Bloodline – Season 2 – Official Trailer – Netflix [HD]

Bloodline – Season 2 – Official Trailer – Netflix [HD]

You can’t escape the past. The Rayburns struggle to conceal an unthinkable crime and begin to unravel in the midst of mounting lies, betrayal, and paranoia.

Watch Season 2 of Bloodline May 27, worldwide on Netflix.

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20 Responses

  1. says:

    Danny’s not dead I KNEW IT

  2. Biri Met says:

    This shit looks sick.

  3. angelrosas999 says:

    Someone tell me he is still alive!!!!!!!

  4. TheMurdockMan says:

    I hope Danny will make more appearances

  5. Leilani M says:

    I’ve been waiting for season 2! Season 1 was amazing. And yes, Bloodline is
    definitely underrated. People need to watch it!

  6. Bryce Veron says:

    I’m sorry, but Danny returning is stupid even if he only comes back as a

  7. Runjinrun2 says:

    Awesome. Hopefully this season is paced a little better than the first.

  8. socomao3 says:

    I Rank this show up there with Breaking Bad.

  9. dannydinosaur73 says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that “O Danny Boy” should be
    playing at some point in this trailer?

  10. charley15z says:

    This was the show that introduced me to Ben Mendelshon who has become one
    of my favorite actors working today. So happy they found a way to bring him

  11. kab4292 says:

    Can’t wait for this. Best Netflix original in my opinion. Glad we are still
    gonna get to see Ben Mendelsohn.

  12. Joseph Koch says:

    Best show I’ve seen hands down

  13. Bookish Wardo says:

    I started to watch season 1 because of Kyle Chandler and thought I wouldn’t
    like the show. But the acting and the plot was so good that I became a fan!
    Can’t wait for season 2.
    PS: cool version of Crazy.

  14. Walter Black says:

    Whoa, I can already tell I’m going to watch this whole season in a day or
    two, #RIPDANNY

  15. Masako Beaton says:


    Looking fucking terrific, there, Season 2.

  16. pennylaneOnFire says:

    So sad Danny is gone though… he was my favorite character :(

  17. nero12345789 says:

    This show is great and insanely underrated. Quick question to all the fans
    out there is Danny a figment of Johns imagination now? Or is he somehow
    still alive?

  18. Kajukidbo925 says:

    About time. I’ve been wondering when this is going to come out

  19. Climax DeAbsurdum (GreyTopStudio) says:


  20. Pazkizzle says: