BMX racer boy doesn’t care about winning at Rapid Wheels

BMX racer boy doesn’t care about winning at Rapid Wheels

BMX racer boy doesn’t care about winning at Rapid Wheels
Tour de FARCE! Bizarre moment BMX boy is about to race over the finish line in first place… but decides he’s just not that fussed about winning
The fun-sized BMX race was filmed at the Rapid Wheels, Dutch Championship
Senn Swieters competes in a little tackers’ walking bike race and despite being lengths ahead of the competition, he turns around inches from the finish line
The little boy is so enthusiastic that he even tries to tackle the course again

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20 Responses

  1. LawfulSurgeon says:

    Ah yes a video with like 150 views is #31 on trending. Great job YouTube

  2. Mr. Burns says:

    Plot twist the kid on the bike is PewDiePie and across the line is quality content

  3. gavinctุ says:

    189 views 31 on trending

  4. LiveEffectsHD says:

    Why is this trending??

  5. Micah Prock says:

    How is this 31 on trending?

  6. Thomas Ploch says:

    I do this all the time when I drive home from work and see my mother-in-law’s car is still in my driveway.

  7. Shane Kady says:

    He didn’t want the fame, the glory and the bitches what a humble kid

  8. Ibrahim Robinson says:

    I had all my money on that kid!!!

  9. Melzare says:

    I felt the disappointment in that fathers eyes.

  10. Buddy Ollie says:

    Me with college…gonna make it…gonna make it….ummm,nah..

  11. Kaizee says:

    Plot twist, the kid is a representation of Hillary and the line is winning the election.


    0:20 “psych” Lmao has this been memed yet?😂

  13. Z A says:

    The little boy is me and the line is growing up

  14. Michael Gentry says:

    He probably just thought they had to do another lap; reach the line, turn around, go again.

  15. Alec J says:

    For all the fucking idiots in the comment section, the way you get in trending is by how many views you can get in a certain amount of time, or the rate of growth in the views. So stop asking, “How is this trending?” like fools. If you’re really curious, search it up instead of asking in the comments. Do it by yourselves.

  16. Simon Kim says:

    150 views on trending? More liberal propaganda from YouTube.

  17. superpenguin77664 says:

    He just wanted to go over the hills again (i would too actually)

  18. pinky997 says:

    Lightning McQueen is that you

  19. Ahmad Ayoub says:

    He clearly thought he was meant to do laps lmao

  20. GoofPlays says:

    A future thrower on competitive video games

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