Breathe Official Trailer #1 (2017) Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy Biography Movie HD

Breathe Official Trailer #1 (2017) Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy Biography Movie HD

Breathe Trailer 1 (2017) Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy Biography Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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20 Responses

  1. Cristopher Almeida says:

    Andrew Garfield rules

  2. Romar Kent Espedido says:

    Im Missed Him Being Spider Man

  3. Legendary Movies says:

    wait so he invented wheelchairs that’s lit

  4. Banal says:

    I knew Peter Parker was a great inventor already, but that, wow we owe him the wheelchair??

  5. harry thorpe says:

    wait this is by Andy Serkis? As in Gollum and Ceasar Andy Serkis?

  6. Harry Morgan says:

    first we had Don’t breath, now breath? wtf what next..why breath?

  7. Srivi Naidu says:

    Seems like different version of The theory of everything

  8. Harsh Kumar says:

    Wow, after the unmatched performances in Hacksaw Ridge and Silence, I am looking forward for this movie. Andrew is really choosing some wise and mature contents these days.

  9. Thompson Vo says:

    stronger with jake gyllenhaal looks better

  10. GC Arts says:

    It’s like the intro of ‘The theory of everything’ all over again :'(

  11. android big play says:

    goodbye the amazing spiderman

  12. Adrian! says:

    Looper said Hollywood doesn’t filmed Andrew Garfield anymore.

    What’s this?

  13. ahmed alogaidi says:

    just give him an Oscar for God’s sake

  14. Melvin Joseph says:

    Andrew Garfield is really close to going full dicaprio, for that Oscar..

  15. Matth4Devil says:

    Desmond doss after the war

    Looks like a good hacksaw ridge 2

  16. George Wroe says:

    No need to go and see the film now… That was a nice 3 minute version.

  17. Susmoy Paul says:

    when Spiderman meets the Queen, you Breathe!

  18. The Rest Of Us says:

    Can we please stop making films about Stephen Hawking

  19. TheNoRTHGAMING says:

    So this is Desmond Doss’s life after world war ii in Hacksaw Ridge.

  20. Landon Wilson says:

    So Gollum really wanted to be a director all along? Interesting.

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