Black Mirror – Arkangel | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Black Mirror – Arkangel | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The key to good parenting is control.

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Black Mirror – Arkangel | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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84 Responses

  1. Kartik Madan says:

    Did that mf just say that he’s 2000 years old. Wtf?

  2. Frank Underwood says:

    ne zaman lan

  3. adho says:


  4. LewisPD says:

    completely safe, yeh. Looks back at every black mirror episode ever. ahh it’s fine, I’m sure no one will die or go insane

  5. Veo says:

    Fucking when?!

  6. radio tech says:

    stupid show , everything is mind recording scifietc how about some monsters and vampires etc like tales from the crypt / tales from the darkside etc

  7. I Do Monologues says:

    The thing is, the technology actually is always 100% safe. It’s the humans that fuck everything up for themselves.

  8. Elisa Parlati says:


  9. LDNballer says:

    Black mirror has now been completely Americanized…great. First season felt way more sincere.

  10. Rick Neefjes says:


  11. Filipe Vinícius says:

    00:06 I’m Brazilian and I didn’t get that. Does he say he is 2000 years old?

  12. Regina Poppins says:


  13. Essie S says:

    Maybe they’re gonna release a mini trailer for each episode to create buzz and do a quiet release aka beyonce.

  14. MadMattboi says:

    Whow here likes White Bear the most?

  15. Mark Rosko's Guitar Creations says:

    No point in watching this trailer.. Doesn’t even have a release date at the end. Netflix forgot what trailers are for!

  16. MarGoLuv says:

    I am probably going to get a lot of hate by saying this but I like the British ones better. Or when American actors just guest star in Black mirror. It had that British/BBC charmed to it. This is starting-to feel like the X files (great show too). However, there is a reason why some shows don’t transfer well across the Atlantic. I know US TV has gotten some shows from Europe before. But black mirror feels to me that it didn’t transfer well. I like season 1 n 2. Season 3 I just liked eps 3 4 n 5. This trailer directed by Jodie foster is just eh.

    • James Holo says:

      MarGoLuv I personally like all of them equally but my favourite is definitely “Hated in the nation”

    • TheBurningGam3r says:

      MarGoLuv I actually really liked nosedive. I think it being American fitted the story better than if it were British.

    • Kimberly L says:

      So you liked three episodes from season 3, and the first two seasons, which were each three episodes? I’m not seeing the problem there lol

  17. παράφορος αδιάφορος says:


  18. Troy Mason says:


  19. Kill La Kill says:

    she is angel ?

  20. devin corwin says:

    black mirror deserves such a bigger hype. such an interesting idea for a series

    • devin corwin says:

      Akkarsollum you make a good point

    • Snuggs Zero says:

      Looks horrible

    • EvTav says:

      “interesting idea for a series” you know that it’s just the twilight zone but with a focus on technology, right?

    • You right there says:

      Do you want to eat and never hunger
      Drink and then never thirst

      I’m saying the truth Jesus Christ is the way and the life any who come on to him and follow his ways will recieve eternal life god will carry you through read the Bible follow Jesus spread the word of God

    • TheEpic22 says:

      devin corwin

      ? How is it an interesting idea for a series? It’s just a bunch of sci-fi one offs. This isn’t groundbreaking in any way.

      But they have had some good ideas for episodes.

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