Binging with Babish: Chocolate Cake from Matilda

Binging with Babish: Chocolate Cake from Matilda

Matilda, Danny DeVito’s thunderous directorial follow-up to Hoffa (1992), features an inexplicably tempting chocolate cake, despite its open admission of containing bodily fluids. Sit down and consume this entire confection today alongside Dan Pashman of The Sporkful. Patreon exclusive coming soon: Goose-Liver-Stuffed-Donuts from The Fantastic Mr. Fox!

Music: “Add And” by Broke for Free

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20 Responses

  1. Mr.Nonsense says:

    I member

  2. Rachel Anne says:

    his voice makes me pregnant oh my

  3. AnimeGamer YT Games says:

    It’s so hard to be early even if I have notifications

  4. BananaMonster Gamer says:

    I could never tell if the blood and sweat was literal

  5. Kirito Kazuto says:

    I actually binged the whole series and wait for the next episode

  6. hello 4 says:

    thats how you get HIV

  7. Joshua B says:

    Gagged at the sweat being added. I’m only 2:30 minutes in, but man I hope that was an old switcharoo. I like commitment, but not that much commitment.

  8. Roadblockable says:

    This mother fucker really put blood into a cake.

  9. Stijn Lubbinge says:

    this channel seriously needs to get bigger

  10. Sauce Stache says:

    Baking with Babish!! Boom this could be a whole new segment!!

  11. Will Olek says:

    Did anyone not freak out when he put the blood and sweat in?

  12. Ben B says:

    Please make the best burger in New York and barney stinsons hang over fixer elixir from how i met your mother next

  13. R3fug33 says:

    Make some of the brain meals Liv makes from iZombie! 😀
    Use animal brains obviously.

  14. TrendyWhispers ASMR says:

    “YOU WANTED CAKE, YOU GOT CAKE NOW EAT IT!” OMG! My childhood literally came true 😩 🙌🏽 PS Who else thought she ACTUALLY put sweat and blood in it as a child 😂 I did!

  15. Rayan Elwafi says:

    I really hope that blood and sweat wasn’t real

  16. Guerilla Monkey says:

    he turned into Filthy Frank…

  17. Angela Collins says:

    “I’d give it to my neighbors but they watch my show!” Amazing

  18. Rockey says:

    It’s not that he put his own blood and sweat into it, it’s the fact that the other guy willingly ate it after 😩😂😂

  19. HORRIOR says:

    Anyone else disappointed that he didn’t make an improved version this time? Would have LOVED to see a Babish style version of chocolate cake!

  20. Dianne Marie Seno says:

    can you make chum from planktons chum bucket plsss

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