Bradley Cooper on the Legendary Oscar Selfie

Bradley Cooper on the Legendary Oscar Selfie

It’s the first time Bradley and Ellen have seen each other since they took the selfie that broke the Internet!

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20 Responses

  1. Eleanor Brennan says:

    This isnt wven good

  2. ieatroches95 says:

    I can never be a talk show host partly due to the fact that I can’t kiss
    ass that hard. It’s just a picture ellen, calm your ass down.

  3. Joes Arcade says:


  4. TaL87654 says:

    i love ellen and i love this selfie but she must stop talking about it with
    every gest.

  5. AdamJernberg says:


  6. Eileen LeValley says:

    Sorry, I can’t stand him. Any movie he played in was crap and so is his
    acting. He went to The Actors Studio for school and had the pretty boy
    looks ………. That’s it.

  7. Alexa person says:

    Before selfie sticks where invented?

  8. Hafsat sidi says:

    He will always be my crush sooo handsome OMG

  9. Alex Creed says:

    It was planned.

  10. Music Man's Ladies Band says:

    Epic pic!! :-D

  11. dragonddarkPSN says:

    I love the Naughty Dog version too xD

  12. Elizabeth Garza says:

    Luv Bradley cooper ??

  13. Demi N says:


  14. Anaya Marshsll says:


  15. Natalija Zivkovic says:

    If they had a selfie stick back then (wow that sounds like that was 50
    years ago or something) if would be even better because more people would
    jump in and it would be even more popular

  16. Viviane Jasmin says:

    Muito bom.

  17. gabriella caputo says:

    Why does he have a wedding ring?

  18. ItsMePhoebe says:

    Haha that means he ownes that picture right? Its always the person who
    acctually takes the photo that ownes it, even if its taken with someone
    elses camera?!

  19. Melissa Ngai says:

    If only he took like 5 pictures, so that there would be one where Angelina
    didn’t have her hand blur her face, even though it’s a cute moment. Or one
    where Jared Leto’s whole face was actually in the picture haha! But
    nevertheless, I can’t deny the greatness of this legendary selfie.

  20. Raven Wolf says:

    I spend so much time on instagram that I just double tapped the video.