Black Lives Matter Activist Interrupts Hillary Clinton [2/24/16] “I am NOT a Superpredator.”

Black Lives Matter Activist Interrupts Hillary Clinton [2/24/16] “I am NOT a Superpredator.”

Why Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve the black vote:


Hillary calling young black children “superpredators” in the 90s:…

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19 Responses

  1. Anthony Rozario says:

    Go Trump Go

  2. Fishbein Oortcloud says:

    Perhaps if these thugs would not commit 30% of the crime. They might be
    able to lower those “disproportionate” incarceration rates.

  3. Nathaniel Y says:


  4. Haterz_Gonna Hate says:

    When you’re black and you start reading the comments??So many problems in
    this world

  5. Ana G. says:

    forget the people who said, “Yes! Thank you”. So insensitive.

  6. Nameusernameistaken says:

    Unfortunately this is the only way to reach Clinton. if she had asked her
    to politely explain herself outside a townhall Clinton would’ve laughed her
    off like she has done to others. Plus it’s not like she interrupted a large
    rally. these were rich folks that paid $500-$2700 to attend folks.

  7. Justin Dykstra says:

    Hella awkward ugh

  8. Rodger KillaKlotz says:

    If a Negro Themed Amusement Park Opened would you attend it?

    Rides would include…….

    The Peanut Butter Pavilion . . . a celebration of all the wonderful things
    you can do with peanut butter.

    The Big Knot . . . you dangle from a tree while a park member dressed in a
    KKK outfit pushes you.

    The Balcony Ride . . . you ride in a cart along the balcony of what looks
    like the Lorraine Motel while white men shoot at you with water pistols. A
    chalked image of MLK with blood and gore is outlined below.

    The Rib Shack . . . no, not a place to eat . . . in this pavilion you get
    to see photos of starving Ethiopian blacks and you can feel superior to

    The Amistad . . . a giant boat that resembles a slave ship swings back and

    The Drive By . . . shoot real MP5s into a crowd of groid cardboard targets
    at a bus stop.

    The Car Jack . . . feel the thrill or riding 100 MPH while being chased by
    a police car.

    The Rat Chase . . . win a prize if you can catch the biggest rat in the
    room. No hands. Teeth only!

    The Giant Maze . . . try to find your way out while being chased by coon
    dogs. The instructions for escaping are printed in English, so remember
    parents, you must know how to read.

    The Cotton Gin . . . how much cotton can you pick in ten minutes without
    losing a finger?

  9. MyNameIsLeroyJenkins says:

    BLM is cancer

  10. World Savior X says:

    The whole BLM movement is going about this all wrong.

  11. Charles Sedlacek says:

    60 plus years of pigs like clinton and the democrats, who only remember
    people of color at election time. and you people, as a group, overwhemingly
    keep voting for these people.when will you throw off the chains that bind
    you, mentally, and just say no? WAKE UP!

  12. Rebecca De Paris says:

    It’s about time someone stood up to this bully. So she didn’t want to
    really address this person and had her bully counterparts escort her out of
    the room. BULLY… answer the questions she had. Hilary can’t even fathom
    why a black person would do this to her.. she is clueless.

  13. Frank Martin says:

    Somebody please mike brown these ferals…african americans are subhuman

  14. OrbitX70 says:

    If they knew how to protest then people would take them seriously and not
    see them as annoying little miscreants, for lack of a better phrase.

  15. Darshan Pathak says:

    I totally agree with the black lives matter movement but how about all the
    other races? Indian, Chinese, Japanese, middle Easter, whites and blacks
    all these races are discriminated day in and day out now that does not
    disqualify the fact that black people have been mis treated a lot in this
    country but there are other races too that are discriminated it should not
    only be about black and white but all races. Because we are the United
    States and we are a super diverse country it is not just blacks and white
    there are more but again black lives do matter but so should everyone’s who
    has been discriminated

  16. RobPaul says:

    I liked it when Bill Clinton called Obonzo a coffee fetching monkey. That
    was funny…

  17. Anthony Fernandez says:

    A lot of people keep saying that there tired of black people blah blah but
    don’t have the balls to say it in there face they walk like a pussy with
    the here head down scared

  18. Kristel Wilson says:

    Hillary comes across as such a bitch. Ain’t no way I’m voting for this hoe.
    Fuck her and everybody running. I can’t stand none of these damn

  19. ṖṳṙṖḶḕ ḃḕḀṳṮẏ says:

    These comments are cancerous.