Breaking a COLORFUL Vacuum Chamber UNDER WATER

Breaking a COLORFUL Vacuum Chamber UNDER WATER

Today we’re revisiting breaking a vacuum chamber under water and adding more variety to the mix. We’re trying it with neon ink, marshmallows, and rainbow sand!

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29 Responses

  1. ispirovjr says:

    Can you try putting something molten in a vacuum chamber?

  2. Jay Malone says:

    Sand was my favorite!!! How would it react differently without a vacuum pulled?

  3. Nancy Laoutari says:

    Put concrete in a vacuum chamber

  4. JBNdaanEJU says:

    What happens when you break a bottle of water in a vacuum chamber?

  5. Mark Cahill says:

    Maybe you could try putting waterproofing sand, slime, glowing glow stick fluid, and maybe mix baking soda in the water and putting super glue in the bottle

  6. Goobinator says:

    What would happen if you poured lava on dry ice, would it just melt?

  7. Mr App Reveiw says:

    Can you put liquid oxygen in a vacuum chamber and make it solid?

  8. Ivander Darmawan says:

    Hot ice with baking soda inside the bottle, vacuum it and crack it!!! It will show the cool reaction hot ice contact with water. Let’s like this comment ✌️😋

  9. Edward Teddy Morris says:

    Hello. I had an idea for a video. I was watching a video on liquid smoke that people put in food and was wondering if you could make smoke flammable and use it as fire starter.

  10. YugoGaming01 _ says:

    Fill a Facumed Bottle by Gasoline adn than throw it into Flame

  11. Emily Crowe says:

    i would like to see more things that react with water. maybe try a remote controlled version with something explosive like sodium.

  12. ross seifer says:

    Put slime and/or glue in the bottle.

  13. RelatingHoney 91 says:

    What if you put paper in liquid nitrogen?

  14. Pratham Doshi says:

    Use hydrophobic sand instead of regular sand

  15. DeathbyZombie says:

    what happens if you heat up liquid nitrogen in your burner?

  16. B.H.P Productions says:

    For your ten million subscriber special could you do a video like if it was one of your old vids and maybe reuse your old intro for your viewers who have been with you since the beginning and also for the nostalgia

    Like if you like this idea and so they might see it and actually use my idea

  17. afroman527 says:

    Sand was the coolest! You should put yellow food coloring in the water and blue food coloring in the bottle.
    It might be cool to see the yellow water rush into the bottle and mix with the blue, turning everything green

  18. Jax Jacobson says:

    If you melted color sand would the color of the glass be different?

  19. Ekagra2Gaming says:

    glow in the dark hydrophobic sand in a depressurised bottle broken underwater

  20. Creative H says:

    Try slime

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