 100 in taxes more every year if my doctors bill is LITERALLY 2€. and not 2000 USD.

    • Tom Franco says:


    • Oliver Quach says:

      Agreed. Trumps State of the Union had a special guest 8 year old (I think, she’s very young) girl that was a cancer patient that fund-raised over $30k to help other kids with cancer. It was a touching story until you realize that no child with cancer should be out fundraising on behalf of other cancer stricken children because their government will not cover their needs. Her parents have put tons of time and effort into earning taxable income and the government will not even do their part for their child.

      That girl should be focusing on her therapy, and hopefully become healthy enough to focus on her academics and future career, so that best care scenario she becomes a tax contributing member of society, instead of going out collecting money to cover her and others’ health care costs. SAD

    • Ethan McRoy says:

      We need our roads and bridges fixed, our education revamped, our research doubled down, our health care universalized ( Or the prices slashed, they’re out of this world), and pay increased. I don’t see any of this happening without drastic cuts to military spending, more tax on the individually wealthy, and the corporations who use loopholes to pay a sum of $0 in taxes

  9. Shibby Li Cious says:

    If that philantrophy system really worked, some US millionaire would have already took it upon himself to fix Flints water crisis.

    • Roger Samuel says:

      Some have offered but it’s more than just money. You’re talking about replacing a water transmission system for an entire city. I worked for utility companies before, and just doing a a mile of piping would take 2 days and 8 men. It’s a massive project, and the people who need to be working on it, the federal govt, because they not only have the resources but have jurisdiction that private people do not.

    • Whoknows ? says:

      Shibby Li Cious flint is a very different situation since the problem came from old pipes and lead leaking into the water supply. Their water supply is sourced from government so a millionaire can’t help that

    • Daniel Gallups says:

      Says who? Millionaires and Billionaires should get to CHOOSE where they donate their money. Besides, Flint isn’t on the rich. It’s on our shitty government that you want to give more money to.

    • Daniel Gallups says:

      Honestly your own comment just exposes why taxing the rich is just such a horrid idea. The government, at this point, doesn’t work for the people. It’s all about money and corruption, and its not a system that I would ever voluntarily give my money to.

    • AttitudeEra2002 says:

      +mohammed sarker The government wastes your money at gunpoint. So yes charities are better than the government

  10. Johan Lingvall says:

    I live in Sweden and no Melinda, we really do not want more billionaires. If they were all like Bill Gates then maybe, but most likely, most of them will turn out more like Donald Trump.

    • Susan Vue says:

      Bill Gates fired 20,000 American software engineers in 2012 and replaced them with foreign H1-B VISA India Indians. Which is basically giving the middle finger to the Middle Class.

    • integrity matters says:

      we will keep donald trump my 401k is WAY up best president ever. Now i can donate to charity and help my fellow americans without government interference.

    • Batlock 12 says:

      Someone who gives away tens of millions of dollars a year and helps build jobs? Sounds like something you guys could use. Instead your government is just focused on censoring everyone.

    • austin bevis says:

      Ron Burgundy ?

    • Ron Burgundy says:

      +REAl REAction no one needs CNN shills dumbo^^ there is secular talk, parkman, jimmy dore, 70%joe rogan, the intercept, rational national, TYT, sam seder majority report, the humanist report, the ring of fire, rebel HQ…etc. the progressive hordes already crossed the delaware son

  11. Naja says:

    Lol people in France do not complain that the rich are taxed too much…. Case and point the yellow vest protests that are still going on are just as much about the planned tax cuts to the rich as they are about the fuel hikes. The protests keep happening, despite Macron backing down… I suspect the Gates are not rubbing shoulder with the people…

    • Karthik Ayyalasomayajula says:

      +Niklas Wassermann Right wing or center right are both still right wing. My point that the majority of the movement was right wing still stands.

    • Jake Hix says:

      Regardless of how France’s citizens feel about taxes, it’s not a national secret that there is no strong economic sector in France. Also, are you arguing that people in France are not complaining about the rich being taxed too much, at the same time as stating there are protests going on to give the rich their share?

    • Hazukichan X says:

      @Naja – Shhhh, poor billionnaire boy Gates is only trying to push a fallacious agenda using lies and deception. He’s just using Donny Dump’s favorite tool is all… that is to say… *fake news!*

    • Naja says:

      +Jake Hix no I think you are misunderstanding what I said buddy. The protests are described through much of the mainstream media as protests again fuel tax hikes, ignoring the other element which is the anger at tax cuts for the rich that went with it. Macron backed down on the fuel hike, yet the protests continued. Whether or not he has backed down on the tax cuts since I’m not sure, yet the protests continue.

    • Kebo Boke says:

      +Karthik Ayyalasomayajula Le Pen is only right wing because of the nationalism. Economically she ran a pretty solid left wing platform. The economic overlap of the far left and right in France is pretty straight forward. The yellow vests represent that.

  12. Taktwo2 says:

    Ah yes, the French. From the French Revolution to the yellow jackets, their struggle for plutocracy continues. Vive la révolution!

  13. Corporal Punishment says:

    Bill gates is right nobody got rich from earning an income the majority of wealth come from capital gains.

    • Mr. Green says:

      +Shaun Varga it works for the people who know the rules. I saved 70% of my income last year and live in 1 bedroom studio in Manhattan. I max my roth Ira. I invest in companies. I eat pb and j every day. I watch every dollar. I think your just lazy and want to steal my money . Learn the rules of money before you spew nonsense.

    • Mr. Green says:

      +Chris Ducat why don’t you try and become a dividend investor? If it’s the smartest way to make money you should do it. Be a counter puncher. You know the rules. Play the game make money. Don’t complain and not participate

    • MrSquark says:

      +Luthien Seldomane While the flat % rate gives the appearance of fairness it practically isn’t, it absolutely batters low income people and is far too lenient on very high income earners. A sliding scale rate (where the rich pay a higher %) is the only sensible way.

      The American tax system is completely screwed though.

    • AttitudeEra2002 says:

      +S Dev Taxation is Theft

    • Susan Vue says:

      So true which is why Democrats will be implementing seizure of assets

  14. mori1bund says:

    Philanthropy are charity donations.
    We don’t need some “alms” thrown at us – they should pay their fair share!
    Pay your taxes!
    It shows that a system fails when there’s a need for charity and donations in the first place.

    • shadowcat 10110 says:

      absolutely! Think of the Catholic Church [Christianity] in the middle ages that gave “alms for the poor” on Sundays . . . for hundreds of years – the USA put in our constitution “Separation of Church and State” . . . the Corporations control of our government is similar to the control the church had over Europe for centuries

    • Dave Cradle says:

      Yes.  That’s what they said…

    • mori1bund says:

      +shadowcat 10110 Said the pope to the king: “I keep them stupid, so you can keep them poor!”

    • Soletestament says:

      Prior to the New deal, the US depended on charity to handle poverty and the down trodden. For the most part that system worked. It only failed when the economy tanked so hard that not even the charitable organizations had the funds to support people. Thus the New Deal which empowered the government, which had the power to literally print money, to take up the responsibility. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation does a lot. They fund research into new technologies that allow poverty stricken countries to do more with less. They come up with actionable plans to reduce poverty and suffering through cheap and reliable means so that after they’ve pulled out the government and local organizations can continue to run the programs they set up. This isn’t Alms. Just like having your local church fund a clinic for those who can’t afford medical care isn’t alms. The issue is the US, in particular the GOP and Democratic parties have run decades long anti-charity campaigns. For the GOP it’s about clinging to their cash… while for the Democrats its about empowering the government seats they occupy. Both motives are corrupt and have undermined the moral fiber and personal motivation within Americans to care for their neighbors through altruism and good faith.

    • Bliefking says:

      Soletestament you can’t be serious! I don’t think you would really want to have to rely on a 19th century charity based welfare system.

  15. The Philosopher says:

    “We’ve been to a places in the world where they tell us.. we wish we have a Bill Gates here..” Of course they will tell you that if you are sitting with multimillionaires who doesn’t want to pay taxes hehehe…

  16. walawalawalt says:

    there are so many international ways and intricate tax avoidance tools that the rich can still use to store their wealth and shield it from being found, much less taxed. and simply just imposing higher taxes or even beefing up audits and investigations a little bit will only claw back a small portion of what’s out there. moreover, i dont think the tax and criminal laws are up to speed to deal with it all.

    my only big picture solution is to change tax law (white collar crime stuff) guilty standards to meet just a preponderance of the evidence (50.1% guilty) instead of beyond a reasonable doubt, and then impose massive financial penalties to really hit them where it hurts and set the marker for anyone else who chooses to try and evade. make it less costly to simply
    do the right thing.

  17. mori1bund says:

    I’m curious, Melinda!
    Who in France told you that they want some more billionaires there?
    Other billionaires?
    Or someone who wants to reactivate the guillotine… ^^

  18. French Man says:

    Social incentives are often ignored in this debate. Large businesses like to gather in one area and don’t often disperse. Silicon valley attracts technology companies not because of low tax rates (although I’m sure that plays a factor) but primarily because other technology companies are already there. This is supported by game theory too. Competing companies will set up shop right next to one another rather than disperse. For them, it’s the best way to ensure they have access to their competitors’ customers.
    France’s technology sector will benefit little by lowered taxes.

  19. gary purewal says:

    The Gates foundation single handily eradicated Polio in India. Obviously with Gov assisted.

    90% of there wealth is to be donated.

    Gates are role models for the uber wealthy.

  20. parsoumash says:

    Bill and Melinda Gates: the only billionaires that can walk into a talk show studio and get a genuine cheer from a crowd..

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