Blue Angels Sneak Pass Reaction Chicago 2017 (Sunday)

Blue Angels Sneak Pass Reaction Chicago 2017 (Sunday)

Got the same video as the one on Saturday but with the added bonus of Blue Angel #5 being at least 100 feet closer to our location which made for even better reactions.

Also the same pass is in the video posted before this one that I got on my phone so check that out too!

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20 Responses

  1. Wesley296 says:

    That is one strangely shaped human being.

  2. Ry Ry says:

    Holy hell are Americans fat. My god.

  3. Tony Music says:

    I named my new rescue dog five miles…

    So when someone asks I can say, “I walk 5 miles every day”

  4. SANAFABICH says:

    LMAO look at all those fat asses.

  5. sNb says:

    Shaped like a god damned drum.

  6. Joel Andrew says:

    This country would be a lot better without fat people embarrassing us all the time.

  7. redmasc says:

    I was there yesterday when that happened at Diversey harbor. I didn’t get startled but damn that thing flew in fast and low from behind.

    To all the comments about fat shaming that lady, all of you are idiots. I’m sure you’re all rockin a six pack yourselves.

  8. Liam Drage says:

    the guy in the middle sitting down with the sunglasses and hat is the only one that doesn’t move.

  9. Nerte says:

    Americans clap for everything.

  10. Anemij Jimena says:

    What a waste of resources!

  11. Jonathan Guzman says:

    press 4

  12. Jimmy Strudel says:

    Americans are fat because we have plenty of food for everyone unlike your lame poverty countries. Have fun starving you losers lmao!

  13. Kenny Rexach says:

    Obesity is no laughing matter

  14. Ben Wall says:


  15. Jelly Cheeks says:

    Is that muscle beach?

  16. The Daley Vlog says:

    Lol the lady with the straw hat in the centre….

  17. Waldo says:

    God damn those illegals are living good off of our welfare!

  18. Lawrence K says:

    My moms mini van is faster

  19. TheNewYork Reload says:

    she got dunlops disease.

  20. Tykeim Barrett says:


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