Billy on the Street: Lupita Nyong’o Tries Stand Up Comedy

Billy on the Street: Lupita Nyong’o Tries Stand Up Comedy

After winning an Oscar for her dramatic work in 12 Years a Slave, Billy hits the streets with Lupita Nyong’o to start preparing for her first half hour comedy special Lupita Nyong’o: Bring the Pain! Watch Lupita perform stand up comedy from Louie CK, Bob Saget, Daniel Tosh and more for everyday New Yorkers on the street. Watch new episodes of Billy on the Street….

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20 Responses

  1. Pennywise says:

    2nd. I’m on the podium bitches!

  2. Mountain Breeze says:

    did you know that FedEx truck is in every one of Billy’s video and so are
    alot of people like the yellow taxis, they are all gang stalking him.

  3. SOFIA SILVA V. says:

    What I lobe the most is how they react to the last guy ?? FUCK HIM

  4. brit boss says:

    how don’t people know who she is??!

  5. Andreson Pang says:

    I remember the prize he gave to Anna Kendrick – the apostrophe from
    Lupita’s name ?

  6. Jonah says:

    Is that how you say nyongo

  7. Dimitri Bitu says:

    I want to smell her.

  8. Dax Hallman says:

    Billy, you really wear that shirt.

  9. doug905 says:

    Oh my god when that one girl started fangirling and the first thing out of
    Lupita’s mouth was, “I love to shit.” Priceless.

  10. Darwin's Beer Reviews says:

    Must’ve been a real hot day. Sweat stains for everyone.

  11. dusty cole says:

    LOL. LUPITAAAAA! Too funny. Lupita’s the cutest.

  12. Buenomars says:

    3:51 Yoshikage Kira confirmed.

  13. Alex Man says:

    does Billy have a glass eye?

  14. Elegant Elephant says:

    i wish the video went on forever and ever and ever and ever

  15. lainey marie says:

    that last guy. im cackling.

  16. Myke Commodore says:

    i have a very small penis.

  17. sv 93 says:

    Wow her skin ???

  18. matrixxs says:

    she will be my wife ….lupita

  19. Tink D says:

    He keeps mispronouncing her name. ????????

  20. pyrrhichos says: