Billie Eilish Takes ‘The Office’ Quiz With Rainn Wilson | Billboard

Billie Eilish Takes ‘The Office’ Quiz With Rainn Wilson | Billboard

Billboard sent Rainn Wilson, who portrayed Dwight Schrute on the iconic television series ‘The Office,’ to Billie Eilish’s house to surprise her and to quiz her on some show-related trivia.

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37 Responses

  1. Betti P says:

    It’s obviously Dwight Shrute interviewing William Eyelash

  2. Ahhh goo crazy Ahhh goo stupid says:

    No one:

    Rainn Wilson: Young William Eyelash

  3. Rebecca Arnold says:

    That is impressive. She did a great job.

  4. Mary Gonzalez says:

    Her dreams are coming true ? I’m so happy for her ❤️

  5. Juliette G. says:

    He said “boys don’t cry” ??
    “Watch your language young lady”
    ?? I love Dwight

  6. Audrey Bales says:

    And I thought that I was the biggest Office fan

    • Oscar ThePoodle says:

      honestly same. how can she remember what Michael ordered when he was with the insurance company? it a lil messed up

  7. GraceAction says:

    *its apparently a young man named Billie*

  8. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    honestly i wish i could have a yogurt lid necklace

  9. PackSquad 45 says:

    Well damn I thought I knew the office! Nvm.

  10. heyitsmorgana ! says:

    This is the purest video ever, she can’t stop smiling ??

  11. Baby Flor says:

    I was taking a dump while watching this,, lolol

  12. Hadoka says:

    Watching Billie being happy makes me happy

  13. Anna _ says:

    “language young lady” lmao he can hope ?

  14. Garrett Mitchell says:

    I could watch Dwight ask Billie questions about The Office for years and not get bored

  15. Lovely Roses says:

    I was waiting for Billie to say “So how much pot did you smoke!” Aw man

  16. Halaya Mia says:

    i love her billie wanted to prove that she knew it like

    Billie *but i knew that*

    Rainn *part of the challenge is-*

    Billie *but i knew that*

    Rainn *you see, part of the challenge-*

    Billie *bUt Im NeRvOuS*

  17. Kayleigh Olea says:

    why is everyone saying the interviewer looks like dwight? iTs oBbViOuSlY PaM

  18. Ana Cardenas says:

    When he said “language young lady”. I died ???

  19. eMiLy CaBrErA says:

    impossible, I’M the biggest “The Office” fan.

    fight me william eyelash.

  20. Sage Markham says:

    WiLlIaM eYeLaSh NeEdS tO sTeP dOwN, i’Ve WaTcHeD tHe OfFiCe OvEr 27 TiMeS.

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