Binging with Babish: Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast

Binging with Babish: Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast

The ‘grey stuff’ from Beauty and the Beast has been falsely advertised as some sort of cookies-n-cream abomination, and it’s about time we set the record straight. Yes I know that children at Disney World probably don’t want to eat chicken liver mousse. Yes I know that it’s taking whimsical license with a childhood classic to make it marketable and enjoyable for kids of a new generation. Shush, I’m cooking.

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65 Responses

  1. Tucker Mathis says:

    Personally, I thought the grey stuff could’ve been mushroom pâté, but chicken liver mousse is probably just as good.

  2. Dhanya Suman says:

    The grey stuff looks kinda weird but at the same time it looks delicious too

  3. E3kHatena says:

    I can’t hear the name Michael Eisner without just assuming it’s a Defunctland episode. Kevin why have you done this

  4. Banana Joe says:

    Given that its a Frech story, im like 90% sure the grey stuff is actually foie gras

    • Stephen M. Stouter says:

      I mean he basically made Foie gras but with chicken instead of goose, because last time he did anything with Foie Gras there was an all-out war in the comments

    • sklort mcfungus says:

      Stephen M. Stouter i mean, it IS hard to assure that the liver you get is ethically sourced, but yeah babish didn’t deserve the backlash he got for that. if anyone would correctly source foie gras, it would be him tbh.

  5. Heyit'smec says:


  6. Bill Wilson CIA says:

    Babish flexing on us with the bottle of D’usse

  7. Caleb Angell says:

    Now make the grey food in the Eric Andre Show.

    • John Azzinaro says:

      He should do an Eric Andre Episode

      Pizza Ball w/ shot of ranch
      Seal Meat
      Craft Jizz
      Fruit Loops served subwayside

  8. The Epcot Explorer's Encyclopedia says:

    So I was invited to the opening day media event thingy for the Be Our Guest restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. I could bring a guest, so I picked a gal pal of mine who was a ridiculous Beauty and the beast fan – moreso pathological than fan even. She was pretty much convinced she was the reincarnation of Belle despite the movie coming out during her lifetime. They were parading all kinds of food past the tables and taking photos and telling us about how authentic and wonderful things were (as Disney likes to do) when they brought out this big honkin’ dollop of “grey stuff” on an ornate plate and piped just so, garnished with little metallic boules to accent it… and she went for it. Finger right into it, like Belle. You could not only hear but feel the record scratch as the 200-something seat dining area went dead silent. A small voice came from our assigned waitress.. “That was the display one.. it’s meant for photos and we show it to every table…” and not missing a beat psycho-Belle declares loudly “It’s delicious!” in a tone that could only be described as rabid and slightly repressed. Soft chuckles and the room resumed its clatter. Like you said, it’s glorified frosting at Disney itself. Sparkley though. Actual serving comes on a noodle spoon as a small dollop or atop a mini cupcake.

    • Peter Villa says:

      +sklort mcfungus a good friend I’d say. At least if it was said jokingly, which by the tone of the story seems to be the case.

    • The Gaming Paladin says:

      good grief, so they are serving frosting as displays, they should serve “The Grey Stuff” as what it really is, if kids dont know what it is they would try it.

    • MG Lucero says:

      +williehopscotch ah the asshole who can’t take a fucking negative comment appears (it’s you, in case you’re too dumb to realize) if you can’t take criticism like a man and are so eager to defend this fucking dude even when you don’t know him, why don’t you fuck him as well? Since you clearly love him so much

    • Chanelle Lee says:

      The Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia yeah you sound made her sound like she’s some Disney obsessed weirdo. Maybe she just wanted to have some fun. I think you were trying too hard man

    • Chanelle Lee says:

      Peter Villa yeah but it felt like the joke was against her. Personally I think he was just trying too hard and didn’t get the implication

  9. deja wilkinson says:

    Please make Kitty foreman’s Brownies from that 70s show that are so moist, you don’t need milk

  10. 151Bryce says:

    Please Make a Pizza Ball from the Eric Andre Show

  11. RidonkulousMG says:

    This is why I don’t trust anything that’s not gray

  12. Agnios says:

    I would love to see Disney adopt this as cannon and make these the official dishes that were on that platter.

    • Jazmine Gallego says:

      they actually have had the grey stuff on the menu at a restaraunt in one of the disney themepark’s (forgot which one)

    • Pilomotor says:

      “The grey stuff” can be purchased at Disneyland’s “Red Rose Taverne” and Disney World’s “Be Our Guest” restaurant, but it’s a dessert rather than an appetizer, which didn’t sit well with Babish.

  13. Celery Man says:

    I’m still waiting for bubba’s shrimp

  14. Ashley Malagon says:

    Please do the hazelnut soup from Tangled

  15. JackStrait says:

    1:41 did that meat just jump?

  16. ellio49 Eyre says:


  17. Sriracha Addict says:

    Make the Mississippi Queen from Regular Show

  18. Uriah Siner says:

    Speaking of those little bits…when are you gonna do a Lil’ Bits episode??

  19. lemguin says:

    your first batch of pancakes coming out weird means your using to much oil and those first batches are soaking it up and coming out weird. If you wipe the oil/butter on lightly with a tea towel or forgo it completely and use a nonstick pan all of them will come out uniform like our last batch. Working at Ihop cursed me with this knowledge.

    • Peter Villa says:

      I’ve found that letting the first batch cook at a slightly lower heat than the rest of the batches also alleviates the first-batch-is-different-than-the-rest problem.

  20. Boom12 says:

    Michael Eisner, everyone’s favourite punching bag next to Wobbuffet.

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