Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets– The Bill Nye Film

Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets– The Bill Nye Film

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20 Responses

  1. Makrokosmos says:

    I love science since it has enabled us to share idiocy on a massive scale.


  2. rufioftw08 says:

    This is a great birthday present!

  3. Yolo Swaggins says:

    Who has mean things to say about Bill Nye?

  4. LBC562 says:

    When I was in 9th grade my science teacher was going through a divorce and
    all she did was play Bill Nye science movies. Everybody in the class loved
    it, we ALL cheered BILL, BILL, BILL, in his intro. Now I’m a science
    teacher in Compton CA… Thanks Bill… You’re awesome!

  5. 7t6e354r says:

    Oh bill… your not a twat, your a Muppet for the elite.

  6. Oliver Fairey says:

    oh God I love Bill Nye! XD

  7. WhiteLama says:

    Wouldn’t paint dry from the location you start painting and then go towards
    the location you stopped on?

  8. Rick Webster says:

    Cartwheels for Voodoo is a great band name.

  9. Swidhelm says:

    Hey Bill, I don’t think the tweet that called you trippy was a mean one. I
    think they were saying they enjoy watching you.

  10. Jonathan Jimenez says:

    Bill nye your fucking! AWSOME!!!!!! 

  11. ununhexium says:

    i think being trippy as fuck is a compliment!

  12. Ashia Mislay says:

    Bill Nye is my hero.

  13. Tony Thomas says:

    Awwwww man time to watch paint dry on my wall i cant tell where it dries
    first . Lol i wasted 9 hours of my life watcjing paint dry

  14. Son Nguyen says:

    Lol Jimmy didnt invite him so he reading-mean-tweet by himself 

  15. ArthurAllblack says:

    Bill Nye is awesome, I was a bartender in the 00s and got the chance to
    serve him a beer once!

  16. rockstar1751 says:

    Bill Bill Bill,Bill Nye the science guy science rules.

  17. Vryus Vin says:

    “I’m sorry you’re cluttering the Internet”. I just lost it there.

  18. kkiller339 says:

    How can anyone hate on bill? 

  19. Autumn Pack says:

    Wow I never new Bill Nye was so not childly. He started cussing since when
    :O? Bill is my favorite dude ever

  20. corthew says:

    I could hypothesize that it dries from the top first and bottom later
    because the water seeps down.
    I could hypothesize that it dries from the bottom first and top later
    because the water leeches up due to capillary action.
    I could hypothesize that the middle, due to its greater exposure to air
    flow dries first and the areas near corners dry later.
    I could devise experiments that would successfully prove whichever one I

    And then…Thanks to the beauty of the scientific community, someone else
    could choose a different hypothesis and prove that one with equal success
    based on the parameters of the experiment they devised.

    When this happens in the religious community, (two differing
    interpretations of the same text), the conclusion by each proponent of
    their individual interpretation is that the other one is wrong.

    But when it happens in the scientific community it becomes not a question
    of who’s right but a question of can both be right and if so how?
    And then something even more wonderful occurs.
    Instead of the two shunning each other and calling each other horrible
    things like, “sinner”, they both work together to find out more.