Brain Freeze Challenge!

Brain Freeze Challenge!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew take on the Brain Freeze Challenge!

While visiting the Hawaiian Islands the crew often took breaks to enjoy a local favorite and delicious treat, Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Presenting itself in a variety of flavors, one can never go wrong with this temping dessert.

That said, enjoying shaved ice is perhaps one of the best ways to get the ever-feared BRAIN FREEZE.

So to have some fun the crew decided to see just how bad of a Brain Freeze they could stand!

Who will handle it best?!

Get ready to find out the “frosty” answer!

BIG THANKS to Wishing Well shaved ice for serving up the delicious treats and allowing the crew to have a great time at their location…make sure to visit them if you’re ever on the island of Kauai!

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!

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20 Responses

  1. A PrettyGoodPerson says:

    Hey before this goes to trending remember meeeee!

  2. Hair on your screen says:

    Everyone saying don’t mind the haters but I still can’t find any hate comments

  3. KJM1450 STORM says:

    For all of the Spam-hating Americans or British out there, you should know that it was widely used as a food source for Allied soldiers in WWII, so without spam, many soldiers could’ve starved to death if they didn’t have this food. Although there were many other foods to eat instead, spam was one of the most popular. They may not be fresh or local, but so does everything that comes in a can. So yeah, screw you. Personally, I love it cooked, not raw, but either way works for me.

  4. Regular Placemat Reveal says:

    Clickbaiting scum!

  5. Jack Le says:

    “I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the freeze zone with the Hawaiian shaved ice. Are you guys ready?”

  6. DomDetex says:

    I totally did not just like my own comment…

  7. Meow Paradise says:

    Coyote can spit on my face and I won’t complain… 😉

  8. Life's Wild Adventures says:

    Brave Wilderness, I know you guys are going to Australia soon, I wanna reccomend some animals to film with, such as the: king brown snake, pattymelon (a kind of wallaby), saltwater crocodile, and a special request, do something with the Australia Zoo! Like so they see. Thanks 😛
    Also guys: comment what u want them to film in auzzie land. 😛

  9. Jaron Wilson says:

    Sorry but I just don’t enjoy these videos, I subscribed to see animals and him bitten and stung by them, not them acting like 3 year olds..

  10. JaydenGAMING09 says:

    Guys stop being so selfish coyote has been trying out new things for his channel for only 2 videos and in my opinion they were entertaining! But people that say bad stuff he got bit by a K9 jellyfish,bloodworms visited wild life and much more! He is soon visiting Africa so he can explore more wildlife and get stung/bitten by many more animals on the way, and this is his channel not yours ❤️

  11. Isaac Fuentes says:

    Spam is so delicious tho

  12. Xoddy Fabbo says:

    If you fry spam before eating it, it is actually quite yummy.

  13. Pewdiepie 2 says:

    How in the world is this video #5 on trending? I swear YouTube marked this account to always get on trending

  14. Row Al says:

    I want coyote’s wardrobe

  15. Viqtor says:

    “Im unsubing, I dont like these food videos. They are gross” Bruh, he’s done like 3 total… Also, no one forced you to watch, you read the title and saw the thumbnail.

  16. PatriotsAllTheWay says:

    I like spam too…

  17. rory mcgrath says:

    He was over reacting maybe a little. Maybe

  18. LPSwolfy Cat says:

    Ok for all those haters out there hating on this guy this person basically try’s to freakin kill himself just for u and ur hating on him! Not only does he get bit bye a snapping turtle but he dose the even swear when he is in all this pain! So shut up and go back to preschool!

  19. Jeffrey Villalta says:

    Whats worse bullet ant or insane brain freeze? I think its the insane brain freeze.

  20. PCskykidvlogs says:

    I was born in Hawaii I like spam Hawaiians like spam

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