Birthday Party – SNL

Birthday Party – SNL

Melanie (Aidy Bryant) creeps out her friends when she hits on birthday girl Taylor’s dad (Ryan Gosling).

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20 Responses

  1. sphinx onyx says:


  2. Cinemaniac Jean says:

    2 sentences that makes no sense but are true:
    “there are people who like Donald Trump!”
    “the rapper Drake is a better actor than Ryan Gosling in this…”
    by the way, Aidy killing it as always…

  3. Avignon Stark says:

    Ryan Gosling looks like that deputy from Scream in this video…David
    Arquette, I believe.

  4. Yamini V says:

    She is wearing something else in the thumbnail

  5. FunWithGuru says:

    Probably the best SNL in a while. This and the Santa Baby sketch are great.

  6. nja122890 says:

    The broken table was less wooden than Gosling’s acting.

  7. Cristian Ballinger says:


  8. wohelomalm says:

    lol wait did anyone else notice how he switched from Melanie to Morgan to
    Melanie again?

  9. A. Wes says:

    I liked when Drake was the dad. her my mom’s a bitch excuse is funny though

  10. LJG says:

    he accidentally calls Melanie ‘Morgan ‘ a couple times

  11. Suel Fadel says:

    this is almost the same as Ew by Jimmy Fallon

  12. Keke Watts says:

    I’m dying ??

  13. Alpha Jade says:


  14. Lukas De Smet says:

    Hey. Super Duper. look sloppy What’s your opinion about it, guys

  15. Vino sitas says:

    aidy can suck my finger anytime…. #babyhotaidy

  16. Dan Seabreeze says:

    “…..looks like a stack of hay with eyes” LOL! 01:00

  17. Noe Camarena says:

    the person who wrote this sketch should be investigated

  18. Murry Redwinter says:

    that’s Trish’s house from The 40 year old virgin the picture at the

  19. Mikel Joshua says:

    I wanna suck that finger too

  20. Emily Nelson says:

    that table was a total copy of Chris farley