Billie Eilish – wish you were gay (Audio)

Billie Eilish – wish you were gay (Audio)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing wish you were gay (Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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58 Responses

  1. Karina says:

    baby I don’t feel so good
    six words you never understood
    i’ll never let you go
    five words you never say
    I laugh alone like nothing’s wrong
    four days has never felt so long
    if three’s a crowd and two was us
    One slipped away

    I just wanna make you feel okay
    But all you do is look the other way
    I can’t tell you how much I wish I didn’t wanna stay
    I just kinda wish you were gay

    is there a reason we’re not through
    is there a 12 step just for you
    our conversation’s all in blue
    11 heys
    ten fingers tearing out my hair
    nine times you never made it there
    I ate alone at 7, you were six minutes away

    how am I supposed to make you feel okay
    when all you do is walk the other way
    I can’t tell you how much I wish I didn’t wanna stay
    I just kinda wish you were gay

    to spare my pride
    to give your lack of interest an explanation
    don’t say i’m not your type
    just say that i’m not your preferred sexual orientation
    i’m so selfish
    but you make me feel helpless, yeah
    and I can’t stand another day
    stand another day

    I just wanna make you feel okay
    but all you do is look the other way
    I can’t tell you how much I wish I didn’t wanna stay
    I just kinda wish you were gay
    I just kinda wish you were gay
    I just kinda wish you were gay

  2. go to bed it's 3 a.m. says:

    Billie isn’t gay. This song is about her liking a guy who didn’t like her, and Billie wished he was gay so at least their was a reason that he didn’t like her.

    • Nervouss Rex says:

      +VulgarEdits / Inactive imagine making shit edits ?

    • Ron Hanson says:

      VulgarEdits / Inactive imagine not having anything better to do but leave rude comments

    • Jio Kookie says:

      VulgarEdits / Inactive Narcissistic? How so? Like you’re so in love with someone you wish that they weren’t attracted to your gender at all! Because you can’t stand the fact that it’s just your fault and not that the person isn’t attracted to someone of a different gender. It’s about being so fucking uneasy with yourself because someone you like just doesn’t like you for you. It’s about the worst feeling a person could have [why don’t they like me back], if anything it’s the opposite because it’s about feeling inadequate since this person doesn’t like you.

    • go to bed it's 3 a.m. says:

      Joseph Qiao in a livestream she made a year ago she played this song and said it

    • Summer Shimmer says:

      He ended up being gay :,D

  3. Becca Paskett says:


  4. Sofi Gomez says:

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  5. o l i v i a ! says:

    This song is so amazing, I recently just came out as Bi, and this is amazing ❤️

    To anyone who wants/doesn’t know how to come out;
    You can do it! If someone doesn’t accept you, screw them. Be you babe! ?

    side note: Rest In Peace Luke Perry, I loved you as Fred on Riverdale. ?❤️

  6. SOLFANDI says:

    I used to listen to ukulele version

  7. Cheyenne Wang says:

    _who else waiting for 6.18.18 to be released?!_

  8. Shaela404 says:

    Been waiting for this song to be recorded for forever

    Ps. It’s not about her liking a girl. It’s about her liking a guy that doesn’t like her back, so she’d rather him be gay than not like her.

    • Bella Seitzinger says:

      Not quite. It’s not that she’d rather him be gay than not like her, but being gay is a reason for not liking her. He being gay is a mental reassurance to Billie that there is nothing wrong with her.

  9. THE FBI says:

    Billie, i’d turn gay for you??‍♀️?

  10. Doctor Yizzle says:

    I can’t wait for her album to come out , shes so talented at such a young age that it’s scary. imagine what shes gonna be in 3 years. im gonna meet her one day as a musician and be really good friends 🙂

  11. Yùrīko Füjī Zāragōza says:

    That thumbnail is a bit creepy but the song sounds perfect. It’s a heart breaking music.

  12. Mai Billiot says:

    Anyone else wish that she would release a full version of Bad Company?

  13. Alexa Bailey says:

    kinda old but so new at the same time. incredible as always…

  14. Jonkishiro says:

    *_I’m gay, and I kinda wish my crushes were gay_*

    Yep, I hate myself for liking more than not only one but also straight guys??‍♂️ can’t help myself.

  15. Itz nothing says:

    True fans actually know the meaning of this song…
    Just seeing a lot of people confused and thinking she means that she’s gay.
    Kinda puts the untrue fans right on the spot lol

    • emykitkat says:

      Itz nothing true ? but it doesnt matter if they’re true or not. They don’t have to be a real fan to like her music. I mean after all, if we kicked out every fan that wasn’t true, she wouldn’t be very popular and where she is right now.

    • d w says:

      i disagree,

    • Greasy Egg says:

      Imagine thinking not knowing an artists sexuality makes them a fake fan lmao pathetic

    • Erica Shea says:

      this comment is so ignorant. There’s no “true or fake” fans. if they like her music the they’re a fan, no one has to be up her ass and know her every move to be a fan. Calm down.

    • leah thomas says:

      Itz nothing MANNN

  16. iiSyteia says:

    I thought this was better than Bury a friend tbh….


  17. Andria Utecht says:

    All people of tik tok, please, please, please dont not ruin this perfection for us. Thanks.

  18. Arvin Depaudhon says:

    who else was waiting since she first released this?

  19. Arvin Depaudhon says:


  20. Norman Fucking Rockwell says:

    _Real fans know this song is old except for its production_ ?

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