Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer

Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer

Check out the Borderlands 3 Developer Trailer and prepare for an all-new mayhem-fueled adventure! Visit on April 3 for more info.

Music: “Can’t Hold Me Down” by GRiZ (ft. Tash Neal of The London Souls)

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77 Responses

  1. MegaRoFLL says:

    Borderlands 3: one BILLION guns
    Anthem: 3 (three)

    • Alvaro Almeida says:

      +N7 AVEN6ER its not confirmed, the publisher Take-Two points to a possible release before Fall 2019. As long its a possibility, i wont get my hopes high, but i will anyways, borderlands is the only game that doesnt disappoints you and the only would i would buy mega deluxe estreme bada$$ pack price even at 300dollars with fugures :3 and replicas of cl4ptrap :3

    • Alvaro Almeida says:

      +keepermk haha, ikr? Lets moove on, a month after and i cant even remember what we where talking about

    • kishenkoolskills90 says:

      I bet you it’s out in Fall 2019, they wouldn’t have got everyone hyped for no reason

    • Bud The Cyborg says:

      Except most of the gun variation in Borderlands is a lot like the variation you see in Anthem, just some minor stat changes.
      “Most” but of course not all. I’d say Borderlands has at least a few dozen significantly different guns types.

    • Alvaro Almeida says:

      +kishenkoolskills90 Lets hope they fulfill it! =D i would so gona buy a 300dollars delux with figurines pack without a sweat! Just take my money PLEASEE!

  2. Rose Haley says:

    Gearbox: Hmm. How do we show that time has passed and that the characters have gotten older?
    I know!

  3. Rossam says:

    The only company that can make dubstep trailers still work

  4. Globalklaus says:

    Everyone: You can never reach our expectations. Too much time has passed.

    *a gun walks by*

    • IgnisWings says:

      everyone gangsta until the gun start walking

    • Lionel Townsend says:

      +Macwylee So in order to get the gun you have chase after it and throw money at it. Once you do get get it you realize you can only reload it by swiping your credit card…. hmmm … Maybe your loot is looting you.

    • Snow says:

      +Macwylee And you have proof that it will have MCs? No? Well, shut up until then.

    • Macwylee says:

      +Snow My proof comes from 2K games track record on DLC and MC’s. Where is your proof that there WONT be any.

    • Demented Mutt says:

      I thought this was a joke and then I got to that part after like 12 seconds and basically.

      Me: *well…. Alright, fair enough.*

  5. Youtube Monetization says:

    I hope torgue is in bl3 so when I shoot I can randomly yell EXPLOSION

  6. Breezy says:

    Gearbox: In Borderlands 3 have over billion guns

    Borderlands wiki: *cries*

    • The Atomic Cherry says:

      +Sandro Stutz
      Criticism? What? You may have misunderstood.

      By ‘core guns’ I meant weapon types. You know, assault rifles, shotguns, pistols etc. Every manufacturer has different parts that do different things that basically result in billions of different guns.

    • The Atomic Cherry says:

      +Saverio Melani
      Gods, neither.
      I hate battle royales.

    • The Atomic Cherry says:

      +2 Cents
      Yes, that may be a better way to explain what I meant.

      If you take a look in the Gibbed editor, for example, you’ll see that every gun, even the unique ones, are made up of mods. Unique ones have special ones that often give them special effects, but it’s the same principle deep down in the game’s formula.

    • faceless58 says:

      +TrainedCYBORG09 theres only about 40-50 core guns from each manufacturer. not more than 1000 in a single game

    • manxmaniac says:

      Really bro frankly asking

  7. Jack Sim says:

    So they finally figured out how a Psycho can aim 3 finger guns at himself?

  8. ole bakke says:

    2k literally flexing on every other game company

  9. Damian Venter says:

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people…

    Gun with legs: well yes, but actually no

  10. Sunj4y says:

    Everybody gangsta till the gun starts walking ?

  11. cometome255 says:

    YO I am so excited… Tiny Tina not so Tiny! Maya long hair??? Omg

    • Jacob B says:

      +CT – 1734 i think that is the canon. there weren’t other options as far as i could tell

    • thtwins4ever says:


    • cometome255 says:

      +Jacob B yo in the end I chose to romance Fiona. It’s an option if you didn’t flirt with Sasha. More importantly where the fuck is Krieg? We always get the original vault hunters. Is it so crazy to want more from BL2?

    • Savage Encounter says:

      +cometome255 Yea him, salvador, the soldier (forgot his name), amd the other girl

    • Kenichi Abrar Danuardi says:

      +Savage Encounter axton?

  12. Wild Card says:

    In the wise words of Mister tourge highfive flexingtoton:

  13. A05 ODST says:


    WITH LEGS!!! ???

  14. SH18 says:

    Guns Don’t Kill People.
    Guns With Legs Do.

  15. John snowdon says:

    guns with legs is my waifu now and i love them so fking much god dam ive seen this trailer 30 times in a row now

  16. Jounzey says:

    The amount of mustaches in this trailer would give DC nightmares

  17. J3EF _ says:

    My level of happiness towards this game reveal is unmeasurable

  18. Artisbright _ says:

    “Over one billion guns”
    *Destiny leaves the chat

  19. TheEverFreeKing says:

    Me and my friends from high school played hundreds of hours of borderlands 2, this game existing means the world to me:D

  20. Jack Benci says:

    Me: Yeah I mean guns are cool but I’d rather wait to see what people think about it before I preorde-

    *Gun with Legs enters the chat*

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