Box of Lies with Alec Baldwin

Box of Lies with Alec Baldwin

Jimmy and Alec Baldwin take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.

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Box of Lies with Alec Baldwin

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20 Responses

  1. diy panda panda says:


  2. Rich Savage says:

    This is like a battle on who does a better Trump impression

  3. Matthew Wells says:

    Pre-viral gang where are you????

  4. Atticus808 says:

    Alec Baldwin is the happiest guy on Friends

  5. Kaiden Kaiden says:


    Cash me outside, how bout that?!?

  6. McFly says:

    Trump is a Box of Lies

  7. Ahmad Almulla says:

    That glove is gonna give me nightmares…

  8. Caroline Daley says:

    I swear the people that create the shit in the boxes are high

  9. Wooden Monkey God says:

    Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression is one of the things making this
    administration tenable…

  10. Rachel Trainor says:

    Every time I see this game I just want to know what is in all of the boxes

  11. Maheen Husain says:

    Box of Alternative Facts

  12. fidorover says:

    “I’m a little offended, frankly. Two of the guys who do me best didn’t even
    take the time to put on a silly wig and some pumpkin foundation first. I’m
    hurt. First the appellate court decision, now this. Must. Start.
    Hate-Tweeting. Now.”
    — *President Donald J. Trump*

  13. Marcos Amparo says:

    His last name is Baldwin, and he’s not even bald smh. 0.1/10 IGN

  14. Jimmy Ramzey says:

    Trump just jerked off watching this

  15. emilia fart says:

    The olive glove with an engagement ring is the best thing I’ve ever seen in
    my life and I would like to see a feature film about it.

  16. John Rose says:

    Why does Alec have to complicate everything. “It looks like a surgical
    glove!” For fucks sake man it’s a plastic glove cafeteria ladies use.

  17. Moon自殺 says:

    hey im jimmy and i have a striped tie, im super progressive! FUCK OUTTA

  18. Sam says:

    Does Trump not realize he is a joke and the entire world including his own
    country is making fun of him 24/7?

  19. moiraine_damodred says:

    if you don’t know the box of lies rules by now………i think we all
    fucking do

  20. Maria A. says:

    This is random….but is anyone else here Honduran?

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