Billy On the Street: The Julianne Moore Acting Attack!

Billy On the Street: The Julianne Moore Acting Attack!

Watch Academy Award winner Julianne Moore ambush innocent tourists with her acting ability in the hopes of making some tip money in Times Square! Forget Elmo, Spiderman and the other random characters tourists take pictures with in New York, this is Julianne Moore!

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20 Responses

  1. Vegan Miles says:

    wow! the cinese man! an actor never breaks character! i love acting!!!

  2. i'm so tangy says:


  3. David De La Croix says:


  4. Anna Litticle says:

    “Elmo, take a hard look at a natural redhead!” XD

  5. says:

    “Listen to that gay!” DEAD

  6. Little Big Men Productions says:

    I was really hoping she would do something from boogie nights, that’s one
    of the best movies ever made

  7. Indiana Jones says:


  8. jennyfromtheblockz says:

    2:07 I’m dying pls help

  9. Joza Ibrahim says:

    The Asian guy made my damn week !!

  10. Sofia Silva says:

    I’m glad this time almost everyone knew who she was :)

  11. Chilltownify says:

    lol poor spiderman…

  12. ulises benavente says:

    I can’t stop laughing !!

  13. 4hotpink10 says:

    I would act with her if I saw her in public ngl

  14. Lanessa Hickman says:

    The lady at 2:11 OH MY GOSH

  15. Sean Penn says:

    I love how bills just said “fuck you” to that couple

  16. Bryanna Turnbough says:

    Everyone’s face when she says fucking… lol love her

  17. Doug Parker says:

    they’re getting crazier!

  18. Wyatt Yates says:

    The lady at 2:06 is my everything right now!!!!

  19. Darwin's Beer Reviews says:

    “Come back later, if you give us $5, she’ll shove a challah down her pants.”
    “Wow… Okay…”

  20. MrBennyDiction says: