Binging with Babish: Sandy Frye’s Appetizers from Bob’s Burgers

Binging with Babish: Sandy Frye’s Appetizers from Bob’s Burgers

Today we embark upon our third journey into foods from Bob’s Burgers…that aren’t burgers. Because sometimes you need to stretch a bit so you can make a “big game” episode. But hey, we learn how to make quick puff pastry, one in 90 minutes, the other in less than an hour!

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70 Responses

  1. K skillz2 says:

    Can you make noodle soup from Kung Fu Panda? Or the king size dumpling from that too

  2. Daniel Sambar says:

    I just had breakfast, yet somehow, I’m hungry again.

  3. Corrin Fire Emblem says:

    Make egg rolls from Incredibles 2

  4. MMA Fan boy says:

    Time to watch some binging with babish while eating toast.

  5. Cameron Wood says:

    I think the next episode should be Tubby Custard or Scooby Snacks

  6. destroyerofworlds938 says:

    This settles it. Babish is a confirmed masochist.

  7. JAKA SENICAR says:

    Footage of Babish making his life hard again

  8. The Author's Artist says:

    Babish! Could you do Silver’s Stew from Treasure Planet?

  9. Drhives says:

    Would you consider Bellpeppers and beef or Miso Rock lobster from Cowboy Bebop?

  10. Dog885 says:

    I’m gonna keep trying. You should make the King Size Ultra Krabby Supreme with the works double batter fried on a stick. Don’t forget the mayonnaise

  11. bharve10 says:

    Noodle recipe or dumplings from Kung fu panda? And thank you for the seven or there about minutes I get to shut off from the rest of the world every week.

  12. J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen says:

    It’s a Crumby job but I Knead the Dough

  13. Binging with Babish says:

    Alright folks, next time I do a Bob’s Burgers episode, it should probably have some burgers in it…any requests?

  14. Sebastian says:

    Can we get another Frasier episode?

  15. RAPTORACE 101 says:

    Plz make the wisconsin 7 layer salad from how i met your mother

  16. Lewis Barnett says:

    Please make the Sea Salt Ice Cream from Kingdom Hearts!

  17. Lucius Helheim says:

    Me and my *BIG* *BUTCH* boy friends enjoyed watching this

  18. Nev G says:

    So the moral of the story is to just buy the damn puff pastry

  19. Mia Singer says:

    You should do Vegan Shepherd’s Pie from Scott Pilgrim! The recipe is even in the comic

  20. The Incarnation of Sin says:

    Heyo, my guy. Was wondering when you’d show up in a Babish comment section.

  21. some faggot says:

    do you have a day job or something oh my god

  22. Dov Stochel says:

    My theory on babish’s banana allergy:

    Ok, so here’s what I gathered: there are 5 instances of babish making a dish with bananas. The hangover cure from the cocktail special, triple-decker eggo extravaganza, home made ice cream, banana pudding pizza, and Rachel’s English trifle.
    We are first introduced to the idea that babish is allergic to bananas in the cocktail episode when he made the hangover cure. He says that he went into anaphylactic shock the last time he ate bananas. He even makes it a point to ready an epi-pen in case he goes into anaphylactic shock. He doesn’t.
    Later, in the trifle and eggo episodes, he makes and samples two different banana containing dishes without so much as a mention of his allergy. However, in the home made ice cream episode, he makes it clear that he cannot try the banana ice cream due to his elusive banana “allergy”.
    There is only one theory that makes sense to me and that is the following: before he became the beautiful bald babish that we know and love, he had an incident with bananas that sent him into anaphylaxis (this is mentioned briefly in the cocktail episode). After trying the hangover cure, babish was supposed to see that nothing happened. It seemed as if his banana allergy was gone. Or was it ever there to begin with? Questioning the nature of his previous allergic reaction, he decides that he is in fact not allergic to bananas. This new found freedom leads babish to make and eat the trifle and the eggo extravaganza. This is where it gets hazy. There must be something in between the trifle episode and the ice cream episode that makes babish realize without a shadow of a doubt that he is, in fact, allergic to bananas. He must have eaten something off camera with bananas as an ingredient and had a reaction. Confused by this sudden turn of events, babish knew that the only way to know for sure is to visit the doctor and get tested for a banana allergy. After finding out from the doctor that he is in fact allergic to bananas, he then makes the ice cream episode stating explicitly that he is not allowed to eat these dishes due to his allergy. In the banana pudding pizza episode he clearly eats the pizza crust first, making sure that he does not eat any banana slices and makes his friend Sawyer try all the dishes as a stand in taste tester.

  23. Jeffrey Mullikin says:

    +Nyel Baig you’re a bitch lasagna

  24. Harold Wiscard says:

    Dino Jai he made something from My Hero Acadamia

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