Brendan Fraser Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actor

Brendan Fraser Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actor

Watch Brendan Fraser’s Oscar 2023 acceptance speech for Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal of Charlie in THE WHALE. See more Oscar acceptance speeches and highlights on and in the ABC app!

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29 Responses

  1. tuv says:

    SO DESERVED! This movie was genuinely amazing and quickly became one of my favorite films of all time

  2. MooseofGames says:

    I usually don’t care for Oscars, but this, this does put a tear in my eye. Thank you for being a good man all this time Brendan. You deserve the best.

    • MineWheaties says:

      @iris Nice try. Disney built his career with George of the Jungle and a career breakdown does not count as being blacklisted. The role can also please good ole Gilbert Grape fans. You ever seen What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? That good classic was what paved the way for his fat role.

    • iris says:

      @MineWheaties I question if you even watched the film if that was your takeaway. I watched both films and thought Austin Butler did a fine job but nowhere near as heart wrenching as Brendan. It’s crazy to suggest this is a rigged win after Brendan was literally blacklisted and had his career sabotaged for years. Where was Disney when his film roles dried up to no fault of his own?

    • MineWheaties says:

      @iris No, Austin Butler was better. Brendan played a character who promoted the degrading fat stereotype. Disney’s George of the Jungle was even his breakout role, which shows hints of bias on Disney-owned network. It’s like Disney was prepping his “win.”

    • iris says:

      @MineWheaties no he didn’t lol Brendan was better

    • MineWheaties says:

      Austin Butler deserved to win. Not cool to also shun Fablemans

  3. Dude Duff says:

    As a Canadian American, I am proud to see him achieve on top of the mountain after everything he’s been throughout the years in acting. Congrats to Mr. Fraser! Well deserved!

    • Julian Guardiola says:

      @Giggity1080Dudley Do-Right, the Royal Canadian Mountie! I remember that movie!

    • Giggity1080 says:

      What was the Canadian cartoon made to live action film he was in? Definitely thought you were going in that direction lol

  4. Patrick Hurley says:

    He was really my generation’s star and to see him back winning the Oscar, just wow. He was speechless and breathless all at once – just accept the mighty victory- you deserved that moment.

    • Virgo - In - Cyn says:

      Me too!! So happy for him! I cried! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Hey Army You Nice Keep Fighting says:

      To me Brenden Fraser is and has Always been one of thee greatest actors of time. So yes this moment right here is a vey deserve moment. His speech was beautiful left me tears. I wish nothing pure happiness and love for this amazing actor. Congratulations Brenden Fraser, you sir are a true gem❤️🍾🎉👏🏽✨

  5. Katie Logue says:

    I met Brendan Fraser at a convention last year, and he is honestly one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. I’m SO happy he won the Oscar tonight, nobody deserved it more than he did

  6. Ross Lillebo says:

    His story is literally straight out of a movie. Been amazing to see his return and how humbled he is as well as how everyone else is right there with him in support.

  7. Ruben Morales says:

    This is literally an example of a man who’s has it all, gets it taken away but gets it all back. This dude is a legend.

  8. Nick Canino says:

    He absolutely deserved it. When I saw this in theaters back in December, not only was I crying like a baby by the time the film ended, but I knew that he needed to win for his performance, and I could not be more happier that this is now a reality. Congratulations, Brendan Fraser! You absolutely deserved it! 🙂

  9. VerbalCoffee says:

    It’s great to see him receive this well-deserved honour. He was in some of my most treasured childhood movies. From being a talented hunk of Hollywood to snubbed actor and now a winner of one of acting’s highest rewards. It’s a great feeling. I’m happy to see this day.

  10. Mongoose Gaming Burrow says:

    There is no one more deserving of that award than Brendan. He is a stand up guy IRL, a fantastic actor. I’ve loved his stuff from Encino Man to The Mummy to Bedazzled. Seeing him win award after award, after how Hollywood treated him for years, it’s an elated feeling watching him accept the award. Congrats Brendan! You’re the man!

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