Boating Made (TOO) Easy! – JonTron

Boating Made (TOO) Easy! – JonTron

Thanks to My.Games for sponsoring today’s video! Warface: Breakout is available on PS4 and Xbox One at 19.99 USD. Check out now: . Season 1 is now live for free, introducing Ranked Matches, seasonal challenges, and exclusive cosmetic rewards.


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Jon Jafari – Editor
Sergio Torres – Director of Photography/Line Producer
Mike Butler – Gaffer/Photography
Lewis Bown – Editor

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60 Responses

  1. JonTronShow says:

    Thanks to My.Games for sponsoring today’s video! Warface: Breakout is available on PS4 and Xbox One at 19.99 USD. Check out now: . Season 1 is now live for free, introducing Ranked Matches, seasonal challenges, and exclusive cosmetic rewards.

    • lukgaming 02 says:

      i’m not getting a 20 dollar game when I can just play csgo for free

    • soundspark says:

      @lukgaming 02 Especially one that probably has ripped off content? Can one be held liable for advertising this if it happens to infringe Valve’s copyrights?

    • WikiWiki109 says:

      Hello Jon… You’re hilarious

    • Unalochy says:

      I wanna see the behind the scenes of Jon dropping the computer down the hill! He’s done some of the best transitions to sponsors on YT and obviously this was planned, but the way it fell and rolled down just to land on its base at the edge of the road 🤣 no way that was planned

    • Foxey Animations says:

      My name is Ian lol
      I swear the boat persons not me

  2. Stece Ztvenson says:

    The “o” in kalkomey wasn’t that clear to me, so I read, “caulk me isle”

  3. The Bucket says:

    “4 people drowend”

    Looks like someone forgot their judgment at home, amirite?

  4. Mr. Styro says:

    “Just wanted to do something for my wife’s birthday but now I’m on the island with the genetic experiments” sounds like a episode of Regular Show.

  5. Canadian Bacon says:

    Imagine driving along a highway and seeing JonTron walk by holding a computer case.

  6. Elijah Alcoba says:

    Mia seems like the girl that says “mood” and a smartass when is stressful and sad situations…

  7. Alec H says:

    “Realistic Scenarios”

    Yup those bat hornet hawks are awful scary.

    • The Bucket says:

      Just wait until they find those shark man hornets

    • Naterkix S says:

      They _did_ say there was role-playing stuff too. I was hoping for some kind of Boat Wizard but I’m not the one who wrote the Official New Hampshire Boat Fan Fiction so what can ya do?

    • alpha reaperion says:

      Coming August 2020

    • pjRaging says:

      It’s those new super bees that just came up was all cletuses fault I knew it

    • Zap Man says:

      @Cyanideperfume excuse me, but ill have you know my cousin was killed by a Alligadogle, which was not only an alligator, dog, and eagle mutant but also a very slow and painful death. People these days smh

  8. Quillyik says:

    “A youtuber drowned in the waters near new hampshire after getting his online boating license and crashing into an oncoming duck”

  9. Pokefan220195 says:

    “Hey how’d you become a Pilot?”

    “Oh I just solved a Point & Click adventure on this website”

  10. JMotion says:

    Are you telling me I just watched 20 minutes of a man getting his boating license, and not one second of him actually out on the water like Phil Swift on a screen door.

  11. emmaloujia says:

    Jon: *mentions his wife*

    Me: *thinks he’s making a joke*

    Also me: *sees his wedding band* Uh, Wait… is… is JonTron married??

    Yes, yes he is. How did I miss this? I have no idea.

  12. To Meme or Not To Meme says:

    “There was a violent accident. A guy I knew capsized his boat and his wife and twin daughters drowned in the cabin.”

  13. Chris Wingert says:

    I do like that Jon’s avatar at least has Jon’s hair.

  14. Ikazuchi-san says:

    **proceeds to get his boat piloting license after playing a visual novel**

  15. John Doe says:

    John: I just wanted a boat license!
    Online license course: now play this point-and-click game!
    John: Nooooo! I left this life behind!

  16. Nozarashi says:

    I’m disappointed we didn’t see him actually go drive a boat. He should really do that for the next video.

    • Alex Piatt says:

      雀海 but does Phil Swift has a boating license?

    • Zaur Hasanov says:

      @Alex Piatt well he drove a boat

    • CidGuerreiro1234 says:

      He was going to but Phil Swift saw his boat in half.

    • Chi Chu says:

      @PointsofData It says State Approved. I believe the ScoobyDoo mystery has its credentials in order.

    • BlueStormZion says:

      @Thomas Stokes What he’s got to do is have a two parter, part 1 where he makes a boat ENTIRELY out of Flex Products (He can make the supports for the frame out of flex-glue tubes connected by Flex Tape!) and then Part Two where he tries to take it out onto the water, and what happens, happens.

  17. Lucas_ says:

    Twins: Drowned
    Wife: Dead
    Horn: *Toot*

  18. Eddi Mo Fetti says:

    Ok but why is no one not talking about how satisfying it was seeing the computer roll down the hill and so smoothly stop at the bottom.

  19. Swanky says:

    Plays seagull noise and shows seagull

    “Shut up pigeon”

  20. Jeremy Bull says:

    Next episode: Jon and the gang set sail to see if Wyoming actually exists

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