Boris Epshteyn Interview | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Boris Epshteyn Interview | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Boris Epshteyn – Sinclair Broadcast Group Chief Political Analyst and former Special Assistant to President Trump – joins Bill to discuss President Trump’s political future.

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19 Responses

  1. ShadyPinesMa79 says:

    This guy made me want to punch my tv. He’s so irritating.

  2. Jeffrey Pride says:

    He lied for a living during the trump campaign, lets see if bill keeps him honest

  3. frediax10 says:


  4. Zach Page says:

    Bill goes from a tiger when talking about the idiots that still blindly support trump to a tamed house-cat when he interviews one. I get that he has to be decent to guests, but come on man, this guy was a straight up bullshit artist and Bill hardly challenged him.

  5. keen says:

    why did Bill invite that dumb fuck there anyways?

  6. Udoby Break says:

    I think that guy just gave me Cancer goddamn!

  7. NerdyButCute says:

    This guy straight up sounds like Vince Vaughn

  8. Tomas Kuli says:

    11:40 you is kind, you is important, you is a bigly liar.

    Keep waiting for this lying fat fuck to implode.?

  9. New Message says:

    These guys all have the same tell. When they spew this line of obvious bullshit, they smirk and look at the audience with a sidelong glance. They don’t believe a word they’re saying, and neither should you.

  10. Penny Lane says:

    Wow, if he spun any harder, he’d fly apart right there on his chair!

  11. Petirep says:

    100 rubles is $1.50

    Bill wagered $1.50

  12. SuperBluesify says:

    This is exactly what will ruin America. These dishonest citizens who see every conversation as a debate to win, who will twist and avoid every question to cloud the truth. These people are despicable. They are not to be regarded with respect. They are not to be given credence. They are to be called out for their willful spreading of disinformation because they will never learn. They will never treat you with the same respect you give them. They are opportunistic and insidious. We have to be smarter, harder working, and more articulate. We have to rise to power and have a voice that cuts through them.

  13. Alex Bergman says:

    Damn how are we supposed to have intelligent dialog when there are guys like this guy who can’t even come to a middle ground on anything

  14. Ángel Melendez says:

    Boris isn’t Stupid.
    He’s evil.

  15. North Sea Brent says:

    No other president has been treated worse in history, maybe trump has forgotten about Kennedy and Lincoln.

  16. Alex says:

    This guy should look at joining scientology. I think he would be a perfect fit for them lol.

  17. Kristen Yonker says:

    He is a complete idiot…if you showed him a blue towel he would say it is red….worse than Fox News….scary…

  18. rrmond says:

    Professional Turd Polisher

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