Blac Chyna Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Blac Chyna Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Blac Chyna goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about growing up in D.C. and wearing New Balances.

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20 Responses

  1. niklas d. says:

    Oh No baby what is you doing

  2. Angela Vaughn says:

    I ain’t gay but I don’t find her attractive

  3. R Dubb says:

    don’t take much to qualify to be on this no more does it

  4. WWeRockFan1001 says:


  5. Soady0103 says:

    Sneaker shopping with chief keef 🔥

  6. Ernesto Sandoval says:

    Her pussy mileage is way too high.

  7. The Coon says:

    First Pokémon to go sneaker shopping 😅

  8. kareem bul says:

    what is she famous for again? i mean except for lookin like a fat peace of meat?

  9. vloted says:

    we need travis or i’m going to commit

  10. Yung Afrika says:

    Bitch pull up to sneaker spot without sneakers… how dat work?

  11. TBL Production says:

    that’s Tyga’s child support money

  12. DeeJayCee says:

    ‘Member she tried to change her name to Kardashian? They was like bitch yu got the “name” fukked up! 😂😂😂

  13. InFamous Wzrd says:

    Amber and Chyna both got rich from fucking rappers.

  14. Cancerous. Potato says:

    L for complex for working with this thot

  15. Rus G says:

    We wanted Travis and you give us this? 😐

  16. Alex Fahmy says:


  17. J Recio says:

    If blac chyna made it here I guess I can be featured on the next episode.

  18. RealSnitchMobHitta says:

    Fuck she need sneakers for…. Her profession only requires Knee pads

  19. TreS Alex says:

    that money and lambo was paid by tygas child support 😂😂

  20. Mike Tyson says:

    Who the hell wanna see a useless thot go sneaker shopping

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