Black Mirror – Metalhead | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Black Mirror – Metalhead | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Beware of Dogs.

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Black Mirror – Metalhead | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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83 Responses

  1. The Fiddler says:


  2. SwiftSnow IV says:

    I can’t take it anymore, I might just run a raid on Netflix Headquarters just to watch Season 4 💀

  3. TheVideoKeeper says:

    What’s your favourite episode of Black Mirror? Mine is “Playtest”. That tense atmosphere…

  4. Dump Vids says:

    Only 1 more trailer for the release date

  5. IllegalCookie says:

    Soooo… this is the 5th trailer and the season is going to have 6 episodes.

    I’m going to hope for a release the moment the 6th trailer is coming.
    But I’m going to guess that the 6th trailer will give the release date.

    And I’m going to hope even more for a release on Christmas with an unannounced Christmas Special 7th episode extra.

    I love this show if you haven’t guessed it yet.

  6. Superspidersam says:

    Gotta love the variety of the trailers so far. Each episode seems to have a different tone, style etc.

  7. mitrooper says:

    Horrible editing.

  8. Games Stories Animals Hehe says:

    Next Episode: Netflix and Chills. Synopsis: A bunch of angry Netflix subscriber can’t take it anymore and raided Netflix HQ to steal Black Mirror Season 4 files from the server… What will happened next?

  9. Taj Gunn says:

    Wow, sixties dr. Who vibes up in here.

  10. Jack Rods Animations says:

    I’d be terrified if something like that was chasing me and I was all alone

  11. Muyanzi Reid says:

    What did the Librarian say to the kid ?

    Read more

  12. Charlotte says:

    Nooooo 🙁 dogs are the sweetest creatures in the world… I love Black Mirror but I might skip this, it’ll be too heartbreaking to see what they’ve done to dogs…

    • Kami Kojima says:

      Charlotte … did you see the one where a guy fucked a pig?

    • Charlotte says:

      Sabrina Spencer Humans aren’t pure like dogs. So yeah, it’s easier.

    • Sabrina Spencer says:

      +Charlotte I mean I could argue that dogs can be aggressive and kill children. I could argue dogs have a much easier time getting over the death of their young that humans do. I love dogs, but I love humans too. And I don’t think you can argue dogs are “pure” and humans are not “pure”. That doesn’t make any sense.

    • Charlotte says:

      In that case, I suppose it’s a matter of preference. I like dogs more than humans 🙂

  13. Vaneexx R says:

    Anyone else so fucking annoyed that they keep uploading trailers without a release date ugggggggh

    • PumpkinLicorice says:

      Vaneexx R Be patient! Should only be one or two more days before we get our release date 😍

    • jace welsh says:

      no I love the trailers. cause it angers idiots like you.

    • Kristopher Schermerhorn says:

      No I am just enjoying the trailers and this brilliant marketing campaign of releasing another poster and trailer EVERY DAY without putting out a release date and drumming up the anticipation more and more. We should get a poster for “USS Callister” tomorrow, and a trailer on Tuesday, and I am very eager to see Netflix’s next move after that!

  14. villj001 says:

    If I had to guess, it’s about a woman stuck in the countryside running away from a killer robot that runs on all fours – but then again this is black mirror so there will probably be some sort of twist

  15. fezmel says:

    Based on what I’ve seen, I can already tell that this episode is going to be my least favorite.

    • fezmel says:

      AntisocialPotato Yeah, exactly. Maybe I’ll feel differently after I see it. I’m just basing this off the trailer right now.

    • Oh hey look it's Sarah says:

      Same, but I’m excited for the black and white

    • Bob Chillison says:

      Personally I’m least looking forward to crocodile

    • Hector Apaza Jimenez says:

      fezmel for me, the least interesting is Hang the DJ

    • Kristopher Schermerhorn says:

      I really wonder the purpose for the black and white? Based on the trailer I am very unsure on both this one and Black Museum, but I am intrigued enough to watch the episodes. This episode (Metalhead) strikes me as one that will drop a big Black Mirror twist on us. It seems like this trailer is very intentionally vague. I am getting “White Bear” vibes.

  16. KatKost says:

    Every 2 days they are uploading a new trailer. I’m guessing in two days, after the next trailer, they might drop the series.

  17. Aj Anane says:

    Hopefully none are like San Junipero.

    • Aj Anane says:

      tylerdun_88 Its the only one I couldnt get into or pay attention to. I tried multiple times.

    • fruitycat says:


    • jace welsh says:

      agreed. the most boring one of them all. and anyone who liked it just liked it because it promoted homosexuality.

    • Char Rar says:

      nah, I liked it because it was gorgeous to look at, had amazing music, a fascinating premise and a great story but whatever I guess! go off!

    • Kristopher Schermerhorn says:

      I didn’t like San Junipero because it conflicted with my Christian beliefs, I just couldn’t buy into a story that sold a computer program that allowed people to live forever within the program. Ending with the song “Heaven is a place on earth”. I even tried rewatching the episode, but the only way to enjoy it is to buy into a premise that is completely contrary to the Bible. Love almost every other episode of Black Mirror though (didn’t like “The National Anthem”, either…other than that and “San Junipero” I love all the others). This season looks great so far! Based on the scenes shown in the “episode titles” trailer, “USS Callister” looked very surreal in all the right ways…so I am excited to see that trailer! I am really intrigued by Netflix’s next move after dropping the USS Callister trailer (on Tuesday?)

  18. Spencer James says:

    Ok now I’m fucking scared. If this episode is about those robot dogs taking over and killing people… that is a legit fear of mine. Could you image one of those things running full speed at you. I’m done

    • Melchior Vulpius says:

      The vibe I’m getting from the trailer (and I may be wrong) is that this could be a post-apocalyptic world. This lady and her friend could be scavengers exploring the warehouse for trade-worthy or useful goods. Apparently, they stumbled across (and possibly activated) one of these “dogs.” Which is now chasing them.

    • Spencer James says:

      Melchior Vulpius, hellll no!!! I’m out haha

  19. Calum Nesbitt says:

    Something about this trailer and Arkangel gives me chills

  20. Timothy G says:

    Is it just me or is this the best trailer yet!?!?!!!

    • Justin Smith says:

      Timothy G yes! I mean it is tied with Black Museum to me! But this trailer is serious! Better than the other by far alos!

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