Brazil vs. Haiti | 2016 Copa America Highlights

Brazil vs. Haiti | 2016 Copa America Highlights

Relive Wednesday’s 2016 Copa America action between Brazil and Haiti.

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20 Responses

  1. jova383 says:

    ahhh7-1 brings back memories lol

  2. Ore Dolphin says:

    Where is neymar?

  3. asdf asdf says:

    soccer highlights lol

  4. Blackarieltv says:

    I’m from Haiti

  5. Augie Espinal says:

    But can they do that against Germany?

  6. bigrickmachine says:

    They got crushed worse than getting destroyed by a hydraulic press

  7. ph40 lowk says:

    No surprise honestly

  8. magdalenojuan says:

    World Cup 2014: Brazil vs Germany. #NEVERFORGET

  9. 1tropik says:

    7-1 never forget.

  10. Emiliano Benitez says:

    Brazilian goalie was rusty so he didnt block that goal xd

  11. a.gon says:

    … But then back to reality LOL

  12. Austin claw says:

    i feel bad for haiti. but at least they scored

  13. Taco Truhk says:

    I was at the game and there were about 3 Haitians to 1 Brazilian (I am
    Brazilian). When Haiti scored it felt like everybody was rooting for them
    and were happy they scored. It was a hell of a game to witness.

  14. Theodore John Kaczynski says:

    brb Germany vs Brazil with JR commentating

  15. Carlos Carvajal says:

    7-1 never forget

  16. Jckuz1man says:

    Greetings from America, I have one thing to say, soccer is lame and has
    nothing on (real) football, basketball, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, arena
    football, anything else….

  17. Eric Reyna says:

    Why didn’t neymar play?

  18. Fabled Paulinho says:

    Respect to Haiti for scoring their first goal in Copa America!

  19. Nectanebo II says:

    Atleast he dived unlike oblak. ?

  20. AntwonDaBusiness says:

    the haiti players are hungry! cant keep up