Binging with Babish: Sandy Frye’s Appetizers from Bob’s Burgers

Binging with Babish: Sandy Frye’s Appetizers from Bob’s Burgers

Today we embark upon our third journey into foods from Bob’s Burgers…that aren’t burgers. Because sometimes you need to stretch a bit so you can make a “big game” episode. But hey, we learn how to make quick puff pastry, one in 90 minutes, the other in less than an hour!

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70 Responses

  1. K skillz2 says:

    Can you make noodle soup from Kung Fu Panda? Or the king size dumpling from that too

  2. Daniel Sambar says:

    I just had breakfast, yet somehow, I’m hungry again.

  3. Corrin Fire Emblem says:

    Make egg rolls from Incredibles 2

  4. MMA Fan boy says:

    Time to watch some binging with babish while eating toast.

  5. Cameron Wood says:

    I think the next episode should be Tubby Custard or Scooby Snacks

  6. destroyerofworlds938 says:

    This settles it. Babish is a confirmed masochist.

  7. JAKA SENICAR says:

    Footage of Babish making his life hard again

  8. The Author's Artist says:

    Babish! Could you do Silver’s Stew from Treasure Planet?

  9. Drhives says:

    Would you consider Bellpeppers and beef or Miso Rock lobster from Cowboy Bebop?

  10. Dog885 says:

    I’m gonna keep trying. You should make the King Size Ultra Krabby Supreme with the works double batter fried on a stick. Don’t forget the mayonnaise

  11. bharve10 says:

    Noodle recipe or dumplings from Kung fu panda? And thank you for the seven or there about minutes I get to shut off from the rest of the world every week.

  12. J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen says:

    It’s a Crumby job but I Knead the Dough

  13. Binging with Babish says:

    Alright folks, next time I do a Bob’s Burgers episode, it should probably have some burgers in it…any requests?

  14. Sebastian says:

    Can we get another Frasier episode?

  15. RAPTORACE 101 says:

    Plz make the wisconsin 7 layer salad from how i met your mother

  16. Lewis Barnett says:

    Please make the Sea Salt Ice Cream from Kingdom Hearts!

  17. Lucius Helheim says:

    Me and my *BIG* *BUTCH* boy friends enjoyed watching this

  18. Nev G says:

    So the moral of the story is to just buy the damn puff pastry

  19. Mia Singer says:

    You should do Vegan Shepherd’s Pie from Scott Pilgrim! The recipe is even in the comic

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