Billie Eilish – you should see me in a crown (official video by Takashi Murakami) – Teaser

Billie Eilish – you should see me in a crown (official video by Takashi Murakami) – Teaser

Watch the official video for “you should see me in a crown”, created in collaboration with Takashi Murakami, now on Apple Music:

Listen to “you should see me in a crown”:

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51 Responses

  1. audrey w says:

    takashi: so how traumatized do you want the viewers to be?

    billie: yes

  2. sarah boumediene says:

    i thought this was going go be a cute anime…

    but its billie. ily you billie but sometimes i get scared

  3. itz_yo_gurl Avery!!! says:

    Who wants a crown?

  4. AfterPerfect says:

    My friend: you should see anime. It’s so cute!

    Me after seeing this: 💀

  5. deadflowerz says:

    how it feels to chew 5 gum?


  6. Bunnie 0486 says:

    Put the video in .5 speed, it high-key sounds good also is high-key scary.
    Me like

  7. Ayshe Deverall オタク says:

    *Tokyo ghoul has entered the chat*

  8. everything is so cOLd says:

    yes. Yes the darkness its welcoming

  9. XANDÃO tipografia pra status says:

    Oi Billie amo seu estilo e suas músicas ♥️😘

  10. Thomas_The weird one _ says:

    honestly though, this thing scared me so bad! I’m scared of when Billie’s eyes kind of pop out.

  11. Z.z.Z says:

    Takashi- Do you want me to edit you as a monster in a crown?
    Billie- YES

  12. Bryce 55 says:

    Um, I am now actively scared by things that I didnt even know existed…

    Thanks for the nightmares 😏😏

  13. Vicky Amanda says:

    Wow,I liked anime😍
    You should see me in a crown:V

  14. Ghostboyss says:

    I can hear the depressed, Tokyo ghoul fans howling.

  15. Rock amolie says:

    The character in the thumbnail reminded me of a show called Code Lyoko.

  16. mood says:

    Me: So how much talent are you gonna give billie?

    God: *Yes.*

  17. LatteCream says:

    Bruh I wasn’t ready for what ever that was, I like it tho

  18. Dahlia Catherine says:

    alright… who’s gonna be our lord and savior by leaking the video *this time?*

  19. Christina Barajas says:

    this is how may times you have watched this


  20. jonker says:


    billie eilish and her fans: ☠️🕷️☠️🕸️☠️🕷️

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