Billy on the Street – Death Rogen

Billy on the Street – Death Rogen

Billy asks people what they think of Seth Rogen’s death before letting them know he’s actually alive.

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An Emmy nominee for hosting Billy on the Street, Eichner appeared in a much buzzed-about Billy on the Street segment with Seth Meyers on last year’s Primetime Emmys and was named People Magazine’s Breakout Star of 2014. Billy on the Street has garnered wide praise from critics. The New York Times called it “uproarious… Eichner is doing things within the confines of the television set that feel loose, unpredictable and appealingly wrong.”Entertainment Weekly named Billy on the Street to its weekly “Must List.” USA Today called it “your new favorite show.” And The Huffington Post heralded it an “LOL-worthy” series packed with “frantic hilarity.”

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Billy on the Street – Death Rogen

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14 Responses

  1. Cody MacCarroll says:

    82 views? Wow I’m early

  2. Elexor says:




  3. Rubayet Ismail Eraj says:

    ‘I thought I was a cub’

  4. Kári Emil Helgason says:

    dying. literally dying from mortification and embarrassment. THANK YOU

  5. Rebecca Slaman says:


  6. Meme Master says:

    nice steal rofl

  7. Make my penis great again says:

    stoner joke lol

  8. NABBIE “Nabbie” Media says:

    interviewer really isnt funny

  9. josh mcgee says:

    James Franco will join you whether you like it or not!

  10. Alex7aj says:

    Wow…nobody except the interviewer is excited about any of this. And Seth
    doesn’t even want to be there. Lol epic fail.

  11. Adub Htown says:

    3 Burly ?

  12. BasicallyBrentt says:

    “He made me do this”

  13. BasicallyBrentt says:

    Only billy could go up to two guys and go “oh gays” ??❤️

  14. Dardan M says:

    14k views 40 comments
    #5 trending
    u wot m8