Bradley’s homer leads Red Sox to Game 4 win: 10/17/18

Bradley’s homer leads Red Sox to Game 4 win: 10/17/18

Daily Recap: Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a go-ahead homer and Andrew Benintendi sealed Game 4 with a diving catch in the 8-6 win

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64 Responses

  1. TheDieHardWWEAddict says:

    All the Cockyness by Houston and their Fanbase is fueling The Sox. Their season is about over

    • fidel lopez says:

      The Sawx have 1 Superstar n 3 Aove Average Players the rest punch and Judy hitters whom suddenly are hot and thier Bullpen sucks and thier Front line staff with exception of Sale is average at best.

    • ccinhou1 says:

      +RedSoxALCSchampions2018 WorldSeriesChampions2018 well, this may happen but it’s been a great series none-the-less. ⚾️

    • Owen Roberts says:

      we haven’t won shit yet…we have three chances to win once…we have to finish the job before we celebrate

    • Gene Lariv says:

      Its not over till its over but as a Red Sox fan I hope.

    • RedSoxALCSchampions2018 WorldSeriesChampions2018 says:


  2. Kobe Neal says:

    Houston you have a problem. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

    JBJ bat woke up this series.
    5 more wins till the title comes back to Boston.

  3. Jim Bertido says:

    Bergman went 0-5

  4. Javier Sánchez says:

    Beat those cheating asstrows!
    Asstrows 4 game winning streak in the postseason with the camera man. Now asstrows 3 game losing streak without him!😂

    • Michael Muniz says:

      +Dynamo Gamer someone using a camera in the dugout of the opposing team. The same guy ” a friend of the owner” was caught in Cleveland and Boston and ejected from both parks. And the A’s have registered a complaint for earlier in the season. As well as the Dodgers in the WS last year. MLB is investigating.

    • Astros Fan says:

      Just like y’all used apple watches last season. Ok clam down lol.

      It is a great series for y’all though. Jbj is playing lights out. Average isn’t high, but hits when it counts.

    • Javier Sánchez says:

      Astros Fan According to the yankees. Of course the hated rival will throw shade, and come up with excuses.

    • RedSoxALCSchampions2018 WorldSeriesChampions2018 says:


    • Owen Roberts says:

      go sox beat the houston assclowns

  5. Ryan Adams says:

    What a game. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Clutch offense paired with even more clutch pitching (except for a certain closer on the Red Sox) is really winning the Sox this series. Let’s bring it home fellas! Ya got 3 games to do it.

  6. Bishop Smith says:

    What an awesome game to watch. Boston taking the series in 5

  7. Presto418 says:

    OH MY GOD !!! MY RED SOX WON !!!!!!!

  8. ichiro yuki says:

    Kimbrel has been shaky this post seasons.
    That’s one thing im worried about

    • ichiro yuki says:

      LeBryant Howard yes but he almost allowed 3run which would’ve been a game winning for astros.

    • Javier Sánchez says:

      ichiro yuki He almost blew that save vs the yankees. When Boston clinched in Ny.

    • Scarecrow7 says:

      Kimbrel is giving all Sox fans nervous breakdowns all post season. Is he trying to help the other team to catch up later to be robbed by a game saving catch every outing?

    • MTLJack says:

      everytime kimbrel steps up in the playoffs, it costs Boston’ a run or two … I think he can only close the game if the Red Sox are ahead

    • Nehemiah Howard says:

      Theyre letting him rest too long! I saw something that said he pitches better with a less than two game rest than 3+ game

  9. Genesis says:

    Awesome win RedSox! Rick didn’t have it tonight though surprisingly. And Jackie comes through yet again! Wow! That ninth inning had me nervous though! Craig cannot be brought for a six-out save ever again! That was tough to watch! I don’t know why he’s been struggling lately. And what a catch by Benny to end the game! Wow! Now we’re one win away from advancing to the World Series! Whoo! 👍🏻 ⚾️. I’m very pleased that they’ve taken two at Minute Maid Park!

    • Scarecrow7 says:

      Rick didn’t have it cuz he pitched in relief 2 days ago, I disagree with Cora’s use of our starters.

    • RedSoxALCSchampions2018 WorldSeriesChampions2018 says:


    • Owen Roberts says:

      scarecrow7 game 2 was a must win and rick was the bridge to kimbrel that was needed

    • Scarecrow7 says:

      Owen Roberts – To risk possibly damaging Rick’s regular start(which it probably did) for a hopeful 1 shutout inning when there are other competent relievers waiting is not the right move.

  10. christabel ho says:


  11. JackGeezy says:

    Redsox know that anything can happen even with 3-1 lead. Finish them off in 5, hopefully Boston vs LA. Lets make a rivalry with baseball too !

  12. Kim1987sc says:

    Hey astros fan you the real mvp!

  13. DaylightDigital says:

    2:37 Are you freaking kidding me JBJ? Hell of a time to get hot!

  14. Michael Muniz says:

    The Red Sox resilience was on display. As they take a commanding lead in the series 3-1. Where are all the Astros fans that talked mad shit after game 1? Boston won’t be denied. Go Red Sox!!

    • Michael DePinto says:

      +chuimon slp I destroyed the cry guys soul after the Yankees lost lol

    • lando calrizian says:

      We’re still here bub. We aren’t going anywhere. I understand Houston has not played well. Pretty sure ya gotta win 4 to advance tho.

    • EliasKillsYouxD says:

      RedSoxALCSchampions2018 WorldSeriesChampions2018 still have one more to win. I have seen 3-1 comebacks before.

    • Mac 11 says:

      So i take it you didn’t like Houston ” talking mad shit” right? probably didnt make you feel good… but then you go and do the same thing to Houston when you get the chance too. So your just as bad…

    • Somer Short Cosby Somer Short Cosby says:

      Guess we have to win 3 in a row! Our turn baseball is very cruel

  15. Josizzle says:

    Jackie Bradley Jr “MVP” of the ALCS!? #letsgoRedSox

  16. Beantown Beatdown says:


  17. Mike Watson says:

    Great highlights and commentary…but why no show of Mookie’s fantastic play to throw out Kemp at second in the 8th…that was crucial

  18. David Ellis says:

    Magical year for Sox. I away .

  19. Redman147 says:

    DAMN Pearce putting his body on the line to get that out. Glad he wasn’t hurt.

  20. Matt Isadore says:

    waking up to another JBJ homer is like Christmas morning🤗.

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