Bill O’Reilly Explains Why Trump & Sanders Are The Same

Bill O’Reilly Explains Why Trump & Sanders Are The Same

Fox News heavyweight Bill O’Reilly explains the good and bad — as he sees it — of Donald Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns, and why he thinks they’re so similar.

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20 Responses

  1. Usman Ali says:

    It’s hilarious how incensed Sanders supporters become when you point out
    the clear parallelism of anti-establishment sentiment on the political
    spectrum. They TRULY believe that Sanders is a last glimmer of hope for
    this country, and not merely a byproduct of the anger generated as a result
    of decades of deadlock and negligence of the interests of the American
    people – just as Trump is.

  2. Nate M says:

    Bill O’Reilly needs to just go back to fox AND NEVER TOUCH THIS SHOW AGAIN.

  3. Kalvin Watters says:

    Jeb Bush looks..bewildered! xD hahaha 

  4. b bb says:

    Watch this at half speed, it sounds like they are both drunk, lol.

  5. vinbuscusC says:

    The fact is trump doesn’t even know politics. He doesn’t know his own
    amendments. And doesn’t know how to run a country. He’s a great show man.
    But knows 0 about running a country. It’s a joke that he’s even running.

  6. Drew Beatty says:

    Total number of people in a country isn’t nearly as important the cost per
    person. So O’Reilly is just wrong and trying to scare people with big

  7. Steve Son (cr4zy4sian) says:

    Bill is the kind of man to sink his own ship just to sink the enemy’s.

  8. Justin stoneburner says:

    Bill is such a joke.

  9. Tom Sawyer says:

    I do love Bernie, but it’s good to laugh at your own views on occasion.

  10. Dasaun McClinton says:

    If only this hadn’t come from someone who wasn’t known for being stupid.

  11. Randy O'Donnell says:

    Probably the best interview I’ve seen Bill give in all honesty

  12. rduke says:

    I don’t like when people like him make predictions such as” sanders will
    double the national debt” when he isn’t even president yet. You can’t make
    assumptions like that and pass it off as the truth. He could say that he
    might double the national debt but only if he actually backed it up with
    facts but even then, it is still a prediction and we will not know what
    will actually happen until he is actually president.

  13. lobreddemon says:

    Billorieley made Steven

  14. bigge525 says:

    Just like Buttf#uck O’ Lielly and David Duke are the same. Both racist,
    both Repuklicans, and they both graduated ass-clown college.

  15. Jacob Anderson says:

    I literally love Bill O’Reilly

  16. lobreddemon says:

    We need Batman not an avenger

  17. Sales Man says:

    nice. and so is mark twain (HE’S DEAD) … and so is Hillary— THEY ARE
    ALL TOO FUCKING OLD…HOW OLD … can you get… to put on an act and
    pitch? bitch… they’re all bitches, man… but really, Obama is ok

  18. Ayden King says:

    I bet they decided to do this live instead

  19. Honesthedgehog Life says:

    If we can afford war, we can afford education.

  20. Secular Igniter says:

    Trump supporters go by facts! Stay delusional socialist leftist. TRUMP2016!