Brexit II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Brexit II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

In the wake of a divisive election, the UK will begin the process of leaving the European Union. John Oliver and an intergalactic space lord propose a plan.

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20 Responses

  1. Mark-Angelo Famularcano says:

    I wish we had Lord Buckethead during our general elections!

    “You wanting to vote a narcissistic orange that filed for bankruptcy like a bad habit, with destructive tendencies all for the sake of going against mainstream politics because he speaks his mind. IT. WILL BE. A SHITSHOW.”

  2. Kwame Nyarko says:

    I would vote for Lord Buckethead

    I’m dead serious

  3. Chartoise says:

    They are really good at telling one side of the story…
    If you see this, it looks like the EU is this big cuddle monster that hands out free money.

    But you can’t honestly believe that this is true, right? If you think logically… Do you think more than half of the population would vote Brexit if it really was so incredibly awesome as Oliver portrays it?

  4. baaz12 says:

    No interview with The Lord? 🙁

  5. Phil Buckhouse says:

    I’m honestly surprised that Elmo only got three votes

  6. Flock Brexit says:

    Guys, if you’re reading this. We NEED your help reaching John and the team at Last Week Tonight! Please like and comment to bring this comment to the top so that he becomes aware of our European Citizens’ Initiative! (Legal instrument of semi-direct democracy)
    This is our registration page with the European Commission:
    And here’s our twitter:

  7. the_dead_poet says:

    Boris Johnson: UK’s Donald Trump

  8. Frosty1979 says:

    Can’t believe Lord Buckethead didn’t get more votes. Clearly one of the most capable politicians in the English speaking world.

  9. Calvin Weustink says:

    Lord Buckethead has a really good agenda. It’s a shame that people don’t want to vote for someone just because they’re bucket people.

  10. ninjarylan says:

    “It will be a shitshow.” Lord Buckethead is now the greatest thing to happen on this Earth.

  11. metalhead7127 says:

    All Hail Intergalactic Space Lord Buckethead

  12. SnarkyGinger16 says:

    Lord Buckethead. The hero we need, not the hero we deserve. #LordBuckethead2020

  13. TheDBall73 says:

    Lord Bucket Head would do a FAR better job as president of the US than drumpf.
    Hands down!

  14. Rudy Smith says:

    ‘Tis but a scratch

  15. Bailey Edwards says:

    “what’s the naughtiest thing you ever did?” the fuck kind of question is that

    Of course she’s not going to give any sort of specific or crazy answer she’s fucking running for prime minister

  16. roguedogx says:

    I want to be a joke canidate now.

  17. Donutseed GameVids says:

    I feel like Lord Buckethead is just an honest guy trying to do right by the people, but knew that the only way to get any publicity would be to act like a lunatic.

  18. Eric Paul says:

    The fact that a guy can dress as an intergalactic space lord and run for office as Lord Buckethead is not silly – it’s a clear and welcoming symbol of the most important thing in a true Democracy: Freedom! We could use more of that over here in the United States.

  19. Chris N says:

    Ha! The One True Buckethead wears a KFC bucket with eye holes and shreds.

  20. Gideon Nightingale says:

    What’s up Dan? Fucking cantaloupes these days?

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