Boy speaks out on viral bullying video, mom addresses backlash

Boy speaks out on viral bullying video, mom addresses backlash

Keaton Jones, a Tennessee middle schooler, is speaking out after an emotional Facebook video about being bullied. In the widely-shared video, he describes how fellow students poured milk on him and stuffed food in his clothes. Now, his mother is addressing backlash on social media over some other posts which show her and her son with Confederate flags. Mark Strassmann reports.

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79 Responses

  1. Stevan says:

    First of all their family is based on white supremacy second of all I was bullied worse than a piece of ham in my shirt and I would rather take that than what I had to go through…. second of all there are millions of victims who have to deal with worse cases and third of all why a go fund me? Like why? I get and appreciate that they are making a message but why the go fund me?

    • Karen Gilbreath says:

      Do you know this family personally that you can accuse them of white supremacy??? They are proud southerners and believe in the confederate flag! Seems to me like you learned nothing about being bullied, because you are doing the same to this family as those kids allegedly did to you growing up!!! Hatred breeds hatred, and it stops with each individual!!! Try some empathy!!! It will get you a lot further in life!!!

  2. Kandy Krush says:

    Confederate flags just represents the flag
    Not all people support the flag for it to be about racism
    Not everybody who holds the confederate flag are racist

    • Future Zamasu says:

      Let me show you what the creator of the flag stated about it.
      “As a people we are fighting to maintain the heaven-ordained supremacy
      of the white man over the inferior or colored race; A white flag would
      thus be emblematical of our cause.Upon a red field would stand fourth
      our southern cross gemmed preserving in beautiful contrast the red white
      and blue”-William T.Thompson
      So any nonsense to disguise this flag as “southern history” are either out of ignorance or trying to fake ignorance so they aren’t see as racists.Just idiots

    • King Tito3710 says:

      Kandy Krush okay…….

    • Just Some Garbage says:

      Actually, that flag was never used by the Confederacy. It was a design they actually rejected. The flag only came into use during the Civil Rights movement to intimidate black people. So yes, it is racist.

    • Preston Garvy says:

      PreyingKen lol no it isn’t! Educate yourself

    • Caillou the Pimp says:

      “White power”

  3. Raul Gutierrez says:

    The mom just wanted money, u don’t share these private moments of ur son to the entire world πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  4. HCVT Gaming says:

    LOOK AT HIS NOSE!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  5. JSPH : says:

    White privilege in full effect

    • softair1231 says:

      “Blacks and hispanics hold much higher poverty rates”

      How is that connected to the myth of white privilege??? WTF???

    • Zac Foelster says:

      I don’t think white privledge exists. My father’s Peruvian and sister has a dark skin color, I’ve never noticed a difference and they’ve never complained about anything. Also, there’s nothing I’ve found compelling about the existence of white privledge.

    • R.nune says:

      i think latina skin looks sexiest

  6. Brandon Earley says:

    The shark from Shark Tales

  7. D. Richie says:

    I’m confused why celebrities spoke on this, the media, why there was a gofundme page, like none of this adds up? People get bullied on a regular basis, what made this kid different from the rest??

  8. allie Martinez says:

    sounds about white.

    • Lieutenant Smack a hoe! says:

      Ben Schofield Uh-oh someone
      is triggered.

    • Zac Foelster says:

      Ben Schofield Ayyee. I’d appreciate a black joke but make it make sense. Do a play on words or something. You can replace black with asian/mexican/indian and it’s basically the same joke. It works with white cause it’s a play on words. This is way to long of a comment to criticize a joke… Bye.

    • sally Bunny pewds says:

      Wow look in your racist mirror

  9. SPL/T SECOND says:

    this kid has the stage 5 gay

  10. Suk MaDiq says:

    Y’all gave $50k+ to a kid for crying meanwhile money is actually needed elsewhere.

    • Carter Weisenberger says:

      Too bad people in Ventura need the money cause they’re houses burned down. Let’s waste it on a child with problems almost every child in the world had/has.

    • Not every 1 says:

      Suk MaDiq You’re the type of girl to buy Kylie Jenners lip kit, so what are you crying about? You give money to multi millionaires and other people want to help other people out; )

    • tekkara says:

      Suk MaDiq I got bullied for 10 years and some of it was physical, just minute into middle school i said hi to a kid I saw at church and he punched me in the guy and I fell down and everyone laughed, where’s my 50K I need to gas money and to fix my flat tire

  11. Brian Zmolek says:

    He does look like the thing from the goonies

  12. Mike Nelson says:

    He bullied because he was saying the n word

  13. Lissette Arroyo says:

    For being racist, that’s what he deserves. To be bullied.

  14. CrimsonTide says:

    Biggest scam outside of Trump getting elected.

    • Jack Houghton says:

      CrimsonTide still mad about that one, are we?

    • BENNY The Jet says:

      CrimsonTide because a murderer and a criminal like Hillary would of been better. Liberals like you are the dumbest scumbags.

    • Not every 1 says:

      CrimsonTide The only scam is people actually thinking this is a scam.
      A kid who’s different got bullied, cried, got the attention of millions, people wanted to help out and sent money to a gofund me that was set up by 3rd party.
      Oh yeah, huge scam. People are so damn dense these days

  15. bakedwithrealchez says:

    lol her son gets bullied so people are like ” it’s OK his mom held a flag!”

    • Zac Foelster says:

      I’m seeing the opposite. Also, the confederate flag isn’t necessarily racist.

    • frosty4289 says:

      Zac Foelster It is. It wasn’t paraded around like it is until the civil rights movement. Not everyone who likes the flag may be racist. But what it represents is

  16. Roi da Boi says:

    For all of you guys saying he calls people the n word, I really wanna see proof. Honestly, you guys who believe stuff without proof disturb me.

  17. Squab Me says:

    “People shouldn’t be made fun of for being different!”

    *Family is full of proud racists*

  18. Queen Maine says:

    In preschool I remember this one girl named Alexi and her group of friends hated me, they called me “stupid” “idiot” and other names that could make a 4 year old cry. I think they thought I was an easy target because 1. I didn’t have any friends and 2. I was very shy. The first act of bullying she did was ripping up my paper when I was drawing then she pushed me. Little acts of torment happened until I moved to a different school, it was a long time ago but i will always remember every torment, comment and actions she did. I still hate her but now I don’t take crap from anyone and if I see bullying in action I try and stop it

  19. jennguyen says:

    someone tell him to blow his nose

  20. Micheal L says:

    Guys let’s just focus on stopping bullying ❀ That poor kid has nothing to do this anything else

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