Billie Eilish – Your Power (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

Billie Eilish – Your Power (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Kyle Goldberg
Director of Photography: Mack Fisher
Producer: Maddy Schmidt
Producer: Haley Sliger
Producer: Cole Brian
1st AD: Derek Jaeschke
Steadicam: Renard Cheren
B Unit: Sykler Brown
Produced By: Contrast Films
Production Design: Tyler Jensen
Design: Keith Wright, Dominique Falcone, Sydney Emery
Audio: Casey Graham
Editor: Austin Prahl
Post Supervisor: Michael Colman
Colorist: Joesph Bicknell
Music and Talent: Parul Chokshi & Gabby Prisciandaro
Stills Photographer: Lauren Dunn

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50 Responses

  1. Harsh Pictures says:

    why do people say she sucks with autotune?? finneas and her are just experimenting with her voice, she has proven she doesn’t need effects on her voice and it shouldn’t always be a voice competition. anyway, stan finneas and billie ❤️

  2. Imado Lartiista Official says:

    Let’s see how many people love this song 🥰

  3. Xx0Lizzy_Uni0xX says:

    Her music is so sad but so beautiful I love her music I have fallen asleep to her music many times. No matter happens I don’t want her to quit. All of her haters need to stop honestly.

  4. K Cris says:

    It’s her “flop era” but yet her album has 900 million streams without even being released yet🤨💀😂 haters stay mad

    • Sir Brucie says:

      @Irina Belh Yes.

    • katsuki bakugou says:

      Shes so comforting why would people hate on her????

    • How did it taste? says:

      @Sarah kaur “she’s dating….”Like did she confirm that she’s dating with Matthew?No.Also,his tweets were a decade ago and he already apologized.Keep in mind that his actions aren’t billie’s responsibility and people’s perspective can CHANGE in any secs

    • How did it taste? says:

      @Sarah kaur You recently said she’s dating with him and how she’s friend with him???wtf dude??👁️👄👁️

    • How did it taste? says:

      @Autumn keep spitting facts!!! you dropped this 👑

  5. Ranaso Mareka says:

    This sounds far better than the official studio version.

  6. yelimar del valle castillo fernandez says:

    Billie eres la persona mas talentosa que eh conocido en my fucking life i love you

  7. hollowcoves says:

    Beautiful as always 😊

  8. Jade Howe says:

    The way Finneas looks at his sister and performs with her every cue, they are such an amazing team 😍

  9. Skyebunny777 says:

    love it

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    Billie Eilish is as good a always.

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