Boring Office Job GoPro Commercial

Boring Office Job GoPro Commercial

I wore my GoPro to work one day and decided to edit the footage to the style of a GoPro Commercial.

Music is Daybreak by OVERWERK

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20 Responses

  1. Corte Motor says:

    Wow! Love it, good job!

  2. Michael Pawluk says:

    I can finally relate

  3. Kyle says:

    dope xD

  4. Mr Zilch says:


  5. sbohunko says:

    Glad you wash your hands bro. Way to go ;-)

  6. William Guerra says:

    I thought this was a really cool video until I realized you used the same
    clip for turning off the lights that you used for turning them on, just
    played backwards. I feel scammed.

  7. Robert Fried says:

    This is one of the most EPIC uses of a go pro I’ve ever seen. BRILLIANT.

  8. Marcel Brož says:

    GoPro – be a hero!

  9. Marius Aglen says:

    Every day he’s officing!!

  10. Prince Fabolous says:

    hatever kind of enviroment the human body was developed to live in, this
    most certainly isn’t one of them. Don’t get me wrong; as anyone with even
    the slightest understanding of their privileged position, I know more than
    well that our modern western societies provides us with a vast array of
    comforts and benefits previous human generations could only hope to dream
    of in their wildest imaginations. Still, it has some drawbacks. Some pretty
    fucking huge ones, in certain areas. No wonder people become clinically
    depressed when all they can do is to go to these boring ass jobs. Some
    things actually were better before. Even though previously you had to work
    your ass off in a fucking farm to survive, each and every day of the week
    in deplorable conditions, at least you didn’t have to sit in a dusty
    cubicle, questioning what exactly you live for.

  11. Alex Seb says:

    lol @ 0:33 Walks like a boss!

  12. Mike Pelletier says:

    that wrist rotation in the hand dryer though…

  13. TheoBrixtonTheKid says:

    Goddamn, that office shit just got real.

  14. Serpico Silkwood says:

    Whoah! This is fucking HARDCORE. You are INSANE!!!!

  15. Michael Tran says:

    Looks like Real Estate

  16. STARPHROST says:

    it may be boring but it pays the bills

  17. Zhanardi says:

    Be a working class hero.

  18. Palaðin Retribution says:

    I dont remember making this video of my daily life!? XD

  19. Josh Villa says:

    I think I’m inspired.

  20. Cem Çakır says:

    Eller GoPro’larıyla uçaklardan atlar, azgın dalgalarda sörf yaparken
    “BrazilianDanny” adlı redditör arkadaş da ofiste yaptığı işleri çekmiş.