Blind Coffee Chain Taste Test

Blind Coffee Chain Taste Test

America runs on… 7-Eleven? It’s time to see if we can tell these coffee chains’ coffees apart from one-another.  GMM #1430

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58 Responses

  1. seidimeow says:

    COFFEE IS LIFE ☕💕 now this is a brewtiful taste test that I would’ve liked a latte to have bean a part of! I cannot espresso enough my coffeels right now.

  2. EmmyRose2005 says:

    You know you’ve pulled an all-nighter when GMM uploads

  3. The Simonizer says:

    Should’ve done Wawa, it would’ve crushed the competition

  4. C Babs says:

    “Do you taste nuts? …Like, in general? I taste nuts all the time.” – Link Neal.

  5. Wingster Shining says:

    The only cup of joe I need is GMM.

  6. ThePigeonMaster says:

    Eating mini wheats and watching two men drink out of mannequin heads. What a great morning

  7. Phillip scofield says:

    can you do an episode where you make ‘coffee’ using different beans. e.g. baked beans coffee, mung bean coffee, kidney bean coffee, etc
    like so they see this

  8. TrunksGav says:

    11:47 Those beans knees nearly kneed the beans!

  9. Zac King Productions says:

    Did you know that the coffee bean is technically a nut? So it’s not bean juice, its nut juice

  10. COOKIE WOKE says:

    As you can see, they can.

  11. Devil Nite says:

    I can already see a tea episode coming up in honour of Rhett

  12. Devil Nite says:

    “as you can see we can’t”
    *rip we hear you no more*

  13. Sam Lev says:

    Just found out it’s a snow day❄️ time to change back into pj’s and binge gmm ☕️

  14. Critical Nobody says:

    The act of drinking coffee becomes atleast 10x creepier when being drunk out of a head mug

  15. RaspyStatus says:

    Tim Hortons coffee in early 2000 by far the best..

    before Mcdonalds bought their supplier

    Canadians only know how good it was before IT WAS IN THE US

  16. A Glimpse Inside says:

    Too bad Wawa has not reached you yet!

  17. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    Its my dream to do this!!! This is probably one of the few foods I’d be able ID blind

  18. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    Link feeling bad and repeatedly dinking rhett even though rhetts totally didnt care after he mentioned it 😂😂😂

  19. Jaime Li says:

    They should put shots of espresso or whatever into the heads and drink it. Because then, they’d be drinking mugshots.

    That was bad I’m sorry

  20. Drewsefer89 says:

    Starbucks is NOT good coffee. It’s overly burnt coffee that tastes like its been left out for days. And its overly expensive for burnt crap coffee.

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